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"Bringing a real sense of history to the former Portuguese colony of Macau, Gosto’s whitewashed walls, blue azulejotiles and Moorish copper lanterns hanging from domed ceilings evoke the medieval quarters of Lisbon. Vintage photographs, woodwork and ceramics from Portugal - with the plaintive melodies of traditional fado music in the evening - complete the authentic experience." might be the best description of Gosto. 就像官網上德介紹一樣:刷白的牆壁、藍色上光花磚加上摩爾銅燈籠從圓頂天花吊下,喚起對里斯本中世紀古窖的思憶。 舊照片、木製品、陶瓷,以及傳統民謠所奏出的輕柔旋律,成就了葡國最地道體驗。


Housed in the ostentatious Galaxy on Cotai Strip, the ambian of Gosto is quite appealing - he cupola ceilings with mosaic and the rustic plateware, as well as the attractive photographs of Portugal on the walls. The overall feeling was elegant, but quite relaxing.



A huge, warm bread.


Deep fried cod Fish Balls 炸馬介休球

Gosto features a wide selection of Portuguese dishes, with even a whole section devoted to bacalhau, the famous cod fish. The deep-fried cod fish balls is the most signature appetizer to start with. By using minced sun-fried & salted cod fish, the deep-fried cod fish balls come with a very great smell. The outer layer was very crispy, the overall tastes was great for a newer of Portuguese food. The chickpea salad on the side nicely balanced the fish balls.



Gosto Salad


Braised Portuguese Chicken 葡國雞

Another siganute Portuguese dish. The chicken itself was very tender, each piece was very high in flavor. It somehow tastes like curry chicken to me, but not that creamy as curry paste. The chicken also comes with a bowl of rice.



We also ordered a side of boiled vegetables, which tastes quite bland by itself, but perfectly to mixed it in the sauce in the chicken. 我們也點了一個煮蔬菜當配菜。它本身味道很淡,但是加在葡國雞裡面味道還不錯。


Slow-cooked Cod Fish Fillet with hummus and spinach 慢煮馬介休配鷹嘴豆泥和菠菜

The cod was perfectly cooked. Very fresh and tender. On the top was some crab meat and crab roe, really nice combination.


To be honest, that was my first Portuguese food experience. Quite impressive by the food and ambiance. The price was quite friendly compare to what we had in rest of our trip. We only spent around $600 for this satisfying meal. While the only thing was quite disappointed was the service - too slow. We waited for about 30 min for the bill and changes, same to the table next to us.

第一次吃葡國菜留下了很深刻的印象, 價格也很親民。這麼一頓才花了600多港幣。唯一明顯的缺點就是服務,實在是太慢了。我們和隔壁那桌買單都等了至少30分鐘。

Gusto 葡軒

Address: 路氹城澳門銀河綜合渡假城購物大道東地下G21號舖

Tel:8883 2221

Hours::12:00-15:00, 18:00-23:00 daily