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Vicky Lau, the owner and the master chef of Tate Dining Room & Bar, was graduated in Graphic Communications from New York University. But she decided to go Le Cordon Bleu after graduation because of her fascination with food. After that, she followed her Grand Diplôme with a stint at Michelin-starred Cépage where she gained a strong reputation as one of Hong Kong’s rising chefs.

Visited: Dec.25.2014

In 2013, she finally opened her own restaurant-the Tate Dining Room & Bar. There, she blends her design sensibilities, and her appreciation for the culinary arts, and starts a new chapter in Hong Kong's fine dining history. After few months of opening, Vicky Lau earned her first Michelin star.


I was attracted by the white wall and the clean, simple looking of the restaurant every time i walked by Elgin Street. I was really appreciate I finally got a chance to check out this place.


The restaurant is quite small, only about 10-tables (26 seats).But the simple, elegant white and cream color makes the restaurant looks larger than it is. Thanks for the great designer Candace Campos, who also contribute to MANA! and Heirloom Eatery. DSC04379



Christmas menu


Amuse bouche

The Amuse Bouche comes with a fantastic presenting - the food was placed on a wood which was hanging on a cube frame.


"Winter Sea"Scollap espuma, Taraba crab meat, Yuzu gelee, Marinated jelly fish, Osrtra schrencki caviar


As i spent several minutes taking pictures of it, the 'shell' started to melting somehow. Although the transverse isn't looks that good anymore, the food itself was really good. The crabmeat was fresh and sweet; with the scallop espuma, which was light and fully tastes more like scallop mousse. The texture of the whole dish was awesome.


"Foie Gras Terrine"- Duck foie gras terrine, spices & curry tuile, pommery mustard ice cream, blueberry sauce

We were firstly presented with the foie gras and ice cream, then the waiter brought the freshly baked toast. The foie gras terrine was smooth and creamy, spices & curry tuile brought a delight flavor to the terrine. Served with the warm toast and pommery mustard ice cream, the overall texture was perfectly increase to another level.



Next comes a soup. It was consist of lightly poached gillardeau oyster and langoustine, with some  kimchi pickled daikon and sweetcorn kernals to enhance the flavor, and finish with lobster consumme.The langoustine and oyster were really fresh and juicy.DSC04441

"Aged Mandarin Sea Bass"

The first main course was a small filt pan roasted suzuki sea bass with aged mandarin peel jam, chicken jus, fennel pollen and baby fennel. The texture of the sea bass was not that tender and melting, but chewy and juicy. This is actually harder to prepare compare to the tender one. I love the infusion of fennel pollen and baby fennel, which made the fish tastes really good.


"Chicken Roulade"

The second main course was originally beef, but chef Vicky changed it to chicken due to my diet restrictions.The chicken breast was stuffed in its drum, i was really impressive by chef's amazing work because the skin was really thin, and without any left oil underneath the skin. The chicken itself was really tender and juicy, side with green asparagus and chicken jus.


"Ornament"-Fruit curd, chocolate snow chrysanthemum tonka bean sorbet, mikan gelee, yogurt meringue


I heard something popping when i was taking pictures and i couldn't figure out where's the sound come from, unitl i removed the chocolate shell on the top - popping candies with chocolate snow chrysanthemum tonka bean sorbet inside. I didn't finish the the white chocolate 'cup'  as i don't like white chocolate, and it was kind of hard to break it. The mousse on the top was light and delicate.


"Tree logs"

The petit fours was inspired by tree logs - too lovely to eat.


The 6-course Christmas menu was $1080 per head but it was really worthy -  nice food, nice people and environment. And the price is quite reasonable on Christmas night compare to a lots fine dining restaurants, as the normal menu was $980 (6-courses) and $1280 (8-courses). After out dinner, Chef Vicky Lau came to the table and we had a short talk - I felt her sincere grateful to her guests and her passion with food, and the warmest welcome to visit her restaurant. And yes, indeed, i will.


Tate Dining Room & Bar 

Address: G/F, Soho, Central, 59 Elgin Street, Hong Kong

Hours: 6-11pm, closed on Sundays

Tel:2555 2172




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