Singapore | Shang Palace : Happy CNY!

Shang Palace in Shangri-la Hotel has an illustrious 42-year history serving authentic fine Cantonese cuisine, Shanghainese and Szechuan cuisine in an ambience of rich Chinese heritage. The main theme for Shang Palace’s interior décor is “dining in a Chinese Garden”. Floral motifs take centre stage on the red glass ceiling and exquisite hand-painted walls. 1

We decided to have our Lunar Chinese New Year reunion dinner here. The menu starts at $158 up to $198 per head. Besides the regular set menu, there are also vegetarian and no pork no lord menu available, as well as chef's special a la carte items.


风生水起 (三文龙虾捞起鱼生)

Fortune Yu Sheng, Norwegian salmon fish, lobster





Braised bird's nest, dried seafood, cabbage

Kind of fishy and too greasy for us, we still prefer the Cantonese double-boiled soup.7

横财就手 (红煨三头鲍)

Brasied whole abalone (3-head quality)

The abalone was very tender, but not too big in size. The sauce was normal abalone sauce and have nothing to wow about. Overall not a bad dish :)


嘻哈大笑 (山楂大明虾)

Sauteed prawns with hawthorn

A very lovely sweet and sauce sauce (not very heavy), each prawn was large in size and very fresh.


四季平安 (四季时菜) Seasonal vegatable33


Wok-fried cod fish fillet, lychee, black vinegar

The cod itself was very tender, coated with the sweet soy sauce, another very flavorful dish.44

喜鹊迎春 (香宫糯米饭)

Shang Palace special glutinous rice, diced chicken

The rice was nicely fried, every single rice was chewy nicely flavored. The diced chicken, soy sauce and mushroom made it very high in flavor.


三星供照 (经典甜品) Three Treasure Treats

石峰糖绿茶汤圆 (double-boiled rock sugar with freen tea dumpling filled in black sesame) 、黄梨酥 (Pineapple tart) 、煎年糕 (Pan-fried "nian gao")



Overall, the food at Shang Palace was not bad, but nothing really memorable, at least for CNY menu. While the price is quite reasonable for such quality of food. The ambiance is really nice, very traditional and warm feeling. While the service was a little bit slow, probably because of CNY is much busier than before.


Shang Palace

Address:  22 Orange Grove Rd, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, Singapore 258350

Tel: 6213 4473

Hours: 11:30–14:30, 18:30–22:30

Visited: Feb.18.2015