[Hong Kong] Chôm Chôm, Vietnamese restaurant in Central

Chôm Chôm is a little Vietnamese restaurant and bar Nestled in Soho district in Hong Kong. The restaurant is really 'low-key' because there's no apparent sign or logo of the restaurant, and we didn't recognize it when we stood by it and checking GoogleMaps. 一直很喜歡吃越南菜,最近來中環soho的Chôm Chôm試試看。Chôm Chôm的門面非常低調,我們跟著GoogleMap走走到了他們家門口都沒認出來。

Last Visit: Dec.23.2014



Very relax ambiance, which is perfect for a drink and some light food after work.





Shrimp & Roast Pork Rice Paper Roll (Vermicelli, Vegetables, Herbs $78)


All the ingredients are very fresh, wrapped in a thin layer of rice paper. The rice paper roll itself was great, while the sauce could be a little bit stronger.



Smoked Eggplant with Crab (Crab, Steamed Egg, Shallot, Spring Onion, Mint, Coriander $108)

This one tastes much better than we expected. The grilled elephant was seasoned after it cooled-it was creamy with a very clean and delicate taste.



Lemongrass Chicken Skewer (Garlic, Spring Onion, Coriander, Lime, Chilli Oil $88)

I'm not a person who flavors skewers those kind of unhealthy 'fast food', but i have to admit that this one was really amazing. With a very nice smell of char-grilled, the chicken skin was grilled to thin and crispy-without any left oil underneath the skin. Inside, the meat was still tender. The whole piece tastes really good with the sauce. (help yourself with the chili sauce on your table to make the taste perfect!)

我本身不是特別喜歡這種烤的或是炸物這一類不健康的東西,但是Chôm Chôm的這一件檸檬草烤雞肉真的是非常棒。上桌時我們便聞到了香氣撲鼻的烤味,就連雞皮都烤的非常脆,皮下沒有一點多餘的脂肪,雞肉串本身一點也不油膩。肉很嫩也非常入味。


Caramel Black Cod (Caramel Fish Sauce, Garlic, Shallot, Ginger, Jasmine Rice $158)

Maybe the most disappointed dish of the night. The cod itself was okay, while the sauce was salty to die, even we accomplished it with the rice on the side.



Overall, the signature dishes are worth a try, the food were not bad but not very impressive. It is good to have some drink and snack after work.  For Vietnamese cuisine in Hong Kong, i still recommend An Nam.

埋單一共500左右,好像也沒有吃很多東西(因為還有第二輪晚餐)。招牌菜值得一試,至於一些冷門的真的要避免。整體味道都還可以的。 在香港食越南菜我還是喜歡安南


Chôm Chôm

Address: G/F Block A,No. 58-60 Peel Street,Central, Hong Kong

Hours: Wed- Sun & PH 4pm to late

Mon-Tues 6pm to late   [No reservations]

Website: http://www.chomchom.hk/