Tokyo | Sala Amabile (Xmas Eve)

You may not even heard this restaurant before, but I’m sure Italian lovers know about the 1* Aroma Fresca in Ginza. Sala Ambile is the causual dining area of Aroma Fresca, just located next to Aroma Fresca in the same building.

I didn’t plan my Xmas dinner until early December and most restaurants I want to visit is fully booked for 2015. My friends want to do Italian, we tried to contact top-ranked italian restaurants on Tabelog one by one, and luckily get a private room at Sala Ambile. Here, you can enjoy tastes of Aroma Fresca at a much affordable price. Cannot imagine the Xmas eve menu is only 11,000 JPY.


Date: Dec.24.2015 (Dinner)

Address: 東京都中央区銀座2-6-5 銀座トレシャス 12F

Hours:11:30~15:00 ; 17:30~23:30 ; Sun 12:00~21:00

Cost: Christmas Eve Dinner 11,000 per person

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Like what Aroma Fresca serves for appetizers, several appetizers and breads come together (not amuse).

Bagna Couda of Seasonal Vegetables


Buri carpaccio , breads, tomato and burrata cheese jelly, foie grasfranc with popcorn

Buri is one of he best produce of the season, rich in oils and very delicious. The breads are exacta fly the same as what I had in Aroma Fresca, all made in house, warm and fluffy. Foie gras mousse is too similar to AF’s, the only difference is the topping part: I had eel jelly on top of the mousse at AF but SA uses a ‘cheaper’ popcorn. Tomato jelly is made of pure fresh juice, nicely cleanse the palate after the creamy foie gras.

Cappelini of cavair

A classical one at Aroma Fresca. Nice cold pasta with a umami taste.

Baked shirako with black cabbage puree & karasumi

Shirako was warm and creamy, the Karasumi flakes on the top brings more oceanic flavors. Followed by the scallops with leeks steamed in a bag, this is always one of my favorite way of cooking because it best keeps the original flavor of the ingredients. The scallops were medium cooked, another decent bite.

Cartoccio of Scallop and leek


Deep-friend prawn

Also a dish from Aroma Fresca, the deep-friend shrimp has a very crispy outside and tender inside.

Roasted Japanese deer with raisin & red wine sauce

The last hot appetizer was roasted deer. Both my partners loved its bursted flavors with pretty succulent texture. Mine was changed to the signature unagi with caviar from Aroma Fresca, the moist and fragrant flesh works really well with the caviar.

Grilled Unagi with caviar and potato chip



Hairy crab & Radicchio Tagliolini

I requested for truffle in advance, thus the kitchen is able to change our Crab Spaghettini (originally on the menu) to my favorite porcini mushroom spaghettini with black truffle. (+2000 suppl) Two of us had the black truffle spaghettini and one had hariy crab tagliolini, pasta was al dante, juicy crab meat has a lovely sweet hint, the sun dried tomato added a chewy texture while the scallions gives more fragrance.

Homemade Spaghittini, porcini mushroom, black truffle

The only reason I expected Christmas Eve so much this year, is because of this georgeous dish of black truffle pasta. The holly amazing aroma soon spread over the whole room, I was seriously slavering when I was shooting. The homemade spaghetti was al dante, unlike the common way of cooking pasta with butter, this dish ha no butter, but full of incredible mushroom flavors. I can eat this everyday.




Stewed Hirame, turnip soup, taro

For the main dish, i had the seasonal Hirame stewed in a turnip soup with taro. Very succlent fish and umami soup base, taro was super sily and delicious. My friends had the stewed wagyu, it was fork-tender and very flavorful.

Stewed Wagyu, porenta sweet potato, chicory


Coffee Jelly, vanilla ice cream, frozen mint

The main dessert was actually a strawberry one (following), but i really want  my friends to try the coffee jelly served at Aroma Fresca, thus we requested it from Aroma Fresca. The jelly was smooth and refreshing, bitter but not overly strong, the ice cream melted and makes the whole dish very balance and enjoyable. In comparison, the Christmas strawberry dessert is no more appealing to us.

Strawberry, cotton candy, Framboise gelato, hazel nut


Coffee & tea, petit fours

It was a lovely Christmas eve dinner at Sala Ambile. The ambiance was nice, service was warm and efficient, and the servers can speak very good English. More importantly, you can enjoy the high-quality food from Aroma Fresca at a much pocket-friendly price. If you are looking for some afforable and authentic Japanese-Italian meal that is not hard to make a reservation, Sala Ambile is definitely your best choice.

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