Singapore | Hashida Sushi はし田

After visiting Shinji several times, I decided to try some other high-end sushiya(s) in town. Held by Kenjiro Hashida, better known as Hatch, Sushi Hashida is definitely another great choice for edomae sushi. Chef Hatch is a graduate of the renowned L’Ecole Tsuji Tokyo, Japan’s top culinary school, and has apprenticed under his father (who owns a sushiya at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo) since he was 14. Visited: Mar.08.2015




Hashida Sushi located on the second floor in Mandarin Gallery, with a very 'ZEN' front look.



The traditional setting and authentic Japanese aroma which the restaurant evokes, it is the art of sushi practiced by Master Chef Hatch that leaves diners with a culinary experience which is not only culturally intoxicating, but also one which sparks all of their senses with excitement – an experience which only the Hashida Family can provide.


There are three menu options during lunch time: Tsubaki $80 which includes 6 pieces of sushi, miso soup and dessert; Ayame $120 with an additional appetizer and Chawanmushi (certainly the fish used in sushi is different) and Hiragi ($250).



Yuba with Ikura, Dashi Jelly and Bonito, which was a very refreshing starter. The ikura was fresh and sweet, so enjoyable to have them popping in my mouth with the creamy yuba (tofu sheets) and flavorful jelly.




The silk and smooth steamed egg with Tai Fish (sea bream 鯛) , bamboo shoots and broccoli. The entire dish was flavorful.



Then move on to sushi.


1.Tai (Sea bream) 鯛

The fish itself was fresh and has a very clean taste, with some seaweed salt to enhance the flavor.


2. Shima-Aji was slightly grilled, with a slightly burnt surface but remain the tender but crunchy texture. Love the simple flavor with a burnt smell.


3.Nodoguro (Blackthroat seaperch) has a lovely burnt smell, it was very juicy and tender.


4. Kinmedai was higher in flavor, and much richer and oil than the previous pieces. Served with homemade yuzu kosho made with green chili to lift up the flavor.


5. Aji is always one of my best pieces. The fish itself has a very deep but refreshing flavor, perfect with ginger and onions to balance the flavor.



Rice bowl with Ikura, Uni and Kani was actually something i came for, it was such a indulgence bowl to die for. The shari here was great itself - nicely  flavored with a balanced vinegar and sweet touch, and every single rice was chewy. Topped with the incredibly juicy ikura, sweet and fresh kani, and uni that melt-in-mouth, i will definitely come back for this.


Miso Soup


6. Toro

The reason i didn't note it is Chutoro or Otoro because it was something in-between. The rich oil from the fish itself perfecly melted in my mouth in seconds. It was very rich and high in flavor, a little bit greasy to be honest. It was much oily and creamy than Shinji's, but one piece is definitely enough.


Negitoro Roll as an end point of the sushi. It was high in flavor, but the quality of seaweed can be more premium and more crunchy.


Tamago as a sweet ending, always one of my best. It was moist and delicious, two small cubes are not enough.


Fruits: Japanese Strawberry and Orange


The dining experience at Hashida Sushi was great. We visited there on Sunday, which is an off-day of Master chef Hashida-san. But our chef Masa, who speaks fluent English, is very friendly and humorous, he communicated with us a lot. But i feel the service is much better at Shinji, as most of the staffs (not sushi chefs) at Shinji are from Japan.

For food, the sushis are at premium quality, great shari as i said, which nicely combined with neta (sashimi). But if you are asking me for my favorite piece, i cannot tell much besides the rice bowl. Everything was good but not amazing.

Compare to Shinji, on the food side, Shinji is definitely the top on my list. I love their toro, anago, uni, ebi....Also, Shinji is more value for money. Once i went there for $125 lunch, which is similar to the price we had today ($120). At Shinji ($125 with 9 pieces), i got chu-toro, o-toro, Bafun Uni, Kuruma Ebi, and Anago, all these pieces mentioned are even included in their cheapest $75 lunch set.


Visited: Mar.8th.2015


Hashida Sushi Address: 333A Orchard Road, #02-37 Mandarin Gallery
Hours: 12pm - 3pm,  7pm - 10pm, Close on Mondays
Tel: 6733 2114