Singapore | Salt Grill & Sky Bar : On The Top of Orchard

After a month's makeover,Salt Grill & Sky Bar reopened with the new menu designed by the Chef Mathew LeightonLocated at the 55th/ 56th storey of ION Orchard, the restaurant offers panoramic view of the city at the highest point at Orchard.

The owner Luke Mangan is one of Australia’s leading chefs and restaurateurs and is highly regarded internationally as a shining example of Australia’s culinary culture. For those who love the old favourites, dishes from the old menu are still available as well.


View from the table


Comlimentary bread with Luke Mangan olive oil and dukkah

Dukkah is basicly a mixture of spices and in this case it was a tantalizing mix of macadamia, cashew, sesame, cumin, coriander and salt. It is something new to me but i totally fell in love with it because of the minor sweet flavor. The bread itself was nothing to shout about but not bad at all, served warm when it came and crusty outside. I was suprised that the bread was still crust even after i finish the main course.


Luke Mangan olive oil and dukkah


View from my seat -- on the top of Orchard



Entrée: ‘glass’ Sydney crab omelette, miso mustard broth  DSC00070

An omelette? Sounds simple but the chef used of various ingredients from different parts of the world such as enoki mushroom and miso mustard broth. The shallots and parsley with the salty tinge from the miso broth brings a touch of oriental, combined perfectly with the western style omelette with decadent crab meat, which is soft and creamy life sponge. Somewhat the best omelette i tried till now. Undoubtly a must-try dish here.DSC00071

Close look of my crab omelette


Main Course: Char grilled barramundi, French beans, cherry tomato, caper berries, burnt butter

The original course is actually with potatoes, but i hate potatoes, so the chef used french beans in stead. A touch of greens to the main course, and i am sure  it looks much more delicious than the original potato one.DSC00078

For the barramundi, it was really tender and changed my view of 'char-grilled'. I thought char-grilled food should be kind of tougher than the steamed or poached ones, but this one is really tender and the fish skin and fat underneath were a little bit 'sticky'. I really love this fresh texture of my main course.


Dessert of the day: Chocolate Delice with Vanilla Ice Cream

The dessert was interesting because pop rocks was added. One scoop of the warm, creamy but nutty chocolate cake served with ice cream and hazelnut, feeling them melting in my mouth with those jumping pop rockes, what a wonderful texture!  While i don't like the caramelized candy ontop of the cake because it's too sweet for me. But overall, a wonderful ending.


A cup of tea or coffee was also included



The service was not bad, but nothing added to the credit. You definitely cannot compare this place with other more formal fine dining places in town, because this is a casual all-day restaurant, I may say the service here is above average.


Don't need to explain too much, as you can see from the pictures. High ceiling with glass made the restaurant very bright and modern, and you can see more than half of the Singapore from the french windows around the restaurant. I came during a weekday but the restaurant was almost full, even at the time i left about 2pm. There were lots of people coming for afternoon tea as well. I think i will be back soon for trying their high-tea set and brunch.


You can view their latest menu on their website

I always think the lunch menu is something worth trying for the first time you visit a restaurant, as the price is more affordable, and the quality of lunch can somehow reflect how serious the restuarant cares about their food and guests. Some restaurants just used really poor quality ingredients for lunch. The lunch set at Salt Grill & Sky Bar wsa $45++ for 2 courses, and $60++ for 3 courses, which i personally think is really worth the money. If you want to save more, check after Sep.28 if it have a restaurant week menu 2014 autumn.


In order to reach the restaurant, you have to go Level 4 @ Ion Orchard first,and then approach the reception desk at the ION Sky counter to take the lift to level 55.


Salt Grill & Sky Bar
Level 55 & 56
ION Orchard
Tel: 6592 5118