Tokyo | Sushi Sho すし匠 (2016.04)

I booked this visit right after my last satisfying meal in late Janurary. As the master Chef Keiji Nakazawa left for Haiwaii for a year to open a new sushiya, his best student Shingo Takahashi of Takumi Shingo is now handling Sushi Sho. I love Sho-style sushi,  the whole Sho series includes several sushiya such as Takumi Shingo, Sushi Sho Masa, Sushi Sho Sato and more, all running by Chef Nakazawa’s disciples.

Sushi Sho is never included in the red book. Shingo-san told us that the Michelin inspector did visit here serval times, but Chef Nakazawa felt much unhappier and uncomfortable with this man because he seems have a poor knowledge of sushi.

This is my second visit at Sushi Sho, again – not a complete Sushi Sho experience though because i never tried Nakazawa’s sushi. Of course i am quite keen to try the master chef’s sushi, but at the same time, i don’t really care that much as i am stick to Shingo-san’s work. Just my personal view here.


Date: Apr.01.2016 (Dinner) | Last Visit: Jan.2016

Address:  1−11 陽臨堂ビル1F, Yotsuya, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Hours: 18:00~22:30, Closed on Sundays. Chirashi lunch Mon, Wed, Fri 11:30~13:30

Cost: >25,000 JPY


Here, i will skip the introduction of Sushi Sho because i have too many backlogs to be updated. Please check my previous visit at Sushi Sho or just Google for its background for your interest.  A lot of thanks 😀


A breeze of Sakura season….

海ブドウ、わかめ | Sea grape, Wakame seaweed


Champagne recommended by Chef Shingo-san


煮蛤 | Clam


クエ、平目|Kue, Hirame


いか印籠 | Octopus stuffed with rice

A classcial Tsumami at Sushi Sho – stuffed octopus. The octopus has a balanced rubbery and tender texture, stuffed rice was well-flavored with kombu and sesame, topped with a bit wasabi, really love it.

鳥貝、ツブ貝 | Tori-gai, Tsubu-gai

It was the peak season to eat shellfish during my visit. Pretty fresh and clean Torigai and Tsubugai packed of mild sweetness.

1. アオリイカ | Aori-ika

As the first piece of nigiri and i am already in love. The Aori-ika is so creamy and the texture becomes richer as i chew it, it is packed of umami flavors with a hint of sweetness.

2. 春子 | Katsugo

Baby Tai (snapper) fish, only availble in Spring. Clean, tender, and delicious.

針魚 | Sayori


煮蛸 | Cooked Tako

Followed by another two Tsumami. I always like the cooked Tako (octopus) here. Very subtle rubbery texture but more on the tender side, it is quite aromatic too.

3. 金目鯛|Kinmedai

As you can see from the picture of first two nigiri, chef uses white-vinegared shari. While for this piece, akashari is used to match the deeper flavors of Kinmedai.


One of my favorite produces of spring is Hotaru-ika, it is packed of umami juices and ovaries in the center.

4. 車海老 | Kuruma ebi

Sho’s Kuruma ebi is not very large in size but so fragrant and tender, left an enjoyable sweet aftertaste.



5. 鯵 | Aji

One of our favorite piece of the meal, the Aji has medium oil contents and high in flavor, it is really delicious that both my partner and i wanted to add another piece at last, unfortunately there’s no more left.

6. 桜鱒 | Sakura Masu

This is not salmon – insiders must know that Sakura Masu is one of the best seasonal produce. Pretty creamy and flavorful.

稚鮎 | Baby Ayu


帆立の精巣 | Hotate clam’s roe


7. 漬け | Maguro Zuke


8. 中とろ | Chu-toro


太刀魚の焼き物 | Grilled Tachigo fish


9. 初鰹 | Baby Katsuo

Of course i like tuna, no matter the leaner Maguro or the fattier toro. But my love to Katsuo is definitely the same as tuna. The baby katsuo in spring is leaner but still quite high in flavor on its own. Lovely.

大根 | Daikon


10. 北海道紫雲丹 | Hokkaido Murasaki Uni

This is the best sea urchin of my trip (compare to Saito and Ishikawa). It is firmer and so creamy and packed of umami flavors, the sweet aftertaste is unforgettable. Also requested for another piece but out of stock for the next round of guests (and i am really full after 21 nigiri by the end of the meal.)

11. 牡丹海老 炙り | Seared botan-ebi


12. 金目鯛ハラミの炙り | Grilled Kinmedai

Grilled Kinmedai is my all-time-favorite at Sushi Sho and Takimi Shingo. Chef slightly grilled the fish on its skin and left the underneath rare, it is not hard to tell its high oil contents after seared from the picture above. It is exactly that delicious as it looks – melt in mouth tenderness, oily but the grated daikon on the top balanced it so well.

13. 鮟肝と西瓜の奈良漬 | Ankimo (monkfish liver) with Nara pickles of baby watermelon

I am quite out-of-word because i said too many ‘favorite’ and ‘best’ of this meal – there are exactly too much highlights at this place. Ankimo nigiri with pickled baby watermelon is definitely the one i will keep going back for. Smooth and creamy monkfish liver, crunchy pickles, flavorful shari with seaweed to enhance the oceanic flavors…wonderful.DSC0555814.小肌 甘酢昆布締め | Kohada with Kombu

I also loved the Kohada which has a harmony sourness, the flesh is high in flavor and very enjoyable.

15. 牡蠣 | Kaki | Oyster


16. 赤貝 | Akagai


17. 中卜口 | Marinated Chu-toro


18. おはぎ | Ohagi | Chopped Chutoro with sesame

Ohagi is also a classcial one of Shingo-san. Made of chopped chu-toro with a pinch of sesame on the top, isn’t it hard to imagine its creamy texture and bursts of umami flavors?

19. 白海老 | Shiro-ebi | White shrimp

Followed by a awesome piece of shiro-ebi to give us a bit refreshness, clear but so creamy and sticky. Love it.

20. 煮穴子 | Anago

Next comes Anago, which was perfectly cooked and finishes with a drizzle of sweet soy sauce. The Anago itself is melt-in-mouth tenderness and packed of oceanic tastes.

*21. 金目鯛ハラミの炙り (additional)


干瓢巻 | Kanpyo maki

Wrapped up with a delectable Kanpyo maki.

しじみのお椀 | Shijimi clam soup


焼き玉子、だし巻き |  Grilled tamago, grilled tamago with dashi

Shingo-san always serve two kinds of tamago, both are quite delicate but the simply grilled one on the left is my favorite.

桜シャーベット、海塩 | Sakura sorbet with sea salt

A sweet ending of seasonal Sakura flavor sorber served with a pinch of sea salt on the side, available only for 2-3 weeks during cherry blossm. Pinky happy ending.



Compare to the in-complete Sushi Saito experience i had few days ago, i definitely prefer the flavors of Sushi Sho. I liked the chef interchange using regular shari (sushi rice) and Akashari. Normally the sushi chefs serve sushi from cleaner flavors to heavier, from raw to cooked, cold to warm; but you will never know what is coming next here (actually at all the Sho-sushiya). While this probably doesn’t work for people who can ONLY accept very traditional Edomae sushi such as Jiro, Mizutani, and Saito and more. Me too not a big fan of heavily aged or innovative sushiya such as Hatsune which is too bold in flavors, but i am quite in between of these two, and Sho quite matches my personal preferences.

Also, always 100/100 hospitality at Shingo-san’s place. So friendly and patient with his guests no matter you are a local or foreigner. I saw the video of Saito-san making nigiri, it is really good to watch although i am not lucky enough to try his sushi yet. In comparison, Shingo-san is not that speedy, or i can say quite slow but very skillfull.

Cannot get a reservation at Sushi Sho? No worries, try other Sho-style suhiya first 😀

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