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The two-Michelin-starred Le Mange-Tout is one of the best French restaurants in Tokyo. Housed in a quiet neighbourhood in Kagurazaka district in heart of Tokyo, the restaurant can only fit 14 diners everyday, we felt very lucky to get a reservation there. The chef-owner Noboru Tani was trained in France for several years before he opened his own restaurant in 1994. He is not only a genious in cooking, but also a good recipe writer, his own recipe books are quiet popular.


Date: Dec.14.2015 (Dinner)


Hours:18:30~21:00, closed on Sundays

Cost: Omakase JPY 12960++

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There are few counter seats facing a open kitchen on the first floor, where you can enjoy the chef preparing food in the kitchen. The main dining room is on the second floor, featured 5 tables. It is a bit narrow compare to other high-end fine dining restaurants, but i really love the homey and elegant ambiance, fine but relax. The service was warm and efficient, the servers can speak fluent English.

Le Mange-Tout opens for dinner from Monday to Saturday, and only one set of course was served, reasonably priced under 13000 for 6 dishes and 2 desserts. Wine menu is also availble which are also charged at a affordable price.DSC03877


Oyster, oyster and seaweed sauce

Fresh oyster from Kyushu (九州), the sauce was creamy and umami, but a bit salty as the juices of oyster is salty by itself.




Two kinds of breads were served, a hard roll and soft mult-grain loaf, with French butter on the side.


Shirako, spinach, spinach sauce

The first hot dish was grilled Shirako with spinach and spinach sauce, this was actually my first time had this combination. Shirako was well-grilled, the skin was crispy while the inside was incredible creamy. Spinach gives a refreshing touch to the dish. Lovely one.

Crab consomme, Sansho rice puffs

Next came a soup dish, consist of a cup of consomme made with crab and served with rice puffs seasoned with Sansho (Japanese pepper). The soup was clean but umami, with a bitter flavor of the crab shell. Rice puffs brought some crispy texture and spicy flavor to the delicious soup.



Foie gras, pepper, lychee and tomato jelly

I enjoyed the cold foie gras very much – smooth, creamy and flavorfull. The jelly on the side was made of tomato, yeast and lychee, very light and refreshing which balanced well with the foie gras.

Natural scallop, Awabi-take

The seafood course was a large natural scallop which was wonderfully seared – with a crispy skin, inside was still tender and juicy. On the bottom was sauteed king oyster mushroom, its bouncy texture matches well witht the scallop. I really loved the sauce with a spicy twist.



Duck from Hungary, anchovy, red wine and duck blood sauce

The meat course was Hungary duck, it was nicely grilled with a crispy skin and succulent inside. The part on the back was duck breast which was drier compare to the tigh in the front, but both quite flavorful. The sauce was made of duck blood and red wine, very delicious and paired well with the meat.

Cold strawberry soup, mixed berries

The first dessert was made of straberries from Chiba, the soup was naturally sweet and refreshing. The second dessert was heavier than the soup but more impressive on the flavor side, very smooth and creamy mousse and chocolate with a high flavor. The ice-cream balanced well with the mousse and walnut gives a crunchy texture.

61% Dark chocolate mousse, caramelized walnut, caramel ice-cream and sauce


With 3 glasses of wine, the bill comes only 17000 per head which seriously surprised us. The service was really good, i think even better than some 3* restaurants i have been to. The chef is really friendly, he even asked us to come into the kitchen for a picture with him. And most importantly, the food was comfort and delicious.


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