Melbourne | Cutler & Co, Fitzoy

Cutler & Co. Dining Room is located in an old metal works factory on Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne’s first suburb and industrial area.  Opened in February 2009 by Chef Andrew McConnell, who is the owner of other famous restaurants such as Supernormal, Cumulus.Inc, Luxeberg, etc. The restaurant reflects his passion for exceptional and often unusual produce. Andrew’s only fine dining venue, Cutler & Co strikes a balance between elegance and simplicity.

Visited: Apr.2015 (Dinner)



Although defined as 'fine dining', the decor and ambiance is not that 'fine' as most fine dining restaurants. There is a counter seating which can enjoy the view of the open kitchen. Most of the seating in the restaurants are table-seatings.


Cutler & Co opens for dinner from Tuesday to Sunday from 6pm,  and lunch fromFriday & Sunday from 12pm. Diners can pick either the À La Carte or degustation menu ($130) /set lunch.




There are two kinds of bread served daily, the roll was too hard for my liking (although i love bread crust). I much prefer the sliced dark rye sourdough. The bread was not really impressive but the best part was the beetroot condiment served with the bread. It was made of fresh beetroot and onions with a lemon zest, high in beetroot flavor and was very refreshing.




Start with a vegetarian appetizer, the autumn vegetables was quite different from what i expected. I thought it would be a platter of fresh greens, but it was actually consists of steamed flat crisp, baby radish, carrot and yogurt puree and some roasted nuts. I enjoyed the yogurt part the most, all other components were not bad but not really impressive.


The tuna tartare is only inclusive in the degustation menu, but its actually available for a la carte as request. The tuna was fresh and nicely seasoned, the combination of the juicy tuna and crisp was very appetizing.


The turnip dish is also on the degustation menu. Consists of turnip with different textures: crispy, soft, creamy...The chestnut was naturally sweet which well balanced with the turnip. The cheese on the top enhanced the flavor of this vegetarian dish.


The flounder was well-grilled, it has a crispy skin with a lovely burnt smell, the center part of the fish was quite tender. It was placed on a bed of brown butter, pickled onions and roasted baby squash.


The pre-dessert was inspired by pear, which was refreshing and took away the flavor previously in my mouth.


One thing i fell in love with in Australia is figs. I ordered fig dishes everytime i saw the word 'figs'. The fig itself was incrediblely sweet and juicy. It paired well with the smooth parfait. While the caramelized crisps were too sweet for my liking.


The marshmallow was soft and fluffy, it melted in my mouth very soon. I love the elegant twist of earl grey.


All the dishes i tried were pretty good, all freshly made in front of my eyes. But i really want to complain about the speed of the service, and the food comes really slow. (I am not the only person has such thought). The service has large room for improvement as it find itself a fine dining restaurant. Anyway, the food no doubt passed the test.