People who come to Tokyo for food usually use Michelin Guide and Tripadvisor as a food guide, while i personally found that Tabelog is a better guide at least in Japan. Of course, there are still tones of unnamed haven't be featured by any guides. I found this 'long-named' restaurant when i was browsing for good restaurants near my school on Tabelog, and this French wine bar caught my eyes. Not a Michelin-starred, but positioned Top.20 on Tabelog among all the French restaurants in Tokyo. The review of this restaurant in general is even better than most of the starred ones. I made a reservation without a second thought.


Visited: Sep.24.2015 (Dinner)

Address: Visco Building 2F 2-3-12 Azabu-Juban Minato-ku Tokyo (東京都港区麻布十番2-3-12 ビスコビル 2F)

Hours:17:30~24:00, Closed on Sunday and the third Saturday each month

Website / Tabelog


Quand L'appetit Va Tout Va! is a cozy French wine bar in Azabu-Juban area.The restaurant was opened in 2009 by the sommelier & owner Yuichi Cho, the kitchen is currently helmed by chef Ryo Sato. Yuichi-san himself is running the restaurant everyday, with another two assistant. The restaruant is small but homey, there are 23 seats in totall and 15 are at the counter.

DSC07225The menu is hand-written by the chef everyday, dishes are changed on a daily base. The a la carte menu is divided into four sections: appetizers, fish, meat and dessert. You may order from the a la carte menu, the price of each dish is for 2 pax, so just divided in half if you are looking for single portion. There are also two course-menu available, 4 courses for JPY 5400, or 5 course for JPY 7560. It was my first time there and i don't know what to order, thus went for the 'experimental' 4-course-menu.



The freshly toasted homemade whole-garin bread has a crust outer-layer and soft inside, healthy and delectable. Amuse bouche was served right after. The grilled sweet potato mousse was very smooth and naturally sweet, cream cheese brought a clean and refreshing touch to the bite. While the biscuit on the bottom was moist but a bit dry.




The sanma (pacific saury) fillet was beautifully laid on the grilled eggplant puree and garnished by ginger and scallions. The smokey flavor of the ggplant was quite strong but the flavor was really sync with the fish - the fish has a deep and savory taste, the garnished ginger and scallions balanced very well. The sanma was surprisingly succulent - almost as tender as the eggplant puree that you can finish it with only a spoon.


Followed by a simple-looking turnip soup in laurel bouillon, so pretty that the entire dish looks like a pearl in the ocean. The turnip was crunchy and very smooth, doesn't have any bitter taste. While in general the flavor of the turnip itself was a bit weak, but the bouillon was so umami and nicely brought up the flavor of the dish.




The roated duck was well-done, one of the better duck courses of the year. Its skin was perfectly roasted, crispy and has a lovely fragrance. The meat was succulent and very flavorful. The gobo coulis and the French spice nicely enhanced and balanced the flavor of the duck.



Yuchi-san recommended this dessert as it showcases the abundant seasonal produce of the island. The bottom part was made of persimmon, pear and sweet potato, topped with a scoope of apricot & almond ice cream and garnished by cookie crumbles. The bottom part was sweet and smooth, very delcious after mixed with crumbles and ice cream. I especially loves the ice cream which was creamy but refreshing, and very strong almond flavor.

It was a very enjoyable meal at QUAND. The food was quite satisfying and definitely worth of value. The ambiance at the restaurant was pretty good, Yuichi-san communicates with the diners a lot, although he cannot speak English very well, he tried his best to talk to us. Eating at QUAND is very relax, the food was very good and also ideal for an after-work drink if you are around.