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‘Sho’ series is a unique style of sushi which favored by a lot os sushi lovers. There are several sushiya in Sho series, i had an impressive meal at Takumi Shingo, and finally i got a reservation at Sushi Sho – where is handled by the master chef of Sho series. Unfortunately, the master chef  has left for Hawaii for a year for his new restaurant, it is currently taken care by Che Shingo. It is my pleasure to be there and enjoy the food by Chef Shingo.


Visited: Jan.27.2016 (Dinner)

Address:東京都新宿区四谷1-11 陽臨堂ビル 1F

Hours:18:00~22:30 Daily ; Lunch 11:30~13:30 on Mon, Wed and Fri.

Cost: Around JPY 25,000 include drinks


海ブドウとわかめ | Sea Grape & Seaweed

The meal starts with sea grape and fresh seaweed, same as what i had at Takumi Shingo. Chef Shingo is indreidibly friendly, cameras are allowed. I smiled to him and say thanks everytime he served a dish or a sushi, he replied me a bow with a big smile everytime.



煮蛤 | Cooked Clam


金目鯛、平目 | Kinmedai and Hirame


烏賊の印籠 | Stuffed squid with rice

One of the most special Otsumami (appetizer) of Sho-style sushiya is the stuffed squid with rice. The squid was nicely cooked, stuffed riced was well-flavored and great in texture as well. The rest part of the Otsumami such as fresh sashimi and aged-fish were satisfying too.

サヨリ | Sayori


1. いか | Ika

The first nigiri of the night was Ika, possibly the best one i had in this season. It was very creamy and has a sweet aftertaste.



タコ | Tako


2. 赤身漬け | Marinated Maguro


〆鯵 | Shime-Aji

Another famous Otsumami at Sho is Shime-aji stuffed with cucumber and ginger. The high flavor of the silver fish itself balanced well with the refreshing cucumber and ginger.

3. 鰆 | Swara


4. Kuruma Ebi | 車海老

The first few pieces of nigiri were fawless. Starting with the creamy and sweet Ika as mentioned, followed by the deep-flavor brought by marinated maguro. These two pieces were paired with white-vinegared shari to balance the flavor of the fish. Aka-shari (red viegared rice) was used rfor the following few pieces. The Sawara was too creamy and flavorful. I was also impressed by how tender and sweet the Kuruma shrimp was.

鰹 | Katsuo


ホッキ貝 七味 | Surf Clam with Spice



5.喉黒 | Nodoguro


6. 縞アジ | Shima-Aji


大根漬 | Pickled radish with yuzu


白海老 | White shrimp


鱈の白子 | Shirako


7. 鰤 | Buri


8. 牡丹海老 | Botan Shrimp

By far, all the nigiri were perfect for my liking. Each piece was well-done, i like how chef Shingo-san uses different rice to pair with different fish. His red-vinegared rice was tasty but not that heavy as Sato-san’s (from Sushi Tokami). My favorite pieces at this point were the incredibly creamy and flavorful Buri, deep but clean Shima-aji, and Ika.

いちご蒸し | Chawanmushi

The steamed Japanese egg custard was smooth and umami, cooked together with abalone, sea urchin and strawberry jam.


牡丹海老の頭 | Grilled Botah prawn’s head

Regarding to the appetizers, i didn’t find anything wrong in all aspects. Although i wish the Shirako is firmer and creamier instead of being too liquidify.

9. 中とろ | Chu-toro

Red fish is definitely another part i always enjoy when i eat sushi. The Chu-toro was creamy and rich in oils, very umami and indulgent. To be honest, i much prefer Chu-toro than O-toro for most of the time, because Otoro is usually too fat for me. I like the way how Shingo-san processed with his Otoro: chopped the fish to let-go some part of the fats, and topped with some sesame to enhance its aroma. The two works surprising good as last time. One of my favorite piece here.

10. おはぎ | Ohagi | Chopped Otoro with sesame


小肌 | Kohada *

When we were eating at Takumi Shingo last time, Chef Shingo-san told us he usually serves 12 pieces of nigiri because that amount is widely-accpeted, and he is more comfortable with this. He asked me whether i want to add more pieces when i finished the chooped Otoro, which was the 10th piece. I have no idea but i know i was not stuffed yet, he told me let’s do 5 more first.

The first one i want to add on is Kohada, one of my all-time favorite. It was not the Kohada season but i was surprised by its clean and deep flavor.

雲丹 | Uni | Sea Urchin *

How can a sushi meal end without uni? Chef asked me whether i want nori (seaweed) with my uni, yes for the first piece of uni. The fresh Hokkaido uni was creamy and sweet. I counldn’t stop craving for more uni, thus i requested for one more piece of grilled uni without uni later.

11. 金目鯛ハラミの炙り | Seard Kinmedai

Seared Kinme-dai is another signature at Sho. The skin was wonderfully seared, aromatic and delicious. The flesh was tender and rich in oils.

12. 鮟肝 小西瓜奈良漬 | Monkfish liver with pickeld baby watermelon

Followed by my favorite Monkfish liver nigiri with pickled Nara-zuke made of baby watermelon. The fishliver was creamy and very delciious, red rice works well with it, too with the alcoholic pickled watermelon. The best combination ever. For twice of my visit at Sho, i always add on one more piece of this.

穴子の白焼き | Steamed Anago *


蛤のお出汁 | Clam broth


焼きうに | Yaki-Uni *


鮟肝 小西瓜奈良漬 | Monkfish liver with pickeld baby watermelon *


13. 玉子焼き2種(蒸しホタテと海老) | Tamago (Dashi & Yaki)


最中 アイス | Ice cream and Monaka

The meal end with two kind of Japanese omelette and your choice of ice-cream or sorbet. I asked Shingo-san for a recommendation of flavors of ice cream, he told me the balck sesame and banana is always the best combination for his liking, i certainly trust his taste. Perfect with the crispy wafer.

For pricing, i don’t know how does it works for other sushiya or other guests who is visiting Sho, at least chef Shingo-san didn’t charge me for the additional 5 nigiri and Tamago. Another pleasant meal by Chef Shingo-san.

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  1. As a crazy sushi lover, I really admire of all the spots you’ve visited all over Tokyo.
    I also really appreciate the articles you share on your blog, as all those places you mentioned will be on my pocket list for my next trip to Japan!
    Thanks for amazing blog posts, and I am looking forward to more them!

  2. I hesitated to make a reservation, because i heard boss had gone to hawaii. now i think tha’s dosent matter. thanks for your post.

    1. Hey DK, I revisited Sushi Sho again few weeks ago, it was still handled by Shingo-san, but still an amazing experience. Hope you will enjoy it too!\

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