The Grounds of Alexandria, Sydney

This beautiful cafe has been a must-go place to check out in Sydney for a lot of cafe hunters and food lovers. It located in Alexandria which is not too far from the airport. I visited it right before my flight back to Singapore.


Walked out of the car-park and across some red brick warehouses, we gradually entered this pretty paradise - featured a flower shop, a garden, a cafe. The cafe also includes coffee roasting, testing facilities and bakery.


The cafe features both an outdoor and indoor seating, it was a raining Saturday morning but this popular spot was still fully occupied. We waited for about 10 minutes and got a table at the open-air side. (as it was pretty dim inside on such rainy days).


Inside the place is immaculately designed, high ceilings, massive windows,  copper coffee pots, turquoise cups and saucers, the room has a very lovely fragrance of coffee and bakery goods. The coffee roasting facilities here also incorporate a boutique coffee school, which includes a coffee workshop area to educate caffeine addicts.


As a cafe with its own roaters, the quality of coffee is definitely important which indicates whether it is qualify for a good cafe. The perfect creama of out soy flat white showcases its quality- the perfect blend of bitter and smooth. So perfect in fact I had to order two.


The vegetable dishes at The Grounds are another must try, as they grow their own heirloom vegetables in the garden. Two od us shared a healthy plate of Our Signature avocado, with avocado,home-grwon heirloom tomatoes, feta, za’atar, garden mint and micro herbs with The Grounds signature bread. The tomato was on the sour side, a bit hard for my liking but that's the real texture of vegetables, the creamy avocado too balanced the texture very well.


Eggs are essentials for a hearty breakfast and brunch. All the eggs here are from happy birds that are 'Free" - free of hormones, free of antibiotics and from the cage. The Chef's Brekkie Pan with two perfectly poached free range eggs was perfect for such a rainy Autumn morning - still sizzling when it came to the table. The pan includes everything you need - roasted with kassler bacon, button mushrooms, chicken chipolatas and hollandaise in a soup base of roast roma tomatoes, the warm goodness was really worth wake up for.

The dish was served with baby italian loaf, which has a lovely crust, and a warm and soft inside - perfect to dip into the hot sizzling tomato soup. We also ordered a side of house-smoke South Australian Salmon ($4.5), best eat raw but also excellent into the sizzling pan.


The Gluten-Free Healthy Plate was my kind of perfect breakfast. It was a very nourishing and low-fat platter with The Grounds gluten free granola, vanilla bean organic yoghurt, fresh mixed seasonal berries, grapes, rambutan, selected nuts, dried organic mango crisps, fresh mango and a cute kale juice shot.


I really loved the in-house-made GF granola, which was crunchy and chewy. It was sweetened with honey, and the dried figs added some more sweetness as well as sourness, the roasted nuts were crunchy, and some crispy puffs made its more textural. The granola was also sold in store, at $18 for a large pack. I grabbed 2 packs back to Singapore although i have no more room in my luggage, it was so good and i don't mind to take such heavy thing with me on board.


It was a really lovely morning before i leaving for home. The food was great in my opinion, good coffee and company, nice people and beautiful ambiance. I missed this lovely place so much at this point of time, and for the granola, i had it every morning after i came back from Australia, the two packs were gone shortly in several weeks. I left in a hurry for my flight, although quite stuffed, still felt it was a pity that i didn't try their desserts. I wish every morning was like that...

Address: Building 7A, 2 Huntley Street, Alexandria

Hours: Mon-Fri 07:00 - 22:00, Weekends 07:30-22:00