Hong Kong | Sushi Take 竹壽司, Causeway Bay

As a Japanese food lover, i am keep trying different Japanese restaurants during my trips to Hong Kong. While i cannot try too many branches each time because i still have to visit these restaurants i love... Beside craving for sushi, Chirashi is one of my favorite Japanese dish. I read lots of reviews about chirashi in Hong Kong and i found Sushi Take provide my kinda chirashi. P1060628



The environment inside is really good, because the owner of the place used to be light and interior designer :) Very bright french window and you can see outside the 12F.



I went for lunch and got the Chirashi set $450, which came with a nice fresh salad, appetizer and chawanmushi.




Seasoned Himachi with miso sauce


I'm not a Chawanmushi lover because i don't like egg yolks. But this one was really great and i ate most of it. The egg itself tastes really silky and smooth, and there were lots of ingredients inside such as shrimp, mushroom, fish cakes, chicken and ginko.


Then comes the main character of the day. See the happiness in my bowl? Yes, fatty tuna (otoro) and botan shrimp is included in the bowl as well! The uni was a la carte item and i told the server to put it on my chirashi. All the fish in the bowl were extremely fresh and delicate, as you can see the color and tell their freshness right? I really enjoyed them melting in my mouth. The shari (sushi rice) underneath was perfectly cooked and seasoned, every single rice is 'fat' and chewy. P1060639

Clear clam soup comes after a while, simple but delicious.P1060645

The set also comes with ice cream. The flavor of the day was Japanese yuzu, which was a great combination with sweet, sour and bitter (from the real yuzu inside) flavor. Perfect ending to the meal.