Melbourne | Wonderbao

Wonderbao in CBD Melbourne specialty in making 'Bao'. Locates on A'Beckatt Street, a hidden street away from Melbourne Central.   DSC07652




The place is quite small, but big and bright enough for a Bao shop. There are about 8-10 seats facing the ceiling-to-floor window.

There are two types of buns on the menu, the traditional buns and 'Gua Bao', which is a open-face bun. All the fillings of Gua Bao are freshly made, the buns are homemade daily. Besides that, Wonderbao offers homemade soya milk as well as featured drinks. Wonderbao opens 8:00am daily, while gua baos are available after 10:30.



There are 3 kinds of fixed gua baos on the menu: braised pork belly, roasted pork belly and fried silky tofu (v), each was priced at $4.20.  I tried the fried silky tofu gua bao, and another special one - crispy fried chicken gua bao.

The tofu was nicely fried, very crispy outerlayer while remain the center part smooth and silky. The Chinese pickled mustard and sweet soy sauce was lovely, and the crushed peanuts added another texture to the silky tofu.While i found the tofu is quite large in size, thus it tastes a bit boring in some ways. The part i really enjoyed was the bun itself. It was perfectly steamed, hot, soft, and dreamy. (even after several minutes i took pictures)

Compare to the previous tofu bao, i much prefer the award-wining Crispy Chicken Gua Bao. The chicken was like Korean style deep-fried chicken, it was well deep-fried with a crispy skin and tender center. The kimchi mayo works amazingly good with the fried chicken. The chicken by itself was juicy and delicious.

Wonderbao is an ideal place for a snack or breakfast if you are around. The pork belly gua bao was unfortunately sold out, my friend told me it was amazing. But luckily i got the last fried chicken gua bao which was pretty impressive.