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Seizan is a Michelin 2-starred Kaiseki restaurant in Mita, Minato. The restaurant is currently helmed by the Tokyo-born chef Haruhiko Yamamoto, who is only in his early 30′. With Seizan, Yamamoto-san aims to bring the best flavors of the seasonal produces and only serves the best ingredients what comes in.  It is also one of the best-kown Kaiseki restaurant on Tabelog.


Visited: May.2015 (Lunch)
Address: Grande Mita Bldg, B1F, 2-17-28 Mita, Minato-ku Tokyo
Tel: +81-03-3451-8320
Hours: 12:00-15:00 (Closed Wednesday), 17:30-23:00, Closed on Mondays



Seizan was the last stop of my Tokyo trip in May 2015 beofore heading to the airport. We had a rather faster lunch there. The entrance of the restaurant is quite hard to find even with Googlemap. Although counter seats are preferred, our reservation was at the table due to full-booked counter.

Appetizer: Firefly squid, Wakame, Miso Jelly, Quail Egg (先付け: ほたるいか、わかめに、うずらの半熟卵ほかのジュレがけ )

The appetizer was beautifully presented, on the bottom was squid, one of the best produce of the season. The squid was nicely grilled, very tender. The miso jelly on the top was quite refreshing and paired well with the squid. The poached quail egg with runny yolk was another part i enjoyed a lot. A quite sync and refreshing dish.

Sashimi: Flat Fish, Fish Liver, Nori

The flat fish was very clean but nothing particular to be memerized even under help of nori (seaweed)and chili paste.



Soup: Sea Bream Dumpling, Japanese Ginger, Beansprouts (お椀: 鯛の真薯)

A bowl of warm soup with sea bream dumpling comes right after. The soup was clean and umami, left a mild sweet aftertaste. I liked the super soft and moist dumpling, good but definitely not the best.

Grilled Dish: Tokishirazu Salmon, Green Asparagus wrapped in Seaweed (焼き物: トキシラズ、アスパラを海苔で巻いて揚げたもの )

Followed by one of the best seasonal produce, sakura salmon. Definitely not a type of ‘cheap salmon’ but better to be considered as ‘trout’. To be honest, a bit dry in texture but fine on the taste side.

Warm Dish: Roasted Kobe Beef, Baby Onions, Spring Vegetable (溫物: ローストビーフと新玉ねぎ)

Rroasted Kobe beef is possibly the best dish of the meal. Succulent beef which was flavorful and paired so well with the incredibley sweet onions.

Simmered Dish: Braised Potato Ball, Broad Beans, Baby Octopus

The last dish before rice was a simmered potato ball with a rich soup base. The potato ball was deep-fried, its golden-brown outerlayer was crispy, while inside  was warm and moist.

Rice: Minced Chicken with Miso, Snap Peas (食事: スナックエンドウと鳥味噌の炊き込みご飯)

The rice dish of the day was steamed rice in a clay pot, with minced chicken and snap peas. It was actually my first time having steamed rice with chicken at a Kaiseki restaurant in Japan. The chicken was tender but quite underwhelming for our liking. A bit disappointing regarding to its 2 star position.

Rice with pickles and miso soup
Dessert: Green Tea Mousse, Brown Sugar Jelly, Sticky Rice Balls (水菓子:黒蜜のジュレ,抹茶プリン)

The smooth and high-flavor matcha mousse as a perfect ending. The brown sugar jelly was neither over-sweetened, the entire combination was very refreshing.


In short, not a really memorable meal which i don’t really understand its really good reputation. Although lunch course may not be a perfect evidence to showcases the best of Seizan, but i believe a good restaurant will never disappoints the guest no matter which menu they have. Anyway, worth a try.

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  1. I’m heading to Japan this April. Beside Matsukawa and Kyo-Aji (where reservation seems impossible) which other Kaiseki-ya is your favorite/would recommend? Thank you.

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