Singapore | Art at Curate with Chef Esben of Maaemo, Oslo

Organised by Resort World Sentosa and CURATE,  Art at Curate is a dining series that sets the stage for visiting celebrity chefs to showcase their culinary prowess. Supporting by Michelin Guide Singapore and Robert Parker Wine Advocate, Art at Curate is the first and the only dining revenue that dedicated to showcases the worldwide Michelin Star experiences in Asia.

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Kyoto | Ogata 緒方

Almost everyone who had been to Ogata are uncontrollably attracted by historical appearance of Machiya, so do I. By opening its wooden sliding door, a simple and modern Japanese interior greeted us, as well as a warm welcome by Chef Ogata’s wife.  In the following two hours, Ogata brought the best meal i have had in Kyoto so far.

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Kyoto | Suzue 鈴江

The two-Michelin-starred Shunseki Suzue, also known as Suzue, is a renowned Kaiseki restaurant in Kyoto. Chef-owner Suzue Yoshihito (鈴江四史人) was raised in a family proficient in cooking, he was imperceptibly influenced by exquisite food at a young age which consequently made his passionate about cooking.

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Tokyo | Ishibashi 石ばし

Unagi, or fresh water eel, is one of my favourite summer delicacies in Japan. Eating unagi during the hot summer season has been a tradition since the Edo period in early 19th century. Because of the high protein and vitamin content of unagi, the Japanese believe that consuming unagi during summer can help restore energy and stamina to survive the heat.

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Hong Kong | Restaurant Akrame

From Paris to Hong Kong, Akrame is a low-lit one-Michelin-starred restaurant on the trendy Ship Street in heart of Wanchai, Hong Kong. Opened in 2013, Akrame is the first oversea restaurant of Akrame Benallal of restaurant Akrame in Paris. Shortly within half year since it was opened, Akrame got it first Michelin star. With a setting of art gallery of back-and-white tone, i felt like stepping into a tranquil which was totally different from the busy street i just passed by.

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Hong Kong | Lung King Heen 龍景軒 (Weekend Dim Sum)

As the first 3-Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant in the world, Lung King Heen used to be my favourite place for authentic Cantonese food. It had been a very long while since my last meal there two years ago, it was not really pleasant apart from the signature dim sum. While some how i missed their weekend brunch for some weekend specialities especially dim sum, it is hard to get a reservation and normally a 2-3 months wait is required. Luckily my friend got a reservation for us.

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Singapore | Osteria Mozza at Marina Bay Sands

When i am in a mood for pizza, I go Pizzeria Mozza; when i am in a mood for pasta, its sister restaurant Osteria Mozza is always a first choice. Both were originated from Los Angeles, California, the Mozza restaurants in Singapore offers quality Italian food that favoured by both locals and foreign visitors. Located in the landmark Marina Bay Sands, Osteria Mozza is possibly the most famous and popular Italian fine dining restaurant in Singapore.

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