Tokyo | 鮨かねさか Sushi Kanesaka

After have been to Shinji by Kanesaka several times, which is my favorite sushiya in Singapore (by July 2015), it arouses my interest to its original shop in Ginza. Probably because there are tones of great places for sushi in Ginza, Kanesaka is not the top on my to-go list, but anyway, i was finally there.


Visited: Nov.27.2015

Address:〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo 銀座8-10-3 三鈴ビル地下1階


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Reservation is not that tough as other famous suhiya in Ginza, i made mine two weeks in advance. The interior is much larger than most starred sushiya in the area, the counter seats are divided into two parts, if i am not wrong, the left hand side is for oversea guest and the right hand side is for locals. There are 6-7 seats on each side, the restaurant also have 3-4 tables.

Similar to Kanesaka in Singapore, there are several sushi chefs at the counter besides the master chef Kanesaka-san. Unfortunately, Kanesaka-san went to health check during my visit, and his student Usuda made the sushi for us, on the left hand side of the counter.

Wakame, Daikon, Ponzu

Lunch menu is priced at 5k, 10k and the Omakase at 15k. There are no Otsumoni (appetizers) in the two cheaper menu, so i got 15K omakase course for a better discovery of the food there.

Chef Usuba


ガリ Gari |Ginger


白魚 Shirauo | Japanese Icefish

The first Otsumami was Shirauo, or Japanese Icefish, served with ponzu sauce. The fish has a clean flavor and was very juicy. While the grilled scallops were a bit dry for my liking. Followed by the Hokkaido crab, which was my favorite appetizer at Kanesaka, the crab meat was incredibley fresh and delcious, with a lovely sweet aftertaste. Sushi Ya also serves this dish.

小柱 Kobashira | Scallop


北海道毛蟹 Kegani | Crab from Hokkaido


Ikura | Salmon roe

Ikura was marinated in its soup stock for one night to give it a more umami flavor, loved the creamy and delicious juices exploded in my mouth. The grilled Anago was aromatic and a bit chewy in texture, good but not wow.

穴子 Anago | Sea eel


白子 Shirako

I requested for my favorite Shirako and it was beautiful – rich, creamy and have an aromatic sweet aftertaste. Never full for this.

1. 平目 昆布 | Hirame, Kombu


2. Hirame | 平目


3. Shima-Aji | 縞鯵


4. Akame-zuke | 赤身の漬け


5. Toro | トロ

Usuba-san told me this slice was the part between Chutoro and Otoro. It was high in oil contents and of course melting. Flavorful and has a mouthful aftertaste. Awesome.

6. Sumi-ika | 墨烏賊 


7. Kuruma Ebi | 車海老

The Japanese premium prawn was served with body temperature, tender but lack of fragrance and flavor.

8. Kohada | 小肌


9. Aji | 鯵

Here, Aji is no doubt something to be remembered. The fish itself was rich in oils and deep in flavor, the negi (scallions) on the top balanced very well with the umami flavors.

10. Katsuo hara | 鰹腹

The fattiest part of Bonito’s belly, much more oily than otoro. Pretty enjoyable one.



11. Hokkaido Uni | 北海道雲丹

The uni (sea urchin) was really creamy and sweet, the crispy nori (seaweed) matches well with the brust flavor. One of my favorite piece of the meal. Added another piece of uni without the seaweed at last.



12. Anago | 穴子

The appetizer Anago was grilled while this one was stewed before bring grilled. The flesh was warm and moist, it perfectly melted in my mouth with the delicious sauce with a sake twist. Usaba-san told me the sauce was made of Anago’s stock and Okinawa black sugar and sake. Very lovely one.

Red miso soup with clams | 赤味增汁




Tekka maki | 鉄火巻き






+1 Uni | 雲丹


Tamago | 玉子

The shari (sushi rice) was seasoned with a little bit red vinegar and pinch of salt, it is one of the few sushiya that uses no sugar with the shari. To be the shari was right to point, which matches well with all the neta (fish). All the neta were pretty fresh and delicious in general, my favorite were Toro, Aji, Uni and Anago. I personally think Kanesaka is a standard upscale sushiya that serves quality sushi, at least you can get what you pay for, a safe choice.

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