Tokyo | 鮨とかみ Sushi Tokami (2015.12)

I had an impressive meal at Sushi Tokami exactly one year ago, it is always on my list of recommended sushiya to my readers and friends, also on my revisit list. The reservation is tougher than a year ago even for lunch, it is not hard to see that Tokami is now more famous. Finally i made it. The chef-owner Sato-san, is very cofidence with his tuna. He only uses Akazu-shari (red vinegared sushi rice) for all the sushi.

It was a long while since i have been to Tokami last time. This time, both my partner and i had the 5000 JPY course which includes 10 pieces of nigiri, 1 appetizer, 1 sushi roll, tamago and soup.


Date: Dec.17.2015 (Lunch) | Last visit

Address: B1F, Ginza Seiwa Silver Bldg, 8-2-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 東京都中央区銀座8-2-10 銀座誠和シルバービル B1F

Price: Lunch: 5000 JPY (10 pieces) 8000 (13 pieces) 12000 (16 pieces) ; Dinner: Omasake 18000 JPY


Crab, taro

The only appetizer was crab and taro. The crab with aboundant crab roes was quite delicious, the taro was prepared with dashi to give it some umami flavors.


1. 平目 | Hirame
2. イカ | Ika

The squid nicely shows Sato-san’s knife work. You can see that he even uses the high flavored red vinegar rice to pair with white fish, some people like the flavorful rice while some people think it is too strong that covers the best flavor of the neta. I am fine with the Akazushari but Sato-san’s shari is possibly the biggest i have ever had. The large size red-vinegared shari is somehow too strong for my liking now. My partner is a fitst timer and he said he doesn’t like the rice.

3. マグロ | Maguro

Hopefully the Akazu shari works perfect with tuna, which Sato-san have the confidence with. Maguro was lightly marinated in soy sauce when we entered the restaurant, it was high in flavor and melt-in-mouth tenderness.

4. 中卜口 | Chutoro

Another highlight of the meal.

5. 小肌 | Kohada


6. 鱚 | Kisu
7. えんがわ | Engawa
8. 鰤 | Buri

The best season to eat Buri.

9. 白子 | Shirako
10. 穴子 | Anago


Chef Sato-san is preparing the ever-famous Tossaki Temaki. Tossaki is tuna’s back neck, it is very flavorful and perfect for making a sushi roll. This is also my favorite at Tokami from my last visit, same for this time. The deep flavor of shari and fine-chopped tuna, wrapped with crispy and umami seaweed, wonderfull.

Tuna Tossaki Temaki 鐵火卷


玉子 | Tamago

I don’t have too much memory on Tokami’s tamago last time, but this time i found it was quite impressive. It was moist and delicious, the surface was slightly caramelized. it is more like a dessert than simply a piece of Japanese egg custard. I asked for one more after all.


It is really pocket-friendly for 10 pieces of sushi at a Michelin-one-starred sushiya, you have to pay over 3000+ yen for such amount sushi at Tsukiji market, but the entire experience is totally different. But to be honest, it was not that impressive as my last visit, and honestly below what i expected. His rice is too large and too strong in flavor, it matches the tuna but not that much with other fish.

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  1. Hi melody! Love reading your reviews and I was actually gonna book for sushi tokami based on your last review but now I’m not so sure lol. Do you have any recommendations for a sushi place at the same price range for lunch, I’m going to Japan for the first time but I don’t hav the budget to spend for dinner 6000 would probably be my max ^^

    1. Hi Julia, sorry for my late reply cuz i was travelling abroad. I am not sure for sushi lunch at the same price range, emmm, my friend recommend sushi Immakura (1 star), maybe you can check it out for me first> (HAHA)

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