Tokyo | Jean Georges (2016.01)

Totally from the scene you see in Tokyo for most of the time, the New Year period is so quiet in Tokyo, almost all the shops and restaurants are closed on Jan.1. Most top restaurants won’t open until 6th. I am very lazy to cook at home and i neither want to live on FamilyMart, i was looking for something fancy to eat around my house and luckily, Jean Georges opened all year round.

I have been there once last year, it was unexpected good compare to Jean Georges NYC and Shanghai. To me Jean Georges Tokyo is a safer choice for French – elegant interioer and nice ambiance, loved the counter seats and open kitchen, efficient service and all the servers can speak proper English, not hard to get a reservation, affordable (lunch), and of course, delicious food.


Date: Jan.4. 2016 (Lunch) | 2015.09

Address: Roppongi Keyakizaka-dori, 6-12-4 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan

Hours: 11am-2pm, 5:30-10pm, daily

Cost: Lunch JPY 4,800 / Dinner JPY 9800/19800

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Lunch at Jean Georges is really worth-of-value, a three course set is only priced at 4800 JPY. While if you come in for dinner for the same three dishes, it cost you 9800. During lunch time, you can also order the signature Egg Caviar for an additional charge. Dishes on the menu are quite light and healthy, in all senses for my liking compare to Robuchon in the same area.



Cold Pressed Juice: Ruby Red (1,200 JPY)

As mentioned, i found the food at Jean Georges Tokyo very light and healthy, this time i am surprised to find they even have cold pressed juice on the drink list – a green one made largely with green vegetables,  and a red one with beets and root veggies. A very healthy drink to pair with my healthy fancy lunch.

Bread 1: Scone

There are several types of breads that served one by one, once you finished the previous one. The first bread comes to the table is always the signature scone. Warm and has a crispy skin like cookie, fluffy and buttery inside.



Egg Caviar (4,000 JPY)

I added on the siganture Egg Caviar as the first appetizer, a bit expensive for an egg though. Egg Caviar is the ever-famous creation of Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, who is the owner of all Jean Georges restaurants around the world. Inside the egg is warm scrambled eggs, topped with cold cream with a regal dollop of caviar. Warm ,creamy, and umami, but the scrambled egg inside was a bit salty for my liking.



BLUE FIN TUNA TARTARE, Avocado and Radish, Ginger Dressing

My all-time-favorite at Jean Georges. The tuna tartar was fresh and paired well witht he creamy avocado, the ginger dressing is alway again made the entire dish up. The umami and spicy aftertaste is really enjoyable.

KOMITSU APPLE AND PERSIMMON SALAD, Toasted Pumpkin Seed and Yogurt Dressing

A new dish on the menu, i rarely have a vegetarian salad at any fine dining restaurants, but i was quite over-eating during Xmas, a healthy salad is not doubt a great choice for me. The ingredients are very fresh, mixed leaves paired with crispy Japanese apple, chewy dried persimmon and crunchy nuts. The addition of a pinch of spice added an interesting hint to the salad but balanced well with the refreshing yogurt dressing.

Bread 2: Figs Bread

I loved JG’s breads, although i don’t like JG Shanghai, the raision & walnut bread was quite impressive. The freshly baked and toasted figs bread was also lovely.

SHRIMP AND SHAVED WATER CHESTNUTS Saffron, Chipotle and Silky Kabocha

This dish consits of three large prawn, which was cooked throughly (i expected it to be medium), the water chestnuts bring some cripsy texture and sweet flavor to the dish. The sikly kabocha stock was umami and not heavy at all. Not bad.


I skipped the signature warm chocolate cake because i feel it is heavy. Thus deicied to have this seasonal dessert. The creme brulee was sily and buttery, spiced pumpkin crumbles made me feel like Xmas again. The pomegrante sorber was quite refreshing to pair with.



Petit Four & tea/coffee

Another satisfying experience at Jean Georges Tokyo. Although lack of ‘wow’ but everything was done properly, the dishes are quite delicate and not heavy at all.  i like this place robably because i am not a big fan of very traditonal French food, i much prefer Japanese style French food. Try it out if you have the similar taste buds with me.

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