Shanghai | Kappo Yu 割烹 遊

Kappo Yu, opened on June 2010, is the sister restaurant of one of the best sushiya in Shanghai, Sushi Oyama. Locates on 33 Wuxing Road in the former French concession, Kappo Yu serves traditional kaiseki with a modern and interesting twist. Kappo Yu serves a 9-course omakase menu changes monthly depending on the freshest ingredients available in market, to ensure of best quality most of our ingredients and seafood are imported from Japan. In addition to the food, the restaurant also have broad selections of good quality sake, sochu, plum wine, premium Japanese beer and worldwide range of champagne and wine.

割烹遊是上海著名寿司店大山的姐妹店。餐厅位于法租界吴兴路33号,提供带一点现代风的传统怀石料理。割烹雄仅提供一种包含九道菜肴的怀石套餐。并且根据当季最新鲜的食材,每月更换一次菜单。为了确保菜肴品质,大多数食材和海鲜都从日本进口。除了美食之外,Kappo Yu更为您精选优质清酒、烧酒、梅酒、优质日本啤酒和世界各地的香槟及葡萄酒。


Last Visit: August.9th. 2015 (Dinner)

Address: 33 Wuxing Lu, near Middle Huaihai Lu 吴兴路33号,近淮海中路

Hours: 17:30 ~ 22.30, closed on sundays

Tel: +86-21-6466-7855

Price/Menu: Omakase CNY 690


Here in Kappo Yu there are 10 seats at a curving, lacquered red counter, where guests can feel intimate and watch the Chef preparing the food and serve to their table.There are also two Japanese tatami Rooms which set up in a very warmth way for the guests to entertain.



Dining at Kappo Yu you can enjoy a balance of preparation, taste, texture, color and presentation of food over a multi-course set. Traditionally, the kaiseki style balance of preparation includes sashimi, a simmered dish, a grilled dish, a steamed dish, and soups. Stimulating every taste receptor of your palate.

As mentioned, the menu changes monthly with a different theme. For the month of Augst 2015, the theme is 'August Offering'.



The Japanese Chef Yohei Terada used to work in NOBU and Nadaman in Tokyo as the chef since 2005. He joined Kappo Yu in 2010 till now. Chef Yohei used to haddle the counter everyday but recently he is preparing his new restaurant in Shanghai, thus his Chinese apprentices handle the counter now.



We ordered two drinks to complete our meal. The plum soda is an ideal non-alcohol drink for those who drives, i didn't try it but my friend said it was quite average. There are two types of plum wine at Kappo Yu, one is homemade which is less sweet, another one is bottled at sweeter. I had the homemade less sweet one, perfect for those who prefer something refreshing and light.



Each dish at Kappo Yu has a very lovely name. Start from the appetizer inspired by 'sunrise by the beach', which consist of king salmon sashimi on a bed of chopped tomato and watermelon, on the side was tomato and watermelon puree in the mixing jar. I had scallop instead of king salmon because of allergy. The puree was very refreshing, paired well with the umami flavors.

By the way, one of my friend don't eat raw and the chef kindly steamed the salmon for him.And replace the assorted sashimi later on with another grilled dish.So don't worry if you don't eat raw food.

Kappo Yu 的每一道菜都有一个可爱又诗意的名字。第一道菜的主题是“海边的日出”,用了帝皇三文鱼来代表太阳,摆盘中的弹珠作为海面。一边的调酒杯里是用番茄和西瓜做的汁。酸酸甜甜的汁配上鲜甜的三文鱼,很不错的头盘。我不吃三文鱼所以主厨帮我换成了带子。



The second dish was a 'mooncake' made of eel, foie gras inside a crispy waffle shell. The grilled eel and seared foie gras was very tender, rich in oils and flavorful, the fresh radish and cucumber brought a refreshing touch to the rich and indulgent combination. This was a very creative and delicious dish that i really enjoyed.




The sashimi platter was featured with a cute float. Aji was very tender and has a clean taste, with chopped scallion to enhance the flavor. The Botan shrimps were not very large in size but its creamy texture and sweetness made me forget about everything. My favorite was not doubt the Otoro, which perfectly melted in my mouth, it was high in oil content and has a lovely sweet aftertaste. In general, the sashimi platter is one of the highest quality ones i had in town.

刺身的摆盘很可爱,是一个花车的造型。三款刺身质量都很不错:竹荚鱼鲜嫩,很干净的味道,葱增添了一次香味;甜虾个头不大不过它十足的甜味和入口即化的口感可以让人忘了一切;我最爱的无疑就是金枪鱼大腹,油脂含量极高的toro完美地融化在舌尖,甜甜的厚味无穷。Kappo Yu的刺身可以说是近来在国内吃到过最好的了。


One of my friends don't eat raw fish, thus the chef prepared the grilled Aji collar for him. The white flesh was very tender and delicious underneath the aromatic grilled skin.




Move on to the hot dishes, the first one came with a mystrious onson presentation was actually a soup dish. The Kimedai was simmered with winter melon and brown rice, i had a cup of clear soup base to again awaken my taste bud - it was incredibly umami. The fish itself was moist and delicious, the simple seasoning kept its own flavors well.




Chopped toro sushi was a complimentary item from the chef. The toro was melt-in-mouth tenderness and balanced well with the scallions, while the nori was a weak part as it was already damp. (not because of the issue of taking pictures)



Followed by the eggplant mousse with fresh sea urchin and mixing sauce. The mousse was smooth and airy, it was a bit spicy while the creamy and sweet sea urchin balanced very well with the mousse. It was a nice combination of land and sea.




Next came three assorted tempura, staring from the right hand side: the oyster was large in size, inside the cirspy and thin outer-layer was a mouthful of umami flavor; the ika (squid) in the middle was very tender and delciious; the fig tempura was a very interesting one, it was my first time having a fruit tempura. It sizziling hot sourness and sweetness was quite impressive.



Guest may pick one from the two mains: grilled premium beef or lobster (suppl 80) with Matsutake and Matsutake sauce. Please do not complain why it is not wagyu, as wagyu is actually banned by the Chinese law. All the wagyu you had in mainland Chinese is either fake or smuggled. Both dishes was presented on a piping hot stone, which were still grilling. My friends had the beef and we victimed it from pinky raw cooked to brown. It was very succulent and flavorful, the matsutake was rolled inside and balanced well. My lobster was also lovely, the flesh was tender and umami, with a hint of Matsutake aroma. The Matsutake sauce on the side was nice to pair with.


主菜部分可二选一:特选牛肉或者龙虾配松茸配松茸酱汁,龙虾另加80元。不要抱怨说为什么是特选牛肉而不是和牛,因为中国大陆根本不让进口和牛。所有您在中国大陆吃到和牛,不是走私的就是假冒的,而且走私的也不保证它就是和牛。无论是牛肉还是龙虾,两款都是放在滚烫的铁盘上上桌的, 并且还在烤着。我们见证了牛肉上桌后从生的粉嫩色烤到熟的棕色,当然火候您可以自己掌控。牛肉很嫩味道不错,中间卷着的松茸有一股淡淡的香味。我的龙虾肉质鲜嫩,外皮脆脆的很香。一边的松露汁搭配也很到位。


After that we were served with a hot clear soup made of seasonal vegeatables and Chinese yum to clean the palate.



The starch dish was freshly made hand roll, usually the chef serves two for the guest and you can pick two toppings for each. The toppings change daily, we had aji with scallions, ikura, shrimp tempura to choose from. (once i had ika tempura, grilled unagi and toro) This time the nori was pretty crispy and umami, the shari was well balanced and the toppings were very fresh. We tried all of the toppings and considered the tempura the best, followed by ikura.

主食部分是Kappo Yu传统的现做手卷寿司。寿司卷的topping根据季节更换,之前几次吃到过烤鳗鱼、金枪鱼还有鱿鱼天妇罗等,这次是葱配竹荚鱼、三文鱼籽和虾天妇罗。之前的金枪鱼寿司的海苔受潮,但是手卷中用的海苔非常香脆,温热的醋饭调味恰到好处,topping也非常鲜美。



The dessert was Warabi mochi with soy powder and Tieguanyin tea ice cream. Loved the aromatic ice cream which was refreshing, the chewy and sweet warabi mochi with black suagr syrup was pleasant.


Kappa Yu is a really awesome place to go if you are craving for quality kaiseki, the dining experience there creates a feeling of eating in Japan. The ingredients are premium, no matter raw or cooked. The chefs' culinary skills are pretty good, and I too loved the creative presentation of the food. The service standard is high and the ambiance is really good. Eating at Kappo Yu is a really fun experience. Compare to its sister restaurant Sushi Oyama, which increased its price over 50% in a year, Kappo Yu is more affordable and enjoyable. The menu will changed on August.31 next time, I will definitely come back next time.

Kappo Yu是个非常不错的怀石料理的去处。食材质量都很好,无论是生的还是熟的。是日虽然是中国厨师在做料理,但是味道还是蛮不错的,我也特别喜欢他们家创意又可爱的摆盘。服务水平也很棒,餐厅氛围很好,有种在日本吃饭的感觉。相比一年里涨价超过50%的姐妹店大山,实在的Kappo Yu在各方面都更胜一筹。下次换菜单是8月31日,肯定会再来。