Sydney | Black Star Pastry at Powerhouse Museum

After a long history of sponsoring the FastBreak series, Black Star Pastry is "popping up" at the Powerhouse Museum until July 2015. The cafe can be accessed without admission and is currently open everyday. Positioned at the end of the new Goodsline green walkway, the new shop is a short hop into Haymarket and the CBD, as well as UTS and Central.


Visited: April.2015 (Afternoon)

Address: 500 Harris St, Ultimo NSW

Hours: 8.30am- 5pm Monday to Friday, 9am- 5pm weekend






Black Star Pastry offers a wide range of cakes, the most famous one is definitely the Strawberry Watermelon Cake with Rose Scented Cream. Their cakes have an immediately recognisable style, which draws upon the natural beauty of the ingredients, without using flavourings or colourings. Instead we rely upon quality ingredients and sound technique to make each cake as delicious as can be. Whether you require a cake to impress with it's delicate beauty or sturdy enough to travel, whether your Guests prefer gluten free, dairy free or vegan, we have a cake suited to your needs.





The strawberry watermelon cake was much more delcious than it looks. Topped with a layer of fresh strawberry and its jelly, with fresh sliced grapes, roses, pitachios - which sounds very sweet but it was honestly very refreshing and awesome. The rose cream has a very lovely aroma to the entire piece, the watermelon was super juicy and sweet which gives the cake a natural sweet flavor. It was indeed the most delicious and healthy cake i have ever had. How i wish i can have this everyday!