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La Bonne Table is a sister restaurant of the famous 2-Michelin-starred L’effervescence, which is my favorite French restaurant in Tokyo. As the second restaurant of chef Namae-san, of course La Bonne Table serves French food, but with more modern and healthier twists. Chef Namae always emphasize on the quality of ingredients, same as what he serves at L’effervescence, all the ingredients here are sourced directly from farm to table. The entire team is from L’effervescence, the concepts are also the same, the ambianze is much causual but still upscale. Here at La Bonne Table, you can enjoy Michelin-standard dishes wwhich won’t hurt your wallet.


Date: Jan.16.2016 (Lunch)

Address: 東京都中央区日本橋室町2-3-1 COREDO室町2 1F

Hours: Daily 11:30-3pm, 17:30-11pm

Cost: Lunch 3800++ Dinner 6800++

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La Bonne Table only serves fixed menu for both lunch and dinner. A three-course set lunch is priced at only 3800 yen for your choice of appetizer, main course and dessert. Dinner is priced at 6800 yen. Plus complimentary breads and a amuse of organic salad.

Amuse bouche: Organic salad



Appetizer: Cod brignet & brandade, Tomato and Yuzu sauce, Yuzu sorber, lily bulb, rocket

There are two appetizers on the menu: cod brignet and artichoke soup, both of us picked the cod brignet. It was well-done, the skin was crispy and not oil at all, the cod inside was succulent and delicious. Very few French restaurants servers so much vegetables on the side, both of us love vegetables and the taste were not boring at all – different textures and different flavors. Very light and healthy but delicious.




Bread is same as L’effervescence but sliced into diffrerent shapes, it comes from a famous bakery in Osaka. Love the crackling outside and airy, chewy center. The bread is served with butter, you know what i was thinking of…yeah the tofu with sour cream spread from L’effervescence. It is just so damn good.


Main: Roasted rainbow trout, scallop and green laver mousse, lemon butter sauce, leaf onion and radish

We tried different main dish, my friend had the roasted rainbow trout and i had the famous pie. My friend really enjoyed her trout and i saw her sad face when i took a bite for this review (haha). The trout itself was fork tender, so was the bedded turnip and topped scallop and green laver mousse. The lemon butter sauce was right to point, creamy but light. Nice.




Main: Coq au vin pie, sweet carrot sauce and red wine sauce, shrimp, lotus root, mashed potatoes, apple and herbs

Everyone who’ve been to L’effervescence knows the famous ‘apple pie’ without apple, which is one of the best creations of chef Namae-san. Since the chef at LBT was the sous chef from L, certainly he will make the ever-popular pie on the menu. And this time, a real ‘apple pie’ with apple. The size of the pie was similar to the one served at L’effervescence during lunch time.


The pastry was perfect for my liking – a crispy and flaky outside and soft buttery inside. The red-wine-braised-chicken was succulent and flavorful –  i even forgot i was eating chicken but not red meat. Together with shrimp which gives a umami flavor from the sea and mashed potatoes gives a creamy texture, the apple was sour and sweet which nicely balanced very well. Another really enjoyable part was the yellow carrot sauce made with carrot from Kyoto, very creamy and deep flavor with a lovely sweet aftertaste. Well-done.

(The third item on the main menu which we didn’t rey was Roasted seseragi pork with burdock sauce.)

Persimmon and chestnut mousse, sesame meringue, garland chrysanthemum ice cream

We skipped another dessert of fresh strawberry soup with cotton candy, beauce the persimmon and chestnut mousse sounds much better. It was indeed special that chef uses vegetables instead of fruits for making ice cream and it was surprisingly good. I hate meringue for most of the time while the sesame meringue was crispy and not overly sweetened. The entire dish was full of different texutres and flavors of the land, very natural flavors, healthy but enjoyable.

Petit & Tea/coffee

Finally we were served two lovely ‘sweet Takoyaki’. It seems cheap and probably shouldn’t appear at a French restaurant, i didn’t change my thought until i realized it is actually chocolate fondant with a very creamy center. The flavor was deep and very delicious. This really surprised us.

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