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After i come to Tokyo, i always make restaurant reservations 1-2 months in advance, or even longer. I use Tabelog, the red book, Instagram or friends’ recommendations as a guide. I was pretty surprised that i never thought of Takazawa until an oversea friend got a table in Decemeber. Of course i have heard Takazawa before, mainly from ‘Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants’.  I actually didn’t hear a lot of Japanese talking about this place, neither saw it on top of Tabelog or Michelin Guide. What i know about Takazawa is, it is really hard to get a reservation.

Yeah, indeed, Takazawa is one of the most mysterious restaurants in Tokyo.


Date: Dec.18.2015 (Dinner)

Address:東京都港区赤坂3-5-2 サンヨー赤坂ビル裏側 2F

Hours: 6pm~

Cost: JPY 30,000++

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Takazawa located on a backstreet in Akasaka, I followed GoogleMap but didn’t find the entrance until i walked around the block twice, and finally found the hidden plain glass door behind a small tree.

Followed up the stairs and you will find the well-designed space – only 3 tables that serves a maximum of 10 people each evening (actually 3 tables for 6 people during my visit), with chef-owner Yoshiaki Takazawa standing behind his laboratory stage, where all the magic happens everynight. Chef Yoshiaki Takazawa working pretty much on his own, by using the best seasonal ingredients that cleverly and playfully fuse Japanese and French culinary ideas.

Oh no, the first person we met was a lovely lady with pretty and warm smile, greeted us and served us, who is chef’s wife Akiko. She speaks impeccable English and introduce everything very detailedly, and occansionally talked to us about some random things.








We were quite lucky to be there by the end of 2015, because it was Takazawa’s 10 year anniversary. To celebrate the restaurant’s birthday, we recieved a very unique gift which sould served us for the rest of the meal, or in the furture at somewhere – because it is also a gift for the diners. It is a paired of well-designed chopstickes produced by a famous Japanese chopstick producer, this chopstick is only for Takazawa.


There was only one menu at Takazawa priced at JPY 30,000 for 10 dishes, exclusive 3 amuses and bread.

Amuse bouche


Amuse bouche: Baby bamboo shoots tempura, Kinome salt


Amuse bouche: Cauliflower soup, white truffle


Amuse bouche: Saba, olive oil




Bread & Agu pork Rillettes | パン アグー豚のリエット

Then we were served the bread and ‘butter’. Firstly, we were told to drink the spring water in the tube. This reminds me of the spring water i had in 2* Narisawa, but Takazawa impressed me a lot over. Different from what i expected, it has a mild savory taste rather than sweet. Akiko told us that was hot spring water from the deep ocean, that’s why it has a savory flavor.

Move on to the bread, it is made in house and was perfect for my liking – a gold crispy outside and a fluffy, a bit chewy center. Instead of serving butter or any kind of diary spreads,Takazawa serves a cute jar of rillettes made from premium Agu pork from Okinawa. The pork is slow cooked and nicely shredded, it was melt-in-mouth tenderness and the rich fats of the pork itself was absolutely delicious.



Ratatouille (2005) | ラタトゥユ~様々なテキスチャーを一口で~

The first dish of the meal is chef Takazawa’s signature dish – Ratatouille. It has been on the menu since the restaurant opened in 2005. Consists of 15 kinds of vegetables, chef Takazaka cooked each kind of vegetabls individually in different ways, and combined into a colorful masaic with tomato jelly. A black bean (Kyoto) and some crystal salt (Sado island) are served on the edge of the spoon. Enjoy this dish with one bite 🙂

Vegetable Parfait (2011) | 野菜パフェ ~カプレーゼスタイル~

Followed by a pretty glass of vegetable parfait made of Gazpacho, whipped parmesan cream, basil puree, caviar and a seaweed crisp. Scope from the bottom to top, the refreshing flavor of cold tomato soup wonderfully balanced whipped parmesan cream, the basil puree too gives a refreshing taste. The best part of this dish is no doubt the whipped parmesan, clean but so fresh and delcious – one of our best dishes of the meal.

Powdery Dressing (2006) | パウダードレッシング ~ ブリ大根の新しい形

Next dish is my favorite seasonal fish, buri sashimi, paired with four kinds of radish, finish with powered Yuzu juice. It is a pretty creative and delicious dish that satisfied us from all senses, it has an aromatic yuzu flavor, the flesh was fresh and rich in oils, four kinds of radish brings some crispiness to the dish.



Mushrooms (NEW) | 十勝マッシュ 〜椎茸のアイスクリームと木の実〜

Another highligh of the night is this ‘mushroomy’ dish, it is a combination i never thought before. Sliced brown mushroom that only proced in Tokachi in Hokkaido, on the top is mushroom ice cream and shredded black truffle and dried beetroot flakes. The mushroom ice cream has a deep mushroom flavor and pairs the mildly sweet fresh mushroom very well, black truffle wonderfully brings more fragrance and enhance the flavor of the whole dish.



White Truffle (Special) | 白トリユフ 〜八ヶ岳の目玉烧きと〜

I was suprised when i saw a fried egg on a hot stone when it came to the table, few seconds later chef Takazawa came with a large white truffle in his hand, he shaved some on top of the egg and told us it is always the best combination.

The egg is sourced from Yamanashi (山形) and has a wonderful running yolk, the creamy and umami egg yolk was incredible with white truffle. However, we found that the salt on the bottom is quite uneven, thus part of the egg was too salty. In general a quite average dish among all.

Candleholder (2007) | キャンドルホルダー ~キャンドルでキャラメリゼされて~

As how it is called, featured a ‘candle’ a cover in the center. Open the lids you will find there’s something in it – it is not a simple creme brulee, but a foie gras creme brulee. The candle is actually made of apple jam, which is a very classcial pairing of foie gras.


Foie gras is creamy and flavorful, apple jam is well-balanced, perfect with the homemade raisin crisps. I enjoyed this dish pretty much because i love foie gras, while to be honest, not really surprised me on the flavor side, while the presentation of the dish is very creative.



Land and Sea of HAKODATE (NEW) | 神経穴子 〜函館の大地と海~



The fish dish is smoked anago and gobo, opened the cover and the lovely smoky flavor spread over the whole table, with a mixture of oceanic aroma. Akiko told us this special kind of anago is only caught in Hakodate in Hokkaido, by the only fishman, who is an expert in testing anago. He can tell whether the fish is good or not by inserting a needle into the eel’s body, and taste the needle.


The flesh is no doubt aromatic and delicious, full of smoky and umami flavors. While i was actually more impressive with the gobo, which is also from Hakodate. Usually gobo has a dry and frim texture but this one is surprisingly juicy and delicious.

SUKIYAKI (NEW) | 蝦夷鹿 〜小さなすき焼き仕立て〜

For the meat dish, my partner had the Japanese deer sukiyaki, but he said he expected it to be medium cooked but it is fully cooked, thus a bit dry in texture. While the white truffle pairs well with the flavor of the meat. As i don’t eat red meat, i had a grilled Kinki fish dish, side with grilled Kinki’s head.


The flesh was moist and tender. Citrus sauce with a twist of Japanese yuzu pepper gives a spicy but refreshing flavor to the oceanic flavor. Kinki’s liver is too served together with the fish, loved its bursted deep flavor. On the side, the fish head is incredibly crispy and delcious. My partner tried some of my Kinki dish and he said it is wonderful.



Herbal Tea | ハーブティー




Takazawa’s Special Blue Cheese (2011) | ブルーチーズ 〜ーロチーズ〜

Named ‘blue cheese’, but actually a slice of white chocolate cheese cake made of cream cheese from Hokkaido with a pistachio twist. It is creamy but suprisingly light.

Sweetpotato Mosaic (2014) | サッマイモ 5色のモザイク仕立て〜

Besides the colorful mosaic of ever-famous ratatouille, we had another mosaic made of sweet potato. In the front, the football-shaped mosaic was made of five kinds of sweet potato with black sesame, it is smooth and sweet. The cirpsy deep-fried sweet potato with sweet potato ice-cream was also very delicous. I love sweet potato and i love this sweet ending.

Petit Fours

Matcha cookies in a Xmas tree shape, ‘chorizo’ is acutally a mixed nut chocolate, cottom candy, green rocks are jelly candy, and mushroom meringue…


It is a very enjoyable dining experience at Takazaka, the food is creative, playfull, and delicious. The unique ingredients Chef Takazawa sourced from all over the country plays a key role in his dishes, while culinary skills are definitely as important.Compre to most other fine dining restaurants i have been to, Takazawa is more ideal for my liking as the menu includes more vegtable dishes that are quite special in all senses, and every single dish is well-portioned. Actually the food reminds me of Narisawa, where the plating, presentation is more similar. On the flavor side, i would definitely recommend Takazaka.

Although Akiko is the only server who take cares of all the guests, she did everything perfectly. Introduced each dish in details, where are the ingredients sourced from, how did the producer take care of them, and how the chef prepare them. She also dicuss with us about some random things, smiled, laughed. We didn’t talked much with Takazawa-san due to the language barrier, Akiko-san told us he is a very shy person. But it is not hard to see his enthusiasm in cooking if you have a chance to vsisit Takazawa.


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