[Tokyo] てんぷら 近藤 Tempura Kondo

Kondo is a 2-Michelin-starred Tempura restaurant in Ginza. The restaurant locates on 9F Of Sakaguchi Building, it can holds up to 14-15 guests at a time.The owner-chef Fumio Kondo travels over the country for the best seasonal ingredients, he stands behind the bar battering and frying every working day. Kondo uses the best light sesame oil to fry staple ingredients such as prawns, fish and vegetables.


Visited: May.15.2015 Dinner

Address: 東京都中央区銀座5-5-13 坂口ビル 9F


12:00-13:30,17:00-20:30, Close on Sundays


I always enjoy freshly-fried tempura at the counter in Japan as you can rarely find this kind of tempura restaurant outside Japan.

 Similar to most other upscale Japanese restaurants in Japan, Kondo serves tempura course menu at(threes) different prices, there’s also a a la carte menu to order some add ons. I picked the set without sashimi with two a la carte items.


Table set ups:  grated daikon, lemon and salt, and ponzu sauce on the side. 

Prawn Head 才巻海老の頭
Prawn’s head is usually served as the first piece at a tempura restaurant. It was well cooked, hot and crispy, not oily and had a umami hint.

Prawn’s Body 才巻海老
Followed by two pieces of prawn’s body came one after another. The body was coated with thin and crispy layer of battering , tender and delicious inside. 

Asparagus アスパラガス
The asparagus was quite big and well-fried. It was quite juicy and tender. Although I prefer non-veg tempura much over vegetables because of the flavors, Inhave to admit that vegetable tempura requires better cooking techniques. 

Lotus Root蓮根

Kisu 鱚

Ginger Flower ミョウガ

Megochi めごち
Compare to the previous Kisu, which is very tender and melt-in mouth, i still prefer the Megochi. It was not that tender as Kisu but very crispy and delicious.

Uni wrapped in Shisho leaf 雲丹 大葉巻き (追加)
None of the three menu includes the sea urchin tempura and you have to order it from the a la carte menu. The sea urchin was wrapped in the shisho leaf and then deep-fried. Compare to the one i previously had at Fukamachi, the one at Kondo was larger in size. Unfortunately I don’t like this piece here as  the uni was overlooked for my liking.

Baby Onion 玉葱
The baby onion was smooth and very sweet.

Conger eel 穴子
Followed by the conger eel, the outer layer was more crispy than the previous fish tempura, the meat was melt-in-mouth tenderness.

Sweet Potato サツマイモ (追加)
The sweet potato tempura is a must-try at Kondo. It is not included in the set menu, and you have to order it at the very beginning of the meal, because it takes 40 minutes to prepare (deep-fried). Yes, its sounds like a calorie bomb but you have to try this.

The sweet potato tempura was very large as my fist. After frying, the cylindrical slices are left to cook in the remaining heat. The skin tastes like baked sweet potato, the inside was fully cooked (deep-fried), very smooth and moist texture, and tastes very sweet. It was really big and i cannot even finish it, i have to leave the room for the last rice dish afterwards, the server took the rest half away and wrapped for my breakfast.

Pickles 漬物

Tencha 天茶
For the rice dish, you can pick from:

1. white rice, served seperately with mixed seafood tempura, miso soup and pickles

2. Tendon: mixed seafood tempura over rice with sweet soy sauce, served with miso soup and pickles

3. Tencha: mixed seafood tempura over rice, side with special Japanese tea, pickles and wasabi


The first two choices are quite common, the tencha is definitely the top pick at a tempura omakase restaurant. After adding the Japanese tea, the seafood tempura was soaked in the tea and makes the simple tea very umami and flavorful. It was like Japanese congee and was really soulful. When i ate at Fukamachi, the tea was green tea while the tea here was baked tea. The baked tea has a lovely fragrant while the green tea is more refreshing.

Fruits 果物


It was a enjoyable experience at Kondo, the staffs were friendly and the ambiance was very warm and homey. The food is definitely worth of value and worth a visit, but I do had better tempura experiences before.


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  1. How to make reservation at this restaurant, i tried to called them no one answer the phone, n only machine answered my call n they speak japanese n i don’t understand
    I live in u.s n going to tokyo, japan next month n i want to try to eat at this restaurant n so bad

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