Tokyo | Sushi Mizutani 鮨水谷

Sushi Mizutani is a 3 star sushi restaurant in Ginza, it is also on the 27th position of Asia's 50 Best Restaurants. Mizutani moved from its previous basement location to the ninth floor of a building in a Ginza back-alley in 2010. At this 10-seat counter, Mizutani presents his guests the authentic nigiri by using  Tsukiji’s very finest.


Mizutani don't take any oversea reservations, and only take reservations from several top hotels or from Japanese. Lunch is usally easier to book, and the price is more affordable. But make sure you have cash with you, because they don't take cards.

Mizutani bans pictures, but luckily we were the only couple of guests here during lunch time. As out phone didn't make any sounds while taking pictures, Mizutani-san didn't say much about that. But we only took several pieces.



The toro itself was great - fresh, creamy and the oil perfectly melted in my mouth with a twist of sweetness from the fish itself. It was nicely balanced with the shari. Personally i quite love Mizutani's shari, which has a very well balance of vingar flavor, not very intensive, nor bland, just right at the point.


Ika 墨烏賊 has a very clean taste. It was tender and a little bit chewy, ended with a rich texture and sweet flavor.


Kuruma Ebi 車海老 was warm, tender and bouncy. It was incredibly umami and sweet.


Bafun Uni 雲丹 was another highlight of the meal - fresh, juicy and sweet.


Tamago 玉子 as a sweet ending. Mizutani's Tamago is my favorite tamago by far. Compare to 1*Tokami, 3*Yoshitake, Kanesaka(Singapore), 1*Iwa (Hong Kong), which all serves more jelly-like tamago. Mizutani's tamago was more like cakes, very moist and creamy, with a rich and sweet flavor.


Although we enjoyed the sushi here, our dining experience was not very pleasant because of the serious ambiance. Mizutani-san himself cannot speak English, he didn't show a little bit warm welcome nor smile to us, which makes us feel so bad. It was 3* at the time we went but now it drops to 2*. I think there are much more better options in Tokyo.


鮨 水谷 すしみずたに Sushi Mizutani

Address: 東京都中央区銀座8-7-7 JUNOビル 9F

Hours: 11:30~13:30/ 17:00~21:30

* Cash Only