Sydney | Three Williams

Three Williams was the first cafe i visited during my Sydney food trip. It was ranked No.2 among all the cafes right after Devon Cafe, plus my local friend strongly recommended the famous French Toast, which was the reason I came for.

Visited: Apr.25.2015 (Lunch)
Address: 613a Elizabeth St Redfern, NSW
Hours: 7:00am-4:00pm daily
Came for: Crunchy French ToastDSC07893




The flat white was pretty good, perfect balance between the coffee and milk. The foam was great as well. It was the best flat white i have tried so far. (I don't have too much coffee experiences LOL)


As a recommended brunch dish at Three Williams, the beautiful stackwas quite drooling, especially the runny yolk. Most ingredients are vegetables, except the geilled chorizo, which was not very large in portion (compare to the vegetables). The haloumi cheese was nicely grilled, chewy but with a crispy skin. The sourdough was toasted to crispy, very lovely combination.


Salad is available after 12pm on the lunch menu. We tried the crispy Brussel sprout salad, which we enjoyed a lot. It has a  lovely grilled fragrance, the mixed leaves were nicely mixed. Meatlovers can pick chicken or bacon for toppings, otherwise, the vegan version was a great chance for cleanses.


Finally came the dish we expected the most, crunchy briche French Toast. The golden-brown toast came with a very dainty smell. The outerlayer was crispy and flaky, while the center was soft and fluffy. Unlike most of the other over-sweetened French Toast, this one was not that heavy, plus the second helper, the yogurt and berries on the top. It was no doubt the best French Toast i have tried so far.