Melbourne | Supernormal

Supernormal is Chef Andrew McConnell's 7th restaurant after Cumulus Inc, Up, Builders Arms, Moon Under Water, Cutler & Co and Luxembourg. Different from his all other restaurants, Supernormal focuses on Asian cuisine prepared in a Western way. The food was insipred by Andrew's previous life in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Visited: Apr. 23.2015 (Dinner)

Came for: Lobster Roll, Prawn & Chicken Dumplings, Peanut Butter Parfait


Supernormal located on Flinders Lane, in the heart of Melbourne CBD. It is  next to Westin Melbourne ,and opposite to Ezard. Lunch and dinner are served everyday from 11 am to 11pm.


Supernormal accepts reservations for any party size for lunch, but for dinner, reservation is only accepted for party over 5, otherwise you can only try walk-in.


Most of seating in the restaurant is tables, but there's also a bar seating faces the semi-open kitchen.




Kick off the dinner with some complimentary snacks: roasted sunflower seeds.


I tried the signature cocktail Supernormal Smash (Tanqueray No.Ten Gin, Bitters, Grapefruit Sherbet). It was a bit bitter and naturally sweet - a very refreshing drink to accompany with.


I have only had the raw cucumber with sweet soy paste as an appetizer when i lived in China, the Sesame cucumber was a new try for me. The cucumber was pickled, a bit sour and works well with the sesame powder.


Move on to the raw fish, Tuna, Avocado, Apple & Wakame was a very appetizing dish. The tuna was fresh and high in flavor, it paired nicely with creamy avocado and crunchy baby radish. The apple puree and wakame podwer well balanced the 'heavier' tuna and avocado.


Next was a very interesting and creative vegetable dish. It is very common to have steamed broccoli as a green or side dish, but with egg salad and bonito flakes?



New England Lobster Roll is the hottest item on the menu. My first impression of the lobster roll was its warm and soft buns, which has a very lovely milk/butter fragrant. The lobster meat inside was a bit overcooked for my liking, it would be perfect if it could be more tender and juicy.The lobster roll was well-portioned, but for the picetag of $16, i thought it was a bit overpriced. I enjoyed the buns much more than the lobster.


A must-try at Supernormal. Different from the traditional Chinese dumplings, the wrap of the dumplings was yellow, and the texture was much like pasta. The combination of chicken and prawn is very delicious, i especially love the spicy flavor. It was hot but, i really enjoyed the dumplings.


Peanut Butter Parfait, Salted Caramel & Soft Chocolate was another highlight on the menu. It was high in peanut butter flavor, the conflict between the smooth parfait and the crunchy toasted peanut was great. The soft chocolate has a deep flavor as well, the two works well together. A bit heavy for my liking but couldn't stop myself eating it. Peanut butter lovers must try this!


I enjoyed the food at Supernormal quite well. As a 100% Chinese, i usually won't pick Chinese-inspired food while traveling abroad, but i loved the creative dishes at Supernormal. I also love the concept of cozy bar snacks, the ambiance is rather relaxing and ideally for a drink and hangout with friends if you can get in. The price is quite affordable compare to restaurants at the same level. No worries even you are eating alone, grab a sit at the bar with a view of the kitchen, and you can order half-portion of most dishes.