[Tokyo] Ishibashi 石ばし

Unagi, or fresh water eel, is one of my favourite summer delicacies in Japan. Eating unagi during the hot summer season has been a culture since the Edo period in early 19th century. Becase of the high protein and vitamin contents of unagi, Japanese believe that eating unagi in summer can help them restore energy and stamina to survive the heat.

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[Tokyo] 蓮 Ren

You may not be familiar with Ren, however I am sure you have heard of the Michelin-three-starred Kagurazaka Ishikawa (石かわ) . In 2008, master chef Hideki Ishikawa-san opened the first sister restaurant  Kohaku (虎白)  and a year later,  Ren (蓮) was born.

Ren’ is the Japanese word for ‘lotus’, taking its meaning of purity, Ren targeted to serve top quality Japanese dishes with a pure heart.

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[Tokyo] Sushi Kimura すし 喜邑 (㐂邑)

Among the twenty Michelin-starred sushiyas in Tokyo, nearly 90% are traditional Edomae sushiyas attracting millions of sushi lovers from all around the worlds. Had been granted two stars by the red book and had become the talk of the town, Sushi Kimura contributes to the minority of 10% by serving unique aged fish at the best.

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[Tokyo] CHIC peut-être シック プッテートル

CHIC peut-être is one-Michelin-starred French restaurant in Hatchobori – a residential neighbourhood of Nihonbashi. You may not even notice this little cosy restaurant when unintentionally pass by.

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[Tokyo] Tempura Motoyoshi 天ぷら 元吉

Although sushi is possibly the most famous exported Japanese food, food in Japan is not just about sushi. Tempura as one of the most popular food in Japan, is a Japanese work of  art you have to try when you travelling to Japan.

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[Hong Kong] Man Wah at Mandarin Oriental Hotel 文華廳

The final stop on this short Hong Kong trip was dim sum lunch at Man Wah (文華廳) in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel located in Central Hong Kong. This was my first time trying their lunch and I was quite excited to revisit Man Wah.

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[Hong Kong] Restaurant Akrame

From Paris to Hong Kong, Akrame is a low-lit one-Michelin-starred restaurant on the trendy Ship Street in heart of Wanchai, Hong Kong. Opened in 2013, Akrame is the first oversea restaurant of Akrame Benallal of restaurant Akrame in Paris. Shortly within half year since it was opened, Akrame got it first Michelin star. With a setting of art gallery of back-and-white tone, i felt like stepping into a tranquil which was totally different from the busy street i just passed by.

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[Hong Kong] Lung King Heen 龍景軒 (Weekend Dim Sum Brunch)

As the first 3-Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant in the world, Lung King Heen used to be my favourite place for authentic Cantonese food. It had been a very long while since my last meal there two years ago, it was not really pleasant apart from the signature dim sum. While some how i missed their weekend brunch for some weekend specialities especially dim sum, it is hard to get a reservation and normally a 2-3 months wait is required. Luckily my friend got a reservation for us.

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[Flight] Cathay Pacific / CX 734 / Singapore to Hong Kong

A throw back to my flight from Singapore Changi Airport layover in Hong Kong fro 2 days, the final destination was Hangzhou, China. Normally i fly with Singapore Airlines to Shanghai when i go back to China, but this time i decided to layover in Hong Kong because ‘layover’ is the best excuse to visit more restaurants in this case :p

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[Singapore] Shinji by Kanesaka (Raffles Hotel)

As i expected, Shinji by Kanesaka as my favourite sushiya in Singapore won its first Michelin star in the first Michelin Guide Singapore. Is original branch Sushi Kanesaka in Ginza, Tokyo has been honored one star for continuously years.  Currently having three oversea branches in Singapore ad Macau, the one in Raffles Hotel is Kanesaka’s first step outside Japan.

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[Singapore] Candlenut, Inspired Peranakan Cuisine

Highly recommended by a lot of local foddie friends, Candlenut had been on my list for a long while and I’m finally here. As a pure Chinese who was raised up in China, I honestly don’t have much local food experiences. My last Peranakan meal was five years ago when i travel to KL for fun, it was a quite enjoyable meal.

Chef-owner Malcolm’s passion in cooking was grown since he was young. Had been working in the United States as well as a Wetern cafe at the Singapore Management a university, Malcolm finally decide to inherit the traditional cooking from his Nyonya mother. Learnt from his mom, Malcolm uses only spice pastes made of fresh ingredients without MSG or preservatives. With Candlenut, Chef Malcolm aims to serve his heritage by serving a menu of refined flavors and techniques with unique innovative dishes.

I visited Candlenut two weeks before the Michelin Guide Singapore released. I was not surprised that this young restaurant was honoured one star – it is the ONLY Peranakan restaurant featured by Michelin Guide. Congrats!

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[Singapore] Terra, an Tokyo Italian Restaurant

Terra is a very first Tokyo-Italian fine dining concept in Singapore. Opened by the Chef-Owner Seita Nakahara in Oct.2015, Terra has already eyed by Singapore’s first Michelin Guide within a year since its opening.

The Chef-Owner Seita Nakahara have been cooking Italian food for almost 20 years. He was trained at few traditional Italian restaurants in Tokyo before enhancing his culinary skills in Tuscany, Sicily and Piedmont in Italy. In 2010, Seita-san returned to Singapore and worked as Executive Chef in Enoteca L’Operetta. With Seita-san’s Japanese base, Seita-san aim to offer authentic Italian good with a seasonal twist of Japan.

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[Singapore] The First Michelin Guide is Published!

After a long waiting, Singapore’s first Michelin Guide is finally released!

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[Singapore] Osteria Mozza at Marina Bay Sands

When i am in a mood for pizza, I go Pizzeria Mozza; when i am in a mood for pasta, its sister restaurant Osteria Mozza is always a first choice. Both were originated from Los Angeles, California, the Mozza restaurants in Singapore offers quality Italian food that favoured by both locals and foreign visitors. Located in the landmark Marina Bay Sands, Osteria Mozza is possibly the most famous and popular Italian fine dining restaurant in Singapore.

It had been another year since my last visit to Osteria Mozza, i enjoyed my meal there, despite few dishes were quite American-saltness, the pasta dishes were indeed memorable. This time, an oversea friend was layover in Singapore to eat, i planned to take her to my favourite restaurants as well as local stalls, but unfortunately she arrived on a Sunday and 98% fancy restaurants were closed. Marina Bay Sands became our top destination because it opens all-year-around. We love pasta thus we decided to eat at Osteria Mozza.

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[Singapore] JAAN

After my two wonderful meals at Odette by Julien Royer, who was the ex-excutive chef at JAAN, my curiosity of the current JAAN raised. My last visit was still one year ago when Julien was still there, at that time JAAN was ranked No.11 of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. Although the ranking dropped to No.29, i have heard  great things happened there.

Now helming by Chef Kirk Westaway, who is directed to inherit JAAN’s philosophy to serve innovative cuisine by using nature’s best ingredients.Chef Kirk grew up in a small seaside town in Devon on the Southwest coast of England where is famous for its impeccable produce and incredible variety of products. Kirk wish to bring the nature’s perfection by his talent hands.

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[Hong Kong] 8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA – Black Truffle in Season!

Since my last impressive truffle feast at 8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA last summer (click for review) , i am back here again for the black truffle menu – available only for approximate two months since June.

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[Singapore] Common Man Coffee Roasters

I am not a cafe brunch person because most cafe food in Singapore is not worth waking up for, and usually overpriced for its value. Anywhere with AC can be considered ‘cafe’, anywhere severed eggs and toasted can be considered a brunch place. Normally a brunch plate let’s say eggs benedict, which consists only breads and eggs and maybe a bit vegetables, are priced around SG$25. Since i prefer to go restaurants if i eat out, i’d rather to top up a bit more to have a simple 3-course lunch set.

Since a friend is visiting Singapore who have limited time and budget, i decided to take her to a famous cafe near my home – Common Man Coffee Roasters. It located at 22 Martin Road in a residential neighbourhood in River Valley.  Operating 7 days a week with all-day brunch menu, CMCR has become a favourite cafe spot for both locals and travellers since it was opened.

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[Singapore] Whitegrass

Housed in the heritage-listed Chijmes which is an iconic dining place in Singapore, Whitegrass is one of the few new fine dining restaurants that i liked.

Chef-owner Sam Aisbett worked as a head chef at the award-wining Quay in Sydney as well as Tetsuya Wakuda’s Tetsuya’s Restaurant . With the head chef Diego cossio who has trained at the Michelin-2-starred Ledbury in London and the manager Celine who has a strong background of been worked in some Michelin restaurants around the world, Whitegrass brings authentic Modern Australian cuisine with an Asian twist.

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[Singapore] Cure

Cure, stands for hospitality or ‘to take care of’ in Latin, is a young restaurant located on the popular dining hub Keong Saik Road. Helmed by the chef-owner Andrew Walsh, who had spent years working with English chef Tom Aikens, and 3.5 years at Jason Atherton’s Spanish tapas restaurant Esquina as a head chef, now aims to bring the best dining experience to his guests.

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[Hong Kong] Via Tokyo

When i craving for Japanese desserts especially matcha flavors in Hong Kong, Via Tokyo is my first option. The young owner Kosei Kamatani who also owns Ramen Jo in Hong Kong,was a successful business man but he finally decided to endeavour his time into F&B. With the succeed of the first shop in Causeway Bay, now Via Tokyo has its second branch in Tsim Sha Tsui this year. This is a review on the Causeway store.

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