[BALI] Four Seasons Resort, Sayan

After 2 nights staying with St.Regis in Nusa Dua, we moved to Four Seasons Resort in Sayan. From the beach to the jungle, from blueness to greens, you can tell how huge the differences are. Four Seasons is always our favorite hotel. We had a great time staying with Four Seasons Bali at Jimbaran for Chinese New Year 2014.

See my previous posts at FS Jimbaran: RoomSundara RestaurantDSC01008

Once get off the car, we saw a bridge which leads to the main lobby.DSC01016

Open air lobby, you can see the surrounded mountains around the hotel.


Welcome music players.


Welcome drinks for us, which were watermelon juice with ginger and honey.


We arrived bit early so our room was not prepared. We decided to head to the kids club to drop my sister here. DSC01203

Four Seasons always provides the best kids activities. My sister had a wonderful vacation when we was in Four Seasons Maldives and Jimbaran.


Online games


There are also some more area upstairs.


Basically a room for video games such as Wii, boys must love this!


The buggy picked up us in 10 minutes. The room is quite big, there are two sides once we get into the main gate of our suites. On the left hand side is our bed room, right side is living room, with a balcony on each side.DSC01050 DSC01058 DSC01061

Fitting room in bedroom sideDSC01063

DSC01075 DSC01076

Since it is in the jungle, there might be some flies. The hotel prepared all the amenities we might need. While actually there's not too much flies or mosquitos at all. At least i didn't see any.DSC01126

View from our room


Room key and 'Do not disturb' board that can hang on the door.


View from the balcony of our bed room. The balcony in front of the picture is also ours.


Then we head to the bar for a drink and enjoy the sunset in the jungle.


Signature drink here, which is made of ginger, honey, lemon grass. That reminds me of FS Maldives. It comes with complimentary Indonesian snacks.


Ayung river flows across our hotel.


View of the suites. There are also lots of villas along the river, each with over 100 square meters, comes with a private pool.DSC01216

It is one of the cutest Four Seasons i have stayed with. See, there are also rice fields inside the hotel!DSC01251

Besides rice fields, there are also vegetables and fruit trees!

DSC01252 DSC01254 DSC01258 DSC01260 DSC01267 DSC01269 DSC01391

For kids.