[Hong Kong] The Principle : New 2-starred Restaurant in Wanchai

The Principle, located situated in the heart of the Star Street Precinct, features the cuisine of head chef Jonay Armas, who received his first Michelin Star one year after its opening in 2012. In the latest Michelin Guide 2015, Jonay Armas finally wins his second star. 位於灣仔星街的The Principle 是2015年米芝蓮指南上新晉的二星西班牙餐廳。在主廚Jonay Armas團隊的帶領下,餐廳自2012年開業以來不到一年時間就摘下了米芝蓮一星的榮譽。

Last Visit: Dec.27.2014




The ambiance is very warm and home-feeling. There's a large marble-topped counter filled with wines, cheeses and a massive leg of Iberico ham takes centre stage in the dining room.

The lunch menu are really pocket-friendly, you can choose 2 courses, 3 courses or 4 courses at net price $290, $350 and $430 respectively.



Amuse bouche: Cream cheese roll



Amuse bouche: watermelon



There's no bread basket here, and only two kinds of breads serve to each guest: Olive bread and traditional baguette. Both are soft and warm, which is not normal for a baguette. I still prefer the breads in French restaurants.

不同於法國餐廳,The Principle並沒有提供豐富的麵包籃。供選擇的只有兩款麵包:一款是橄欖麵包,一款是法包。雖然叫做法包,但是西班牙式的外皮相比法式的還是比較軟的。個人還是比較喜歡法式。


 "LOBSTER": Boston Lobster Ravioli, Bisque Tradicional, Dill (+30) DSC04287

The lobster ravioli is really good, very fresh lobster with perfectly cooked raviolli. The lobster bisque is a little bit bitter somehow, i didn't finish the soup anyway.

前菜我選擇了龍蝦意餃子,味道很不錯。意餃主導al dant,內部的龍蝦肉味道鮮美彈牙。可是不知道為什麼湯底有點微苦。


"COD" - Confit, White Asparagus, Pea Pil Pil 


Looks very simple and delicate. The first cut tells how tender the fish is. The soup base is from braised fish - it is really good, with very strong fish flavor.



"PB & J": Peanut Butter Mousse, Pain Perdu, Black Currant Sorbet

Peanut butter is not often used in dessert so i ordered this, the mousse is creamy and more like yogurt. However, the flavor of the peanut butter is not very strong.



The food is not bad at all, the only thing disappointed me was the service. I didn't feel the 2-starred-quality service (compare to Caprice) once i stepped into the restaurant. The attendants kept walking around the main dining room during our dining time, which made us very uncomfortable. And i didn't feel their warmest welcome at all. The introduction and explanation of each course is not very clear neither. I think the team need to work more on the service anyway.



The Principle

Address: 9 Star Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Hours: Lunch: Mon- Fri 12:00- 2pm ; Sun 11:30 am - 2 am

Dinner: Mon-Sat, 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Tel: +852 2563 3444

Website: http://www.theprincipal.com.hk