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Sasuga is famous for Jyuwari (十割) soba, which means ‘pure’ or ‘unadulterated’. Unlike a lot of infamous sobaya which uses pasta machine to mix and cut the soba, all the soba in Sasuga was hand-made, which is very difficult and time-consuming. But compare to machine-made soba, hand-made ones are more charming and delicious, with a special soba fragrance. Yeah, generally what they put on their website.


Visited: Dec.2015 (Dinner)

Address: 1-19-12 Ginza, Tokyo, 104-0061

Hours:11:30~14:00, 17:30~22:00, Closed on Sundays and PH

Reservation Details: I booked by call. You can also book via hotel concierge or Pocket Concierge app.

Website | Tabelog





Sasuga serves Omakase set menu (around 7000 yen) and a la carte menu, i was thinking of ordering the Omakase course for a discovery. But the server told me there are much more options in the a la carte menu, which is true. So i decided to go with a la carte.



なまゆば | Namayuba (1000 yen)

I pretty loved the raw Yuba (tofu skin), especially the black one made of black soy bean – sweet, creamy and full of aromatic flavors. It was served with wasabi and soy sauce, but i loved the sweet flavor on its own.

そばみそ | Soba miso (500 yen)

Soybean paste with many roasted buckwheat seeds, savory and crunchy.

だしまき | Dashimaki (1000 yen)

Dashi-maki, a kind of Tamago (Japanese omelette) cooked with Dashi (soup stock), which has a moist and juicy texture. When i was ordering, she never mentioned about the portion size and whether the totall amount of dishes i ordered is enough for a solo-diner.When the Tamago came to the table, i regreted. I found i was being ripped off – all the Japanese at the counter were having omakase, and their Tamago was half size of mine. The a la larte portion is actually big enough is for 2 people to share. I was a bit unhappy, i really cannot finished this so i ended up sharing half with my neighbour who is a stranger. The flavor was not bad but not impressed me a lot.


野菜天ぷら | Yasai tempura (900 yen) 

Most sobaya offers tempura, and a good sobaya usually serves quality tempura as well. I am not a big fan of deep-fried stuff like these, but i ordered the famous Sakura ebi tempura, and vegetable tempura just because i cannot live without vegetables. In generall both were a bit over oily for me, but the broccoli tempura was pretty special and delicious. Sakura ebi (a Japanese small shrimp) tempura was also crispy, aromatic and umami. While as i said, they never mentioned the portion size, so i feel a bit greasy after i finish both.

桜海老天ぷら| Sakuraebi tempura (1400 yen)
ざるそば | Zaru soba (1000 yen)

After i finish the heavy tempura, i expected a lot on the soba, because cold soba can bring me some refreshness. Unfortunately, the soba was not my kind of liking at all – it was too soft and i counln’t find any tiny particles of buckwheat flour. To me it is just supermarket-standard.



A very disappointing soba experience in Tokyo. At least as a good sobaya, the soba should be delicious. The only statisfied dish was yuba (tofu skin). And i don’t like the way they running their business – anyway i feel i was ripped off as a foreigner. Actually Sasuga got very low ranking and review score on Tabelog, i don’t know why they got a star. Disappointing.

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