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Hosted by the 3-Michelin starred chef Seasons by Olivier Elzer, formerly the head chef at the Mandarin Oriental’s Pierre Restaurant and L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Landmark. After his successful stints, he started his first solo venture in contemporary French food in a contemporary and cozy setting on the rooftop of Lee Gardens, Causeway Bay. Although this new-borned restaurant was only opened for less than half year, it is already being awarded Michelin 1 star in the latest Michelin Guide (2015).

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Inspired by the seasonal transition, the home-like French restaurant creates a dynamic and balanced environment that suits every mood and the subtle evolution of the restaurant's menus.



Seasons provides affordable lunch sets: $288 for 3 courses, $368 for 4 courses and $448 for 4 courses. Each set comes with tea or coffee as an ending. Dinner sets start at $588, which includes 4 courses. For chef's tasting menu (Carte Blanche), starts at $888 for 4 courses to $1488 for 8 courses.


Start with some warm breads, which consists of some slices of traditional baguette, olive breads and rosemary breads. The breads have very crispy outer layers and soft, fluffy interior. Love the rosemary bread best which has a very elegant aroma. DSC05196

 French Pink Radish, Guérande salt and homemade butter 法國粉紅小蘿蔔配特級海鹽及自製牛油 ($58)

We ordered this signature pink radish from the a la carte menu. It comes about 10 little cute pink radish, each was nicely buttered and served with some Guérande salt on the side - a very lovely starter.The radish itself was very juicy and crispy, the homemade butter and salt brought a little bit flavor to it but i somehow still cannot hold the strong bitterness.


Escargots fricasse with tomato and pastis sauce 番茄燴法國蝸牛配法式茴香酒汁

The dish comes with a very delicious smell. Indeed, the sauce was intense and works wonderfully with the tomato and mushroom. The escargots were very high-quality, tender and bit chewy.


Prawn / Avocado / Lobster jelly, romaine leaves 牛油果蝦沙律配龍蝦啫喱

With a very simple presentation, lobster jelly and romaine leaves - everything you see. But you will never know what kind of surprise is there in the little bowl until you have the first scoop.


I felt like find some treasure when i see the beautiful and nourish food inside - creamy avocado, chopped bouncy prawns and smooth lobster jelly. Everything just works perfectly with each other, the texture was creamy but the overall taste was very refreshing. Certainly a must-try here!

The only thing i suggest is that, change the server into a glass bowl, so that the customers can see the beautiful layers of goodness inside. (Which comes out prettier pictures!)


Kale cabbage salad, apple with smoked Haddock and remoulade sauce 甘藍椰菜沙律伴燻黑線鱈魚配雷莫拉醬

A lighter starter comes to the table. My friend usually don't eat kale because of the bitter-some taste, but this one was an exception. The kale were nicely wear with remoulade sauce, which perfectly balanced the bitterness of kale. Very fresh smoked Haddock with chewy texture, and crispy apple nicely level-up the texture of the entire bowl.


 * Obsiblue prawn with venere rice 烤海螯蝦伴黑米飯配香辣汁

The signature main dish here, which was also a highlight of the meal. With a touch of Asian cuisine, the prawns were grilled with the Indian spice - masala, which made the smell and flavor of prawns so good. It was also a surprise that chef Oliver used red rice, which is not commonly used in western cookings. Every grain of rice was al dante and popping in my mouth, with the sweet and meaty prawns, definitely a bomb.


Pan-seared scallops, mandarin sauce and red onion pickle 香煎帶子配紅洋蔥柑橘汁

The next main course was in much artisanal presentation. The two scallops were not very large in size, but very high quality one. Each scallop was perfectly seared, with a super tender and juicy texture. The mandarin sauce was with moderate sweetness and sourness, which works perfect for the seared scallops. While compare to the previous main course, i think the portion of this course can be bigger.


Opalys Creme Fruit Rouge 雜莓忌廉配白朱古力慕斯

Very smooth and creamy but light fruit rouge, high in berry flavor and with a little bit sourness from the berries themselves.


Passion foam with clementine 熱情果泡沫伴蜜柑

If you want something more sour and refreshing, this one is definitely a good choice. All the ingredients taste sour but not overwhelming strong. Very decant ending.


The ambiance was very elegant and much relaxing than other French restautants, which is perfect for those who don't want to be too formal. We sit in the 'summer' area, which is closer to the rooftop with brighter light and lively decoration.

Servers were friendly and helpful but have large room for improvement compare to some other 1* restaurants such as Mandarin Grill+Bar, Tate, Akrame, Tosca, SPOON, etc. The serves talked too fast and didn't explain the dishes well. We waited for a long time for the server to come to our table for bill. But overall, quite memorable food with simple,but nice presentations. Most importantly - high quality food with good tastes.




Seasons by Oliver Elzer

Address: # 308, 3/F Phase 2, Lee Gardens, 2-38 Yun Ping Rd, Causeway Bay

Tel: 2505 6228

Hours: 12:00-14:30, 18:00-22:30, Daily


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