[Sydney] LuMi Bar & Dining, Prymont

LuMi, stands for small lights in Italian. LuMi Bar & Dining is a very young Italian restaurant located opposite the Star Casino at Wharf 10. The restaurant locates right by the waterfront, the modern eclectic north European is surrounded by glass sliding doors, fit out decored with a range of plants, herbs and flowers.


Visited: April.26.2015 (Dinner)

Address: 56 Pirrama Road Pyrmont, 2009 NSW

 Hours: 12.00-2.30 (Fri-sun), 18.00-22.30 (Wed-sun)

Tel: +61 2 9571 1999

Price: 4-course lunch $55 / 8-course dinner $95 


LuMi is currently helmed by the co-owner and Executive Chef, Federico Zanellato, who began his career working in the top restaurants in Europe including La Pergola alongside Heinz Beck and The Ritz, London. After travelling to Japan, he developed a passion for Japanese food culture and underwent further training at Ryugin in Tokyo.


LuMi probably serves the most affordable fine dining menu in town. The 8 course degustation menu is only priced at AUD $95 during dinner and Sunday lunch. Lunch is served on Fridays and weekends, a 4 course menu costs only AUD $55 is really a steal.

However, we felt the service was quite slow once stepped into the restaurant. There were only 2-3 servers in the restaurant, we waited several minutes to be seated although we were the only guests waited. I booked 2 weeks in advance for my birthday dinner.

School prawns

The meal started with assorted snacks: school prawns, black sesame crisps, mussels and chawanmushi. The prawns were deep fried to crispy, the center part was tender, but the sauce was quite normal which doesn’t seems like in-house made. The chawanmushi was silky and umami. The rest two snacks were quite average.

Black sesame, creme fraiche, salmon roe


Mussels and coconut cream


Assorted Breads

The breads has a crusty outside, soft and fluffy inside. But the quality of the butter was not very high, it was neither melted into room temperature.



Southern Calamari, scampi, cucumber

The little bites of fresh calamari and scampi was hidden under the creamy cucumber puree. The shellfish themselves were quite tender, the entire combination was very refreshing.



Turnip, gruyere, venison liver

The second course was a braised turnip coverd with gruyere creme and vension liver. The turnip was incredibly tender and i can hardly feel the fibre. The seasonings well-enhanced the flavor.



Gnocchi, Cime di Rapa, Comte, Lard

Move on to the pasta dishes, there were two pastas on our menu, the first was gnocchi. I loved the texture of pillowy soft gnocchi, Cime di Rapa and lard nicely lifted the flavor. However the dish was a bit too salty for our liking.

Spaghetti alla Chitarra, bottle squid, candied orange

Spaghetti was the second pasta dish we had. In Chinese tradition, people have to eat noodles on their birthday as noodles means ‘long life’. I didn’t even realize i haven’t had noodles on that day, lucky me. Spaghetti was al dante, the bottle squid was juicy and its texture became richer when i chew it. I loved a hint of candied orange, its sweetness, sourness along with bitterness balanced well with the pasta.

Beef cheek, parsley, Castelfranco Radicchio

The beef cheek was the only meat course in the dinner menu. I found fine dining restaurants in Australia love to play hide and seek in their dishes, so many main ingredients were hidden under another.


The beef cheek was succulent and very flavorful, the parsley puree on the bottom brought a touch of refreshness to the beef. Another well-balanced course.

Snapper, mushroom, sea lettuce

I picked the snapper for my main and again, the snapper was underneath the shaved mushrooms. The dish was beautifully presented, just like a pretty flower. The mushroom was very fresh, the snapper was perfectly processed. It was poached but still in sashimi texture. I loved its juicy and melt-in-mouth tenderness. Definitely beat the sea bass i had at Quay during lunch time.



Yuzu, buddha hands, limoncello, wakame, cucungi

The first dessert was the yuzu sorbet, it was very refreshing. The wakame powder was an interesting hint as it is not commonly used in desserts. But this creative combination did work well.

Ginger Ice-cream

While the ginger ice-cream was not very impressive. We can hardly taste the ginger flavor, while the flavor peeled orange was much stronger.

Evergreen: sorrel sorbet, lemon basil granita, mint meringue, shisho jelly, parsley

One of the reason i picked LuMi was its Evergreen dessert, which looks pretty and refreshing. However i felt quite disappointing when i was told it was the dish from the previous menu. I was once again shocked when i saw the manager came with this lovely plate of greens to our table with a burning candle. Happy 21 to myself, and, wish i can really EVERGREEN.


$95 for a dinner at Prymont is no doubt a steal. Each dish was nicely portioned, beautifully presented and well flavored. Except the gnocchi was too salty, the rest was satisfying. My favorite among all was the cucumber and snapper. The desserts were not very impressive, while ‘Evergreen’ was quite refreshing. The service was sad as i mentioned, there were only 2-3 servers in restaurants. But there was nothing i seriously want to complain about because it was really worthy the bill.


Rating: (0-5 Scale)

Food: 3.75/5

Service: 3.0/5


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