Hong Kong | Caprice (Summer 2014)

Caprice used to be my favorite French fine dining restaurant in Hong Kong, it was a 3 Michelin starred restaurant when Michelin firstly published in Hong Kong. The restaruant missed one star as the leave of former chef,  and started a new page by the arrival of new chef Fabrice Vulin's menu in 2014. This was my first visit after it dropped to two stars, and the first experience with new chef's menu.

Last Visit: June.2014




The restaurant consists of two parts, a bar area and the main dining room. The bar area has a very classcial French decor.

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Lover the classical ambiance at Caprice. Very royal and elegant and don't miss the elements of modern feeling. The awesome view of Kowloon and Victoria Bay outside the french window is another reason i love here.








To be honest, i was quite disappointed by the amuse bouche. Although it is very healthy, and i do love raw vegetables, but come on, make everything more impressive please. I don't like to see something i can even grab at a fine food store when i was eating at a Michelin French restaurant.


Luckily it was Sunday, the brunch menu includes a glass of wine. The brunch menu was priced as the same as regular weekday lunch menu, and the courses were almost the same. Quite nice deal :)




I love hard breads thus i picked the wholemeal bread - warm, fluffy with a lovely crispy crust. Served with both salted and unsalted butter, hearty and delicious.


The foie gras itself was rich and smooth, the berries and beetroot nicely balance and brought a refreshing twist to the dish. The butter pastry on the side was flaky and perfect with the melt-in-mouth foie gras.


The pike quenelle was very smooth and high in pike flavor, the ratio of the egg, flour and fish was perfect. The lobster was bouncy, perfect with the umami lobster sauce. However, the entire dish was very salty and a bit hard to handle with. I told the server, but he said, 'oh, it suppose to be like that'. I was really disappointed by his reply, which at this point i found the service at Caprice dropped as well.


The treasure box came before the dessert. I especially love the black currant macarons.


Summer is the best season to have peaches. The dessert was very refreshing , with a very lovely fragrant of peach and strawberries. The only weak point here was the marginue, which i found overly sweet.


Generally a nice meal, the best part must be the appetizer. So, compare to before? To be honest, i think the quality of food and service did dropped, Caprice never disappointed me before that. The ambiance is no doubt the best among all the fine dining French restaurants in Hong Kong - very classical French with a modern twist, and a stunning view. But for the food, i now prefer Amber a lot.  But this was the only visit after the shift of chefs, i still will be back and figure out more.



4F Four Seasons Hotel

Central,Hong Kong