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Ranked the best restaurant in Singapore , No.5 of  Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2015, and No.37 of  World's Best Restaurants 2014 by San Pellegrino Guide, Restaurant Andre is possiblely the top restaurant in Singapore. The chef-owner Andre Chiang is a genius in cooking, he was borned in Taiwan and went to France to enhance his culinary skills when he was only 20. He worked in several famous Michelin restaurants before moving to Singapore and worked at JAAN. In 2011, he left JAAN and opened his own restaurant in the heritage Chinatown area. Andre offers authentic Southern French cuisine with a modern twist. Visited: Mar.27.2015

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Andre housed in a small three-storey building in Bukit Pasoh in Chinatown. The building is all-white, with a very simple and clean looking. Restaurant Andre is an intimate 30 seater restaurant helmed by lauded Taiwan-born chef, Andre Chiang. Chiang has a very strong culinary background, he was taught by masters of modern French cooking includes Joël Robuchon (Macau/Singapore/HK), Pierre Gagnaire (Pierre HK) ,and Michel Troisgros.


The design of the restaurant is very hommie, stylish, elegant. Even the waiting area at the front desk makes me feel like home.


On the first floor, there's a table for large party of 12, which is the only big table at Andre. Behind is the kitchen.




Compare to the more formal and elegant decor on the second floor, the ambiance at the third floor is more relax, simple, clean but still stylish. There's only 5 tables, while the large mirror at the end of the room makes the space looks larger. Simple but homey.






I really love the simple design at Andre, with very stylish and special furnitures and decors, such as this cute bag holder.


Andre offers dinner everyday except Monday, the price of the dinner menu is fixed at $298++ per head. Lunch is available every Wednesday and Friday at a more affordable price, $129++. (please check their website for the updated price) Andre also serves limited dinner menu during lunch time upon request.




The first part of amuse were prawn tempura in a beautiful flower shape and sardine tempura on the back. Both were very crispy and have a deep oceanic flavors. Nicely opened my palates. Followed by three kinds of chips: onion, scallop and purple potato chips - thin like papers and crispy.




The rice cracker was a combination of simple and luxurious - rice cracker with sea urchin cream, caviar and rice caviar. The texture of crispy rice cracker and creamy uni was gorgeous, the umami caviar and refreshing seaweed salt perfectly lifted up the flavor.


Pretty impressed wholemeal baguette, freshly baked and has a crispy crust and soft inside. Perfect for my liking.


The first dish was then beautifully presented in front of me. The swordfish was wonderfully seared, the rarely cooked flesh was creamy and has a clean and umami flavor.The sweetness and sourness of the jelly on the bottom brings a refreshing touch to the dish. Very good starter.


Next comes a small bowl of 'green spaghetti' made of squid. The green soup base was made of ice berg and seaweed, creamy in texture but very clear and umami flavors. The spaghetti itself was tender and pack of oceanic flavors. Topped with grilled wild grains and seaweed to enhance the texture and flavors.




The char-grilled Spanish mackerel was another impressive one. The dish came with a lovely char aroma, i can always remember how surprised i wasn then i the firstly cut into the flesh and saw the shinning meat inside. It was too rarely touched as the Swordfish dish, but in a more chewy texture because of the fish itself. Every single element in this dish works very well with each other.








The scallops were wonderfully seared, with a crispy outer-layer, leave the center part juicy and tender. I am not a fan of potatoes, but i have to say that the roasted potato jus was so appetizing - a deep flavor that matches so well with the scallops.


A 'romantic' dessert was served next - it was so pretty to eat. This pinky cutie was actually a mixture of watermelon, lychee and strawberry, yes all the pinky goodness. It has a very balance sweet and sour flavor, incredibly smooth and refreshing.




I was told by Andre's wife that this is the first Apple Tart in fine dining history. This piece of apple tart had a cinnamon jelly-cake base, which was quite different from the traditional buttery tart base. Inside the tart was apple compete, topped with apples in another two textures, berries and milk ice cream. The apple compote was more on the sour side, which wonderfully balanced the entire flavor and left a sweet-sour yet refreshing aftertaste. It was the most impressive and delicious apple tart i have had so far.




It was a very enjoyable and impressive meal - everything was so perfect. Since i stepped into Andre until i left, all the staffs were so polite, warm and helpful, it just gives a feeling of home. Especially Chef Andre's wife, who works at Andre everyday, she introduces every single dish very detailedly, with a bit about her own stories. She communicates with guests a lot, and i was so surprised that she designed this restaurant by herself. Each piece of the furniture was elaborately selected by her , and she take cares of the restaurant as her own child. Indeed, again, i felt Andre is like my home as well when i was there. Most importantly, the food is very unique and impressive. I will definitely come back next time.


Restaurant André

41 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089855

+65 6534 8880



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