[Tokyo] Goryukubo 豪龍久保 (2016.02)

Goryukubo is one of my favorite Kaiseki place in Tokyo. It was opened in 2013 by the owner-chef Kubo-san and was soon be honored Michelin two star. The restaurant located in Nishi-azabu, it takes about 10 mintues’ walk from Roppongi station.

I have been to Goryukubo once last October and was quite impressive with the food. The dishes at Goryukubo are served in a similar style as Matsukawa, although the later one is definitely my favorite, Goryukubo is also a nice place to eat in if you cannot get into Matsukawa.

Visited: Feb.03.2016 (Dinner) | Last visit: Oct.10.2015 (Dinner)

Address:東京都港区西麻布2-15-1 三澤ビル B1F

Hours:18:00~24:00, Closed on Sundays and P.H.

Damage: JPY 25,000 / 35,000++

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赤貝 焼き椎茸  | Akagai, Shiitake mushroom, mustard sauce


焼き香箱蟹 | Grilled Koubako-seiko Crab


虎河豚の焼き白子の茶碗蒸し | Chawanmushi (steamed egg custard) with Fugu’s shirako

The first two dishes didn’t impressed me much. While the chawanmushi was very silky and delicious, the grilled Shirako gives a burst of umami to the dish. Loved its super creamy center.

カラスミの蒸餅し 河豚皮煮凍り 焼き海鼠腸 | Karasumi with rice cake, Fugu jelly and Grilled Konoko

I love Karasumi, or drilled mullet roe. It was quite salty on its own, but the sweetness of the grilled mochi (rice cake) well-balanced the high flavor. Grilled Konoko (sea cucumber’s ovaries) was too awesome as well as the fugu jelly.

天然虎河豚 | Deep-fried Fugu


焼き甘鯛のお椀 蕪 | Grilled Amadai soup

I always enjoy all the clear soup base in Japan, looks simple but deep inside. The aroma of grilled skin of Amadai goes into the soup thus the entire bowl was no doubt memerable. The flesh was tender and delicious.

佐島甘鯛 イカお刺身 生雲丹 | Tai (snapper) and Ika(squid) sashimi, Fresh Uni (sea urchin)

Sashimi consists of Tai fish and Ika and i requested for sea urchin when i made the reservation because this was my last meal before leaving Tokyo for Shanghai. Tai was quite fresh while the flavor was not really expectional, i much prefer the incredibly creamy squid sashimi which also showcases Chef Kubo-san’s amazing knife work. Hokkaido uni was fresh and creamy.



鰤炙り | Seared Buri

Buri was quite rich in oil contents because it was its high season. Chef Kubo-san slightly seared its skin to enhance its aroma and texture. Followed by steamed black abalone which was very tender, simple but umami.

淡路の黒鮑 冬筍 | Steamed Black Abalone with turnip, winter bamboo shoots


きんき | Kinki fish

The most enjoyable part of the meal was definitely the grilled dishes. The grilled Unagi (eel) i had last time was serisouly one of the best i have ever had, the texture, the flavor…certainly to be remembered. Sadly unagi was not in season this time, i had grilled kinki fish and nodoguro instead. Both have very crispy skin and succulent center, very delicious but i missed the unagi i had last time.

焼きのどぐろ | Grilled Nodoguro


さわら 京豆腐 | Simmered Sawara with Kyoto tofu

The last dish before serving rice was simmered sawara with Kyoto tofu. Even it was served with Japanese Shoyu sauce, the taste was kinda bland for my liking (not hard to tell from its looking tho).

香箱蟹のご飯 |Steamed rice with Koubako-seiko Crab


香箱蟹のご飯 なめこの味增汁 香物 | Rice, miso soup with Hameiko mushroom, pickles

Steamed new harvest rice with Koubako-seiko crab and mountain vegetables to fill myself up, i was actually quite full before serving the rice, thus i only had one serve of the rice (about two bites) because i know there are still soba coming. I still finished the red miso soup with Hameiko mushroom because the texture was so good – the cold soba soup with Hameiko last time was really good too. This time i had cold soba served with soba soy sauce and sliced scallions, personally prefer the previous version.



十割そば | Handmade cold soba (100% buckwheat)




苺と白ワインのゼリー | Dessert: premium strawberries with white wine jelly



Since this year the menu has been changed to higher prices of 25,000 and 35,000 yen, i had the 35,000 menu and the final bill comes over 40,000 after tax and service charge. Despite of the high quality of dishes served, compare to Matsukawa (35,000 yeninclude ++) , or other famous kaiseki places such as Ishikawa(18,000++yen),  i don’t think it is THAT worth of value. To be honest the food didn’t surprised me much this time, maybe the first visit always impressed me much more, or probably because of the limit ingredients in this warm winter. Overall, Goryukubo definitely serves two-star standarded food, a great kaiseki place you should try out.

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