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Lung King Heen is my must-visit restaurant every time i visit Hong Kong. It is the world’s first Chinese restaurant to be awarded the coveted Michelin three-star rating. This Michelin three-star Chinese restaurant is led by Executive Chef Chan Yan Tak. As the first Chinese chef to receive three Michelin stars, Chef Chan is the master behind the intricately designed menu at Lung King Heen. Chef Chan combines textures and flavours with inventive presentations to excite your taste buds and satisfy even the most demanding epicure.


Located on the fourth floor in Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, Lung King Heen is decorated with a silver and glass accents  that enhance your dining experience, while an undulating silver-leaf ceiling reflects Hong Kong’s glittering skyline and harbour lights.



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This is one of my favorite dim sum here. Served in a cute little babmoo kit, the dumpling itself has a very lovely looking - green crystal skin and a whole prawn on the top.

Very large and fresh scallops & lobster meat, the whole dumpling is perfectly steamed and keeps the natural flavor of seafood inside. The texture was bouncy but tender, very cute green thin skin. I love the original flavor of the entire piece, but serving with the sauces on the side is another nice try!


Have been here many times but never try their Har Gar (Shrimp Dumpling). Although is not a signature dim sum here,  i decided to give it a try. However it was disappointing - the shrimp is really small, and the whole dumpling was very dry.


My all-time favorite item here. Inside is minced chicken and a whole abalone on the top. The puff tart is in Hong Kong style, which is butter pastry and different from Macau style.The abalone was really fresh and taste great with traditional abalone sauce. I cannot find properly words to describe the taste, trust me, just try this!


Another 'MUST' dim sum here. Smaller than the regular 'pineapple bread' sold at the bakeries, but you cannot image there are big surprise inside.


The char siew was perfect, lightly honeyed and high in flavor.  It was tender and don't need too much chew in your mouth. The bun itself was soft and fluffy.


The skin was much thinner than the shrimp dumplings with sarcodon aspratus and tastes much better. Very fresh and bouncy shrimp and crab meat.


How can you forget to order double-boiled soup in Hong Kong?  The Double-boiled Soup of the Day ($100) is certainly a top pick. Here is the double-boiled chicken soup with winter melon, carrots and fresh figs. The soup base gathered all the nutrition from the chicken and pig's bones, with a creamy white looking. The flavor was really good and real, and a little bit sweetness from the fresh figs.


Vegetarians? No worries. The soup is very clean and simple, but the aroma from the bamboo pith itself was delight. Really good after had those dim sum.




A small cube of white flour in-betwwen the skin and meat for balancing - it was very chewy and brings the texture of the entire piece to another level.


One of the best crab shell in town, i love it as well as the one from Yan Toh Heen. While this one is actually with a better presenting compare to YTH.


Some of the restaurants use large portion of sliced onions and cream instead of crab meat, while the one here comes with large portion of fresh and juicy crab meat. The portion of onions and cream was perfect to enhance the taste of the whole shell. The outer layer was very crispy.


On the bottom of the ball is fresh pear, above is a whole scallop with some Yunnan ham to enhance the flavor. The skin was a bit crispy while very moist and tender inside.The lemon sauce and salt coming with the dish are the best friend of this cute ball.


Half portion of this comes with 5 huge prawns. Perfectly fried with shrimp roe, which spread evenly on each prawn. Ginger and spring onions make the whole thing smells really good. Each prawn takes us 3-4 bites to finish. It was really fresh and tender. I usually don't eat these kind of onions for decoration, but here they balance the overall flavor so well.


Similar to the previous prawn dish, but the sauce was different. Although this course is not under 'chef's recommend', we actually prefer this to the previous prawns.

The prawns were wok-fried in their house-made spicy sauce, which was not very spicy and with a very lovely sweet twist. The crab meat enhance the overall aroma of the dish.


The tofu were lightly seared with soy sauce, inside was very smooth and creamy. But it still tastes kind of bland, and i really hate the thickening on the top. I found this is a more common phenomenon at LKH, compare to other high end Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong.


You have to agree that it is hard to make vegetable dishes impressive. This dish was really bland have heavy in thickening, the ingredients were high quality but the taste was not even a one-star standard.


Much less thickening, and a little bit strong in taste because of the ginger wine.The asparagus was very fresh and tender. But overall not very impressive.


The most horrible dish ever. Everything was bland and heavyly thickened.


Inside the pumpkin, there are bamboo shoots, mushrooms which also includes some expensive ones, lotus seeds, fungus...While everything inside tastes bland as well, but the pumpkin itself was very creamy and sweet.


The signature fried rice was great. Eggs on every single rice, the overall texture was not dry at all. Mixed seafood includes lobstersa dn scallops, makes the whole bowl goodness perfect.I'm not a rice person and i seldom eat (up) rice dishes, but i had 2 bowls of this omg!


Always craving for a dessert to end up my meal. I was not feel like to have something sweet that day, so i told the server that i want to unsweetened one. It did have no sugary taste, i may say it is bland, but really fresh me up. Won't feel guilty about this kind of dessert.


Red bean milk jelly and almond cookies. Nice ending up.



Lung King Heen is a really great place to go no matter with friends, clients or family. I highly recommend you to go there for lunch because dim sum are only available during lunch. If you can get a table for weekend brunch would be perfect! Some special dim sum such as Chung Fun (rice roll) are only available on weekend lunch, their lobster chung fun is the best i have ever had! And do ask for a window seat to enjoy your meal with the perfect view!

However, for those who doesn't care too much about 'healthy' or 'balance' diet, you can totally avoid the vegetable dishes here. Don't need to waste money on those bland vegetables with heavy thickening.

Lung King Heen 龍景軒

Podium 4, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong 香港中環金融街8號香港四季酒店4樓

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