Hong Kong | The Chairman 大班樓

Located at the end of the quiet cul de sac of Kau U Fong, The Chairman is a two-level restaurant that is both homey and modern. Simply decorated with wooden floors and white walls, there is a surprising attention to detail from the different shaped and sized plates for each dish, to a little custom-made stool for ladies’ handbags that are more commonly seen in high-end European restaurants. Chairman is one of the few Cantonese restaurants which doesn't offer birds' nest and shark fin those kind of  luxurious dishes. The menu at Chairman is not large, specialising in traditional Cantonese cuisine. Whether it is the tight focus or the emphasis placed on the seasonal, local and premium ingredients used, the food at Chairman is some of the best Chinese we’ve had for a while.






You HAVE to try the steamed crab when you are eating at the Chairman. This dish cost us $700+ but trust me, its really worth. The fragant of the chinese wine works great with the crab, which by itself was meaty and sweet. The flat rice noodles was smooth and nicely flavored with the crab bisque and chicken oil. A must try!


The service at the Chairman was not as good as other famous chinese restaurant in hotels, but the food is definitely worth a visit.

The Chairman 大班樓

18 Kau U Fong , Central 中環九如坊18號地下
+852 2555 2202