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As cleaneating and organic is becoming increasingly popular trend, the founder of the ever-popular Life-cafe opened a new hidden gem that sells raw food deli on Wellington Street—MANA! Fast Slow Food. Organic, local, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and eco-friendly are the main concept of this little cozy place in Central. 當有機健康的素食正在日益盛行起來,Life Cafe在中環威靈頓街又開了家姐妹店──MANA! Fast Slow Food。餐廳主打有機、本地、不含麩質、環保的素食。


The interior decoration matches the concept of the place very well - simple, raw and natural. Dining in MANA! makes you feel like outside Hong Kong, escape from this fast pace crowded city. Which is another reason why i always come here.

餐廳的裝潢和它的宗旨非常搭 ﹣ 簡單,原始和自然。在這裡用餐會讓你覺得身在世外桃源,逃離了人潮熙攘的城市。這也是我一直回訪這裡的原因。


This little gem can serves 10 diners indoor, with a open air sitting that can fits around 12 people maximum. Besides that, around 12 sittings outdoor. AC is only available in door, and there's a big fan for half open-air sitting.


Food offered at MANA is quite simple: Flats, burgers, salad, drinks and desserts (Check their menu here). All items are very fresh, organic, healthy, nutritious and vegetarian (vegan).The price was not very friendly, but still reasonable for its quality in the area. Most of the customers are non-locals but i did see a lot Asians as well. People who come here often pursues the quality of the food but not quatity, such as those wonton noodle soups that can find everywhere and fill you up.


5 different kinds of salads are avaialble daily, among 4 are fixed items (kale, quinoa, roasted vegetables, mixed greens) and one salad changes daily.  For salads, you can choose from small ($75) or large($100) size, both can choose up to 5 kinds of salads. Do remember to try their homemade hummus to complete with your salad, it is really a bomb, which is the best i have ever had in Hong Kong.

MANA每天都有提供5款新鮮沙律,4款式固定的,1款是每日更換。沙律有小號($75)和大號($100)兩種size, 均最多可選5種沙律。不要忘記試一下他們家自製的hummus鷹嘴豆泥,是我在香港吃到的最正德,配沙律吃味道超級棒。



Although a small size, the portion is actually not small at all. The staffs are very generous in giving a lot kale, which is the most nutritious green. The roasted vegetables are really good as well ; quinoa was mixed with cranberries and brown rice which tastes not boring at all. As kale itself tastes a little bit bitter, i love to order some hummus, which is a perfect combination.



Flat is the most popular item here, which is basically a freshly grilled whole wheat wrap from the fire-wooded oven. You can choose the featured flats on the menu it you are rushing. Otherwise, you can choose your own 4 toppings. Each flat is priced at $85, and $50 for half flat.

The secret of their popular flat (wrap) is Zaatar, which is is a generic name for a family of related Middle Eastern herbs from the genera Origanum (oregano), Calamintha (basil thyme), Thymus (typically Thymus vulgaris, i.e., thyme), and Satureja (savory). The name za'atar alone most properly applies to Origanum syriacum. It is also the name for acondiment made from the dried herb(s), mixed with sesame seeds, dried sumac, and often salt, as well as other spices.(according to Wikipedia) You don't need to order Zaatar as a topping when you ordering flats because each flat comes with complimentary zaatar inside.

It looks so fresh and makes me mouth-watering. The wrap itself was soft and warm, with a lovely burnt aroma. The grilled mushroom makes the entire wrap incredibly juicy and flavorful. The zaatar brought a lovely twist of arabic flavour to the wrap. Must-try.



他們家捲餅成功的秘訣應該是歸功於這種名叫zaatar的中東材料了。Zaatar大約是由: 羅勒、百里香、馬鬱蘭芝麻,檸檬、海鹽等香料綜合而成的, 散發著異國清新風味。注意,每個捲餅里都有含zaatar,不需要另外點,除非你想要雙倍的zaatar。



My favorite item at MANA! is definitely the Burger ($70) - it is the best burger i have ever had (include vegetarian burgers). Made of very healthy homemade spelt buns, which is very soft and not dry at all. The fillings include grilled Haloumi cheese,tofu, roasted veggies, portobello mushrooms and fresh cucumbers, with a lovely vegan mayo dressing. It was so juicy and flavorful, and i didn't even feel i'm eating a vegan burg. Hey ladies who loves burgers but scared of calories, come and try this!

我最愛的一款就是漢堡($70)了——這是我吃過的所有漢堡,包括非素食的漢堡內最好吃的漢堡,沒有之一。 使用了自製斯佩耳特小麦漢堡,很香很健康,口感鬆軟又不會太干。中間夾的有烤Haloumi奶酪、烤豆腐、烤蔬菜、烤蘑菇還有新鮮黃瓜,配上自家製的素食美乃滋,口感非常多汁惹味──我一點都不覺得自己是在吃一個全素的漢堡!那些喜歡吃漢堡又害怕卡路里的女士們必須要試試看噢。

I am always looking for such a nice place like Mana in Singapore, but sadly none of them satisfied me. Tried the burger at the Living Cafe, but the buns were so dry and was not that flavorful as Mana's. Anyway,highly recommend MANA! for all the beloved HKnese. (Sadly i cannot have it since i'm in Singapore)

Eat like it matters.

MANA! Fast Slow Food 

Address: G/F, 92 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong Tel: 2851 1611

Website: www.mana.hk