Hong Kong | Pierre @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Situated on the top level of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong, Pierre is a stunning two-Michelin starred restaurant. Diners can experience outstanding modern French cuisine by one of the most famous chef in the world,Pierre Gagnaire.


With a culinary team led by Gagnaire’s protégé, Jean Denis Le Bras, diners can expect creative interpretations of classic dishes with seductive flavours that are truly worthy of their two Michelin-stars.A vision of contemporary luxury, Pierre’s décor incorporates luxurious fabrics in a mixture of charcoal, cherry, blue and black highlighted with silver and crystal.


Floor-to-ceiling windows offer views over Victoria Harbour while the central chandelier changes colour to suit the mood. Atmospheric, dramatic and very chic, it’s the perfect setting in which to enjoy phenomenal cuisine.



Breads - very high quality butter roll, baguette and wholemeal bread, especially love the butter roll.6

Amuse bouche

Seasame crisp, hummus, orange macaron with apple jelly, cream cheese cookie. The hummus was very pure, with a lovely spice twist.


Gillardeau oysters, fresh ginger, lemon gel, cucumber granita

As recommended by the manager, the oyster was a very lovely start. The oysters were big in size, with a very fresh and clean taste. Accompanied by fresh ginger,lemon gel and cucumber granita, which made the overall flavor was really refreshing.


Grilled bonito fish, spinach puree, pear, turnip, "Dundee-Peeky"

Bed on a beautiful green spinach puree, the grilled bonito fish was very tender, with a twist of sweet-soy flavor. The pear and turnip nicely pairs the high-flavor fish.


Napoleon cake: vanilla cream, caramel and coffee ice-cream

The signature Nalopeon, which is also another recommendation by the manager, was really a bomb - the best napoleon cake ever. The vanilla cream base was creamy and have the perfect level of vanilla flavor.10

The best thing of the piece was definitely the flaky and extremely crispy pastry itself.  The first cut in the picture tells everything. It is really a pity that i didn't record down the crispy sound when i cut it. Speechless - go try it by yourself.


Petit Fours & Coffee/tea




Address: 25F, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, 5 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong

Hours: 12:00-14:30 Weekdays, 18:30-20:30 Daily, Closed on Sundays

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