[Tokyo] Sushi Tokami 鮨とかみ, Ginza

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Sushi Tokami is one of the youngest star in Tokyo’s Michelin Guide, awarded 1 star again this year.

The chef Sato-san is quite young as well, at the age of 36 but he wins a lot considerations from his guests. Sato san’s father owns a sushi restaurant, which made him quite interested in food. He used to work at a Mexican restaurant, but as he said, waiter is not considered a good job in Japan. Sato san then diceided to make sushi, but unlike other famous sushi chefs who went to sushi schools, Sato san learnt sushi at a tradional Edo-mae sushi restaurant and finally opens his own restaurant in Ginza.


Visited: Dec.4.2014 (Thursday)

Address: B1F, Ginza Seiwa Silver Bldg, 8-2-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 東京都中央区銀座8-2-10 銀座誠和シルバービル B1F

Price: Lunch: 5000 JPY (10 pieces) 8000 (13 pieces) 12000 (16 pieces) ; Dinner: Omasake 18000 JPY



Sushi Tokami located in Ginza Seiwa Silver Building on the main street.Walking downstairs to the basement and it is right there. 3

There are about 10 seats in the sushi counter, there are only 5 guest during the whole lunch period the day we went. Seems not so many people know this awesome place yet. The chef greeted us warmly in English and we soon knows that he can speak English, which means more communications, how nice.


Appetizer: Kazunoko ( Herring roe 鯡魚卵 かずのこ) with brocooli

The herring roe was very fresh, crunchy. Nice start.


1.Hirami 平目 (Flounder)

First time here, and the first piece. As you see from the picture, the rice here is seasoned with red azaku (red vinegar), which had stronger flavor than the white one. Very few sushiya in Tokyo uses akazu rice exclusively as Tokami does, usually the chefs only use azaku rice with tuna. While the first piece at Sushi Takumi indicates a great start. The neta, Hirami has a clear flavor, the shari works so well even with the white fish.


2. Squid 墨烏賊

Another piece with a very clear and delicate flavor. It is chewy and sticky with a little bit creamy feeling,and end up with a bit sweetness.


3.Sayori 針魚

With a transparent and very tender looking, it’s appearance just tells everything. It is indeed tender and juicy, i love the sauce used in this piece, like the sweet soy sauce. Lovely.


4. Chutoro 中卜口

Sushi Tokami is famous for its tuna because chef Sato-san’s friend, who is also one of the partners, is a tuna broker at Tsukiji market, so the quality of tuna is certainly good, probably the best in Tokyo. ( Sushi Saito is also using the same tuna). Sato san is so humorous, when he was asked if this is the best tuna in Tokyo, and if Sushi Saito is using the same tuna, he said ‘Yes, I first, he second” HAHA.

Okay, back to the Chutoro, is was fabulous. It is fatty, oily, and creamy, perfectly melted in my mouth with a bit juicy and sweet flavor. The akazu made a awesome balance with the toro, which makes the flavor much stronger and deeper. Definitely a highlight here!


5. Kohada 小鳍

Move on to the stronger flavor pieces, the Kohada was vinegared and lightly salted. The teture of the fish is firm and the tastes is clean. Another highlight of the meal.


6.Kamasu 梭

In a light pink color, the fish is in a delicate oil taste with a firm texture. It pairs well with the red vinegar shari.


7. Kuruma Ebi 車海老

Sato san peel the Ebi in front of us, and you can tell its premium quality by its color and huge size. It was perfectly steamed and serves warm. Very juicy texture and the sweetness of the shrimp perfectly balanced the shari.


8. Buri 鰤



9.Tairagai 平貝

Lightly seared, it was warm and with a lovely smell on burnt- very tender and juicy texture. There’s no complex sauce used in this piece, just simply the seared pen shell without any seasoning, and the shari works perfect to intensify the taste in this piece.


10.Anago 穴子 (Sea Eel)

Anago is always my favorite warm sushi. It was seared with a great brunet smell again, topped with some sweet soy sauce, the whole piece melted on my tough, heavenly.






11. Bafun Uni 馬糞雲丹

I starred at the whole box of the uni for a while, how much i hope the whole box is mine! The uni is so gorgerous! Very juicy and sweet flavor, the the nori was crispy, the whole piece makes the world runs.


Sato san is making the famous hand roll.


Tuna Tossaki Temaki 鐵火卷 (Tuna Hand Roll)

Tossaki is the back side near the tuna’s neck, which is strong in flavor. The combination of tuna with red azuki (red vinegar) is perfect. Another highlight of the meal, and definitely the best tuna roll i have ever had (even after my visit to Sushi Yoshitake in a few days).


The nori is so crispy that it won’t stick on my teeth even after i spent several minutes taking pictures.333

Miso soup


Tamago 玉子 (Sweet omelette)

Tamago is always served at the end as a dessert because its sweet flavor, and also one of my favorite. The texture was fluffy, just like eating souffle cake. Compare to the jelly-like tamago at Kanesaka and Yoshitake, this one definitely wins. But i think Mizutani makes the better tamago, which is more fluffy.


Satisfying food at a incredibly pocket-friendly pricetage. With this quality, i don’t understand why so many people love Tsukiji market. Will be back next time.


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  1. Hello! Love the review and the beautiful pictures, especially the one of the building to help us navigate! Anyway, I have just about given up hope on making a reservation at a Michelin-starred sushi ya (even with the help of our friend living in Japan), it seems like an impossible mission. I came across your site from Chowhound, and it seems like there may be some hope after all. If I may ask, which lunch did you go with (10, 13, or 16 pieces)? Did you make a reservation beforehand? If so, how and how early did you have to reserve? And what are the chances of my husband and me walking in and getting a seat, either for lunch or dinner, without a reservation?? Thank you!

    1. Hi Nancy, nice to hear from you 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog. Yes i did make an reservation, i asked my friend in Tokyo to book it for me (maybe 1.5months in advance?) There are about 10 counter seats at Tokami, and i went there aroung 12pm, at the time i left aroung 1.30pm, there were totally 5 guests, which means the rest of the seat are empty. I don’t know if they can accept walk-in because some of the sushiya don’t accept walk-in even there are seats available. I had the 10 pieces (5000JPY) as i numbered each in my post, and i added on 1 uni, the bill was aroung 8000 per person includes drink (non-alcohol). Tokami is becoming much more popular these days and i think you’d better make a reservation in advance. BTW, When you’ll be there? I will go back to tokyo in may.

  2. Hi Melody, thank you for the response! We will be going in early April, so I am definitely worried that we are too late for reservations. We’ve been trying so many places since March 1st though 🙁 Sad to hear that they may not be taking walk-ins after all…thought we had a chance there.

    1. You can ask your hotel to call for you. Otherwise you can try to call them NOW as its afternoon in Tokyo. The chef can speak English and he is very kind 🙂 Good luck and have fun in Tokyo!

    1. Hi Kenny. I went to Sushi Ya in Sep, and Tokami a year ago. Will revisiting Tokami this week. Will let you know how i like it!

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