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There are a lot new restaurants opened in the Central recently and i cannot get enough chances to try out all. Finally decided to pay Ho Lee Fook 口利福 a visit - which is a funky Chinese restaurant inspired by old school Hong Kong cha chaan tengs and the spirit of late-night chinatown hangouts in 1960’s new york.

Visited: Dec.2014



The owner of the resto, Jowett Yu, a Sydney-based & Taiwanese-born chef who used to work at the famous Tetsuya. He is also the former chef of Mr.Wong, Sydney.


The main dining room is under basement, the interior decoration is very simple. The seats are limited, and they only accept reservations for groups over 5.

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The design of the menu is very traditional by using the green-red contrast color.


Hokkaido scallos, snow pea, pickled enoki, shisho, salmon roe ($148)

The scallops were very juicy and fresh, with some popping ikura and fresh greens, along with delicate dressing. A very refreshing starter.


Hamachi, cucumber, lemon jam, horseradish, puffed buckwheat ($168)

Another raw appetizer which was also quite satisfied. The puffed buckwheat lifted up the texture of the entire dish.


"prawn toast x okonomiyaki" with mayonnaise, bulldog sauce, shaved cabbage ($108)

I thought it was the prawn toasts somehow similar to the traditonal 蝦多士 such as Yan Toh Heen's, but the innovation version at Ho Lee Fook was a very nice try. It comes with a lovely smell of Takoyaki, and indeed, it tastes similar to takoyaki as well.

There's actually no toast in this dish, the toast was made of deep-fried prawn paste. The prawn toast itself was really bouncy and high in prawn flavor, topped with okonomiyaki and mayo, which are the same dressing as takoyaki's. It was flavorful and enjoyable.


Matcha cake, chocolate ganache, liquid hazelnut praline, toasted milk, strawberry ($78)

As i have another commitment coming up, so i ordered a dessert before my early leaving the table. The matcha cake was a great looking with a scoop of hazelnut praline on the top. Sadly the matcha cake was not very strong in matcha flavor, which made the entire dish not that impressive.


All the dishes i tried were really good, and my friends said the main dishes were amazing as well. As a Chinese who was raised up in China, i am serioudly  not a big fan of western style Chinese cuisine. But Ho Lee Fok somehow changed my view. Anyway, really worth a try, and definitely will come back next time for more dishes.

Ho Lee Fook 口利福

Address: 1 Elgin St, Central

Tel: 2810 0860

Website: holeefook.com.hk




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