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Harutaka is one of the best sushiyas in Tokyo. Chef Harutaka Takahashi is one of the best students of Jiro-ono, taking jiro’s heritage of his legendary sushi skills, Harutaka was soon catches Michelin’s eyes. Like most sushiyas in Japan, Harutaka is small but slightly larger than other sushiyas, it can take up to 14 guests at a time. It is so far one of my best sushi experiences. (by 2015.May)


Visited: May.18.2015 (Dinner)

Address: 3F, Ginza Kawabata Blsg, 8-5-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

            東京都中央区銀座8-5-8 かわばたビル 3F

Hours: 17:00-23:30, Saturday 17:00-22:30, Close on Sundays and P.H

Tel: 03-3573-1144

Price: 20,000 JPY and 30,000 JPY (with sashimi appetizers)



Harutaka opens for dinner only, two sets of courses were served: 20,000JPY which includes an appetizer (non-fish), assorted sushi; and 30,000 JPY with assorted sashimi appetizers, sushi and dessert. I picked the 20,000 JPY one as i came here for sushi.

Appetizer: Broiled Broad Beans
1. Karei


2. Yari-Ika 槍烏賊

3. Kisu 鱚 
4. Maguro マグロ
5. Chu-toro 中卜口
6. O-toro 大卜口 
7. Kohada 小肌 
8. Awabi 鮑 
9. Aji 鯵
10. Migugai ミル貝 (shell fish)
11. Kasugo 春日子 (Young Sea Bream)

Then chef Harutaka Takahashi took out a freshly broiled Kuruma Ebi and peeling the shell in front of us. The ebi is no doubt the largest i have ever seen, it was even longer than chef’s palm. Harutaka Takahashi san took out its organs as well, and stuffed with a shari ball as well as some fresh wasabi, sliced it into two halves and finished with some sweet soy sauce.

12. Kuruma Ebi 車海老


See how large it was: half of the prawn is even longer than my fingers. It was incredibly tender and juicy, with a lovely ‘shrimp’ fragrance, i enjoyed its sweetness as well as the aftertaste. One of the best kuruma ebi i have ever had.

13. Korigai 鳥貝


14. Uni 雲丹 (Sea Urchin)

15. Katsuo 鰹 
16. Anago 穴子 (Conger eel)


鐵火卷 Tekka Maki ( Tuna roll)

Tamago 玉子 (Sweet omelete)

Tamago is always another part i enjoy the most, it is served as a sweet ending. The tamago was sweet, and has a deep egg flavor. The texture was very moist. I am in love.

A flawless meal with few highlights, a good Jiro style sushiya and personal prefer Harutaka over Jiro – at least you can take time to enjoy your food. While the tastes is stronger, after the meal i drunk almost 2L mineral water…

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  1. Hi Melody, thank you for this wonderful food blog. I enjoyed reading your article very much! I’m travelling to Tokyo with my partner in mid Dec. Do you think we can book Harutaka now? Is it too late?

    1. Hey Katy. Thank you for your kind words. Well, i am not very sure about the current policy at Harutaka, as in, whether the reservation starts 1 month or 2 months in adv. Sounds not a responsible answer but the best thing you can do now is to ask your hotel concierge. All the best luck with your reservation(s)!!

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