[Tokyo] Ginza Okamoto 銀座 おかもと

Ginza Okamoto is a michelin 2 starred Japanese restaurant, housed in Ginza (very close to Sushi Tokami). It is also the Top 100 restaurant on Tabelog. The chef, Hidetsugu Okamoto san, was from Michelin 3 starred restaurants Azabu Yukimura 麻布 幸村, he was also trained at Wakuden in Kyoto. In 2012, Okamoto san finally decided to open his own restaurant, Ginza Okamoto. The restaurant is currently run by Okamoto himself with two of his disciples from Azabu Yukimura.

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The restaurant is quite small, with only 8 counter seats and one table for 4-6 people. Unlike my previous experince at Ishikawa, Gion Nishikawa and Kichisen, where the chef themselves didn’t do much cooking, here at Ginza Okamoto, chef Okamoto did 95% of the cooking himself, and his disciples only helps him handling his cooking.


Appetizer 先付: Seabream(鯛) wtih Fugu’s shirako sauce

Very juicy and tender seabream, the fugu’s shirako was liquify-very light, pleasant and briny tastes of the sea.


Cold soba with crispy mullet roes and deep-fried buckwheat fruit このがた蕎麦 

Another appetizer was then brought to the table, this is one of the most famous dish at Ginza Okamoto, the cold soba with yellow deep-fired buckwheat fruit was presented in a sky blue plate- the complementary colors totally works up my appetite.


Both the mullet roes and deep-fried buckwheat fruit are very crispy, i love their texture and the salty deep-fried buckwheat fruit makes the bland soba really good.


Then the chef started working on our next course, seems like another seafood feast.


Before starting our Hassun, we were served with a slice of saba sushi 焼き鯖寿司(海苔巻き)wraaped in a seaweed.


Saba sushi is a Kaisei style, which is a combination of sushi rice with fish pressed with a wood box. The saba is perfectly vinegared, the nori outside is very crispy and makes the whole piece more lovely.


Hassun 八寸 : Seiko crab, Ikura, assorted hot appetizers


The Seiko crab 香箱蟹 in the Hassun was served in a crab shell, is looks like a heaven, see those crab roes and crab the ovaries and so much fatty crab legs, OMG !


Assorted grilled dishes includes deep-fried taro, which is crusty but creamily soft inside. All the other things in the plate were grilled- shirako, prawn’s head, abalone and catfish- all very delicate with a great char-smell. DSC03435

Ikura (いくら) with some seasonal vegetables, another lovely starter. Love the texture of the ikura that popps in my mouth, the taste was fishy, juicy and bit sweet.


Soup お椀: Tilefish (甘鯛) with tofu sheets, spinach and yuzu

I saw how the chef process this. He topped some tofu sheets onto the tilefish, and put them into the steamer. After a while, the tofu sheets have combined together with the tilefish, he gently moved them out of the steamer, finally, add in the soup he cooked in the separate claypot.The tilefish was perfectly steamed- tender,meaty with awesome flavor from the tofu sheets. The yuzu made the overall taste very refreshing.


Sashimi 向付: Japanese Spanish mackerel (䲠) with garnished radish

The fish was slightly seared, while the overall texture was still like sashimi. It was incredibly tender and juicy, all the diners at the counter ‘wow’ ‘oishii’ ’emm’ as soon as this comes to our mouth. The garnished radish just works as the wasabi, which is spicy and even strong than wasabi.


Then i found the real crab feast is coming…See the huge Seiko crab [松葉ガニ] on the table?


Chef Okamoto then started peeling the crab in front of us. Seems so cool. The crab is still alive and looks so fresh!


Grilled dish 燒物 was made of the crab he just killed- grilled crab legs [ 焼き松葉ガニ ]. It was really meaty, and the meat is really firm, juicy and tender. There’s no seasonings in this course, but the natural salty and fishy flavor from the crab itself was so good, end with a bit sweetness. After having the first leg, i was then served with more. Simple is the best!


Moving on to the next course…see the chef’s working – the ovary and digestive glands of the crab!DSC03476

The ovary and digestive glands with house made sweet potato crackers 蟹味噌甲羅焼き クワイ煎餅

I am a crab’s ovaries’ lover, but it was my first time having green ovaries. Simply use the sweet potato crackers to scoop the ovaries, the fishy and creamy goodness soonly spread all over my mouth.


Naka-choko (中猪口) Seaweed with Japanese yam and baby onions

A small cup of cold and acidic soup as a palate-cleanser. Feeling refresh up and ready for the next.


Cooked dish 煮物: Sliced radish in melted Shirako soup かぶらのそうめん タラの白子スープ仕立て

A substantial hot pot dish, which was started cooking when we came to the restaurant – another signature course.I firstly thought it was noodles, noodles again? We still have rice dish later, wasn’t that too much carbs? I soon realized i was wrong as soon as i took the first bite, it was slice radish!  The radish was crispy, with a very clean taste.


The highlight of the dish was the shirako soup-It is the best soup ever! After over an hours cooking, the shirako have already melted in the soup, which makes every single drop like gold. The oil from the shirako was delicate, the soup was a little bit creamy and tastes milky, but certainly not greasy.All the people next to us ’emm”oishii”wow’ again again and again, and we also love it a lot.The whole pot was actually a little bit big, and i finished the whole bowl of goodness. Feel 200% warmed up.


Rice ご飯物:  Claypot rice cooked with Seiko crab,Maitake, chestnut and lily bulbs


Accomplished with pickles [香の物] and  soup [止椀]

The Japanese Maitake is a kind of rare mushroom, which is high in nutrition and tastes like chicken. With the taste of sea from the crab meat, the land from the mushroom, the bitter-some lily bulb, and the sweet, creamy chestnut, the holly goodness was irresistible! As a low-carb eater, and i personally doesn’t like rice dishes very much, me myself felt kind of amazing that i had 3 bowl of this goodness.


The curst of the rice is always my favorite even though i don’t like rice.


The chef is then preparing out dessert- a huge Persimmon.


Fruit 水物:Persimmon 代城柿


I not often eat persimmon because i used to have a lot persimmons when i was a kid, my grandma planted a persimmon tree in her backyard. When the fall comes every year, she kept feeding me with persimmon and i thought i was overeated at that time. This small piece of persimmon not only recalled my memory of my childhood,  it also gave me another 100% mutural Japanese fruit experience. The jelly looking was juicy and sweet, really lovely one.


Dessert 菓物: Ginger Warabi-mochi 生薑くずきり

A very elegant appearance- wrapped in a bamboo leaf.


The warabi-mochi is sticky, but much more juicy than those i previously had. With a bit sweet ginger flavor, perfect ending.


As we didn’t finish the whole pot of rice as all the diner did, the chef simply prepared our breakfast for us!

Definitely another memorable Kaiseki experience in Japan, all the food were really good, and we ended up with overeating, seriously overeating. (We then had salads for both lunch and dinner the second day!) The only thing we felt regret about was no one in the restaurant can speak English, although we did feel their warmest welcome. I also asked the chef if he can give me the list of the courses we had that day, and he did hand-writing one for me, nicely rolled up and wrapped. Recommend.


Ginza Okamoto 銀座 おかもと

Address:5th Flr. 8-3-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 東京都中央区銀座8-3-12 第2銀座コラムビル 5F

Hours: 17:30~23:00(L.O.21:30), close on Sundays

Visited: Dec.6.2014 (Sat)

Price: Dinner 21,600 JPY + 10% Service Charge

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