Tokyo | Aroma Fresca アロマフレスカ

Aroma Fresca is one of the best Italian fine dining restaurants in Tokyo, also probably the hardest (Italian) table to get in town The restaurant used to located in Azabu-juban before moving to its current location in Ginza. ‘The shortest distance with respect to the ingredient’ is chef Harada Shinji's motto, he is a genius in combing arrangement, scent and flavor into one fish.

There are only 7 tables in the dining room, the interior decoration is one of the most elegant restaurant i have been by far. The service leaves a favourable impression since the very beginning of the meal. I have heard that the kitchen communicates with the servers in order to serve the food at the right temperature, flavor, and scent. For the customers to fully enjoy our seasonal ingredients with all their senses, the restaurant has even adjusted the heights of tables, chairs, and even the plates in order to bring out the scent of the food the most.


Visited: Oct.21.2015 (Lunch)

Address: 東京都中央区銀座2-6-5 銀座トレシャス12F

Hours: 11:30-15:00 (Wed,Thur, Fri) ; 17:30-23:00, Closed on Sunday and 1st Monday

Damage: Lunch 8,500++, Dinner 12,800++

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Compare to dinner, lunch is a bit easier to get a table, which is only available from Wednesday to Friday. A fixed lunch menu 'Menu Profumo' is served during lunch, reasonably priced at JPY 8,500++. Dinner menu ranges from JPY 12800, 13800 and 16,800. Quite fair for an upscale restaurant in this area.


We were firstly served with two kinds of olives to awaken our palates. I am not a big fan of pickled olives but this one was not bad. Love the blue crystal serveware which paired beautifully with Royal Copenhagen.Then the server came and detailed explains the menu in proficient English.




First part of the meal was assorted small dishes. Such an enjoyment for all five senses. My camera is always so lucky to eat first.


A classic one at Aroma Fresca, the steamed conger eel combines perfectly with the aroma of caviar and the texture of potato chips. The eel itself was moist and rich in oils. Beautiful.


The prawn was also well-done, very crispy battering and boucy meat inside. The prawn's foam on the back was high in umami flavor, the entire dish balanced well by the milk & yuzu dashi sauce in the front.


Every detail by far was perfect, and the steamed mussel and foie gras franc was also very delicious. Very smooth and silky texture, with deep flavors of steamed mussel and foie gras, the sweet-sour fig compote brought a touch of refreshness. Topped with black truffle to lift its aroma and texture. Awesome!


The very first part of the meal was simply wonderfull. I was not a big fan of Italian fine dining, and that was my first time having Italian food in Japan. I think Italian food is quite hard to become 'fine', while Aroma Fresca somehow gives me a bit dawn at the point.


This dish was too pretty to eat. Saba, or Japanese mackerel, has a deep flavor on its own. Garnished with assorted greens, herbs and shisho flower, the entire plate balanced very well. The horseradish puree was clean and light, i really loved the umami flying fish roe sauce.


Pasta is no doubt an essential for an Italian feast. Lunch menu includes two pasta dishes, before serving the main pasta dish, we were served with a small serve of cold pasta. The homemade capellini was al dante and very smooth. The sweetness and sourness of the tomato, umami and creamy baby shrimp together with the lime flavor foam was wonderfull.


For the main pasta dish, spaghetti with porcini, i pre-ordered extra truffle (ranges from 1,000 yen ~ 5,000 yen) when i made the reservation.My mind's gone blank when this drooling dish came to me, with incrediblely aromatic mushroom and truffle flavor. As the black and white truffle were not available that day, Autumn Truffle from Italy was used instea. OMG, see the tones of truffle toppings, i am so hungry again!


The porcini sauce was in HUGE portion, thus the mushroom flavor was quite strong, and lovely.  Even so, it didn't beyond my favorite truffle flavor and entire dish was dreamy...


The most impressive tuffle pasta dish ever. This also reminds me of the black truffle pasta from Michelin-3-starred 8 1/2 otto e mezzo Bombana in Hong Kong. Bombana cooked his pasta with butter, thus his pasta has a buttery flavor which well-paired with the tuffle flavor. While here at Aroma Fresca, the entire dish was very 'real', all the flavors were very naturally orgins from the mushroom sauce and truffle, which is lgihter than Bombana's. Need to come back for this!


Before the main course, were served with citrus sorbet. It balanced sour and sweet flavor wonderfully cleanse our palate. Well, i am still thinking of the truffle pasta i had just now.


For the main dish, each guest can pick one from three of the mains of the day. Whar on serving were beef, duck and sea bream. I picked the sea bream bescuase i love seafood.The bream, was slightly cued for a ghigher flavor, it was so tender that you don't even need to cut it with kinit. Grilled together with clam in a Staub, the server showed us the dish before move them to the dish - it has such a mouth-watering smell.


Sea bream was very tender and delicious, scallions is always the best friend of higher-flavored fishes. On the side, the clam was large in size and so umami. Maitake mushroom sauce with a zest of extra olive oil added more creamy texture and flavors from the land. The only back side of this dish was the sea bream was a bit of salty for my liking, besides that, it would be wonderful.




There are also 3 selections of dessert and each guest is allowed to pick one. The server recommended me the signature dessert, coffee jelly with white chocolate ice cream - sounds a great idea. The jelly has a elegant coffee flavor and was very refreshing. When the white chocolate metls, the entire bowl tastes like a cup of quality cappuccino.




I was impressed by Aroma Fresca a lot, no matter the food, the service or ambiance. I unconsciously nodded my head when i was eating, eveything was really enjoyable. Chef made Italian food in a Japanese way by using local ingredients, which turns out very unique and light flavors. It is just so beautfiul, definitely need to come back again.