[Tokyo] Seizan 晴山

Seizan is a Michelin 2-starred Kaiseki restaurant in Mita, Minato. Seizan is currently helmed by the Tokyo-born chef Haruhiko Yamamoto. The young chef is only 34 years old, he opened this restaurant in April 2011, which emphazies the flavor of ingredients rather than the sauces. He uses only the finest ingredients, changing his dishes daily depending on what comes in.  It is also one of the highest-rated Kaiseki restaurant on Tabelog.


Visited: May.21.2015 (Lunch)
Address: Grande Mita Bldg, B1F, 2-17-28 Mita, Minato-ku Tokyo
Tel: +81-03-3451-8320
Hours: 12:00-15:00 (Closed Wednesday), 17:30-23:00, Closed on Mondays





Seizan was the last stop of my Tokyo trip in May 2015, the last meal before my flight. We spent some time to find the restaurant, the entrance and logo of the restaurant is not very obvious. I loved counter seating but it was fully booked.

Appetizer: Firefly squid, Wakame, Miso Jelly, Quail Egg (先付け: ほたるいか、わかめに、うずらの半熟卵ほかのジュレがけ )

The appetizer was beautifully presented, on the bottom was squid, one of the best produce of the season. The squid was nicely grilled, very tender. The miso jelly on the top was quite refreshing and paired well with the squid. The poached quail egg with runny yolk was another part i enjoyed a lot. Each ingredient paired well with each other.

Sashimi: Flat Fish, Fish Liver, Nori

The flat fish has a very clean taste, very fresh. The fish itself was not that tender as other types of white fish, but we can tell its premium quality. We especially enjoyed the fish liver on the side, which was high in flavor. Different from the normal way to have sashimi, the dish came with in-house made nori (seawee) paste and chili paste, another special and refreshing dish.



Soup: Sea Bream Dumpling, Japanese Ginger, Beansprouts (お椀: 鯛の真薯)

A bowl of warm soup with sea bream dumpling comes right after. I tried the soup first, it was clean but very umami. The sea bream dumpling was moist and flavorful. The young ginger and sprouts balanced well with the rich dumpling.

Grilled Dish: Tokishirazu Salmon, Green Asparagus wrapped in Seaweed (焼き物: トキシラズ、アスパラを海苔で巻いて揚げたもの )

Spring is also the season for Tokishirazu, my last visited to Japan was also in May, and i had a lot of this kind of trout, such as at RyuGin and Ishikawa. The salmon was well-grilled, the texture in the center was in sashimi texture. The seasoning was quite simple, which wonderfully kept the flavor of ingredient itself. I was especially impressive with the boiled asparagus wrapped with seaweed, i never thought of this kind of combination, it was very flavorful.

Warm Dish: Roasted Kobe Beef, Baby Onions, Spring Vegetable (溫物: ローストビーフと新玉ねぎ)

Next came the roasted Kobe beef, it was medium-cooked, it was succulent and juicy. The beef itself was very delicious. The roasted onion was smooth and high in flavor. Onions always work well with beef.

Warm Dish: Conger Eel, Baby Onion, Spring Vegetable

Mine beef was substitute with conger eel as my special request. It was almost the eel season, although not the best. The eel has a lovely grilled fragrance, it was melt-in-mouth tenderness. I enjoyed it very much.

Simmered Dish: Braised Potato Ball, Broad Beans, Baby Octopus

The last dish before rice was a simmered potato ball with a rich soup base. The potato ball was deep-fried, its golden-brown outerlayer was crispy, while inside  was warm and moist. The potato flavor was quite high. The grilled baby octopus nicely enhanced the overall flavor of the dish.

Rice: Minced Chicken with Miso, Snap Peas (食事: スナックエンドウと鳥味噌の炊き込みご飯)

The grain dish of the day was steamed rice in a clay pot, with minced chicken and snap peas. It was actually my first time having steamed rice with chicken at a Kaiseki restaurant in Japan. The chicken was incredibly tender and delicious, it makes the simple rice so great. It was hard for two of us to finish the entire pot, thus chef made some rice balls for us by using the leftover in the pot.

Rice with pickles and miso soup


Dessert: Green Tea Mousse, Brown Sugar Jelly, Sticky Rice Balls (水菓子:黒蜜のジュレ,抹茶プリン)

The smooth and high-flavor matcha mousse as a perfect ending. The brown sugar jelly was neither over-sweetened, the entire combination was very refreshing.


Although we didn’t get seats at the counter, we neither got the chance to try their dinner, the quality of this affordable lunch makes us looking forward for revisits. The ambiance was quite relax and homme, the servers can speak English properly. Two of us spent around 20,000 yen includes sake, which is very affordable for Michelin Kaiseki restaurant in such high quality. Next time is a sure thing, best at the counter!


Ratings:( 0-5 Rating Scale)

Food 4.00

Service 4.00

Ambiance 3.50

Recommend? Yes

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  1. I’m heading to Japan this April. Beside Matsukawa and Kyo-Aji (where reservation seems impossible) which other Kaiseki-ya is your favorite/would recommend? Thank you.

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