Singapore | Rhubarb Le Restaurant

As a food blogger, eating out is not such an easy task, or maybe i am too picky. You know how hard is it to find an upscale restaurant you have never been to, which use quality ingredients, present the food nicely (to feed my Instagram), prices won't cut-throat, good service, and of course - tasty food. After reading a lot reviews and checking menus of several upscale restaurant, i finally found it - Rhubarb Le Restaurant on Duxton Road. British chef Paul Longworth and French manager Jerome Desfonds  from Au Petit Salut, together with Alice Low-Ang from the Salut Group, have step away from the group and set up their own restaurant. The restaurant hided on the charming Duxton Hill, the young team headed by Chef Paul shares their definition of  French Gastronomy.


Visited: Jun.26.2015 (Lunch)

Address:3 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089589 Hours: Weekdays 11:45-14:30, 6:30-10pm; Sat 6-10pm, closed on Sundays

Menu/Price: 3-course set lunch $42++; Chef Special Menu $68++; Degustation $138++; a la carte menu

Came for: 'Piegeon' breast, confit leg, rhubarb & rose puree, grapes “a la Aussignac”


The intimate dining room serves only 7 tables of diners, thus guests are taken care of with special attention while watching the chefs in the semi-open kitchen. The decor of this hidden jem was very homme and elegant. The nature light from the ceiling makes the restaurant rather comfort.




Few amuse bouche really impressed me, and this is one. The generous portion of flying fish roes bursted in my mouth with very umami juice, accompanied by flavorful fresh trout that melted in my mouth. The roselle jelly brought a refreshing touch and  has a very lovely aroma. The crispy texture of the cone added another texture to this cute piece of snack. It was a really impressive snack to kick off the meal.


A meal without quality breads is incomplete. There were three assorted of freshly baked breads to choose from: bagutee, multigrain sourdough and ciabatta. I picked the multigrain bread, served warm and side with butter, the texture was perfectly with a hard crust and chewy inside.


Recommend by the manger Jerome, we both picked the Chef's Special Menu which includes 4 courses. The first course was a lovely combination of different textures and flavors. The cubed tuna was very fresh and rich in oil contents (but not greasy), it juiciness and melt-in-mouth tenderness was a bomb. Seaweed on the bottom balanced very well with all other umami flavors from the sea, the combination of popping ikura (salmon roe) and luxurious caviar was a bless.




Move on to the warm appetizer, a bowl of chef's signature soup arrived at the table with a special smoked aroma. Chef specially serves the dish for us and told us do not stir the soup, but bringing soup from the bottom to the top. The soup was carefully whipped to a airy and light texture, which was rather like a foam. Its smooth texture with intense flavors of mushroom and truffles was gorgeous. The basil oil and pepper salt nicely enhanced the flavor. Together with the mushroom tea (amuse bouche) from JAAN, these were the two most impressive soups i have had in Singapore.


Next came a large piece of cod, producing a crispy surface covering a tender and moist interior. The fish itself was quite weak in flavor, but the creamy corn puree on the side nicely enhanced the taste of the fish, while the flavorful and textural quinoa on the bottom was rather more impressive - cooked with squid and its broth, which was very umami, its puffed crispy texture made the dish more enjoyable.


Here comes our PIGEON - the most famous dish at Rhubard and also the dish we came for. On the bed of seared foie gras, the  pigeon breast and its confit leg were beautifully decorated with candied grapes and rose puree. Pigeon breast has a appetizing pink color, it was cooked medium rare, very succulent and flavorful. While the confit on the side was also very tender and moist. I also loved the seared foie gras on the bottom, which was rich and melt in mouth. The grapes ‘a la Aussignac’ has a lovely sweet and sour flavor, together with the refreshing rose puree to enhance a very nice balance. The entire dish was very enjoyable and worth coming (back) for.


The food was consistently good through the menu include the desserts. I had the signature CHOCOLATE while my partner had the RHUBARB as she allergies to chocolate. My dessert was another plate of art, consists of chocolate in different forms and textures. The chocolate mousse was light and airy, yet deep in flavor. Chocolate ganache was much stronger but a big heavy for my liking. The sourness of berries on the side brought a refreshing touch to the dessert. Although the combination of chocolate and vanilla ice-cream was an olddie, but a really a classical goodie.


My partner's rhubarb dessert was on the refreshing side compare to mine. The sweetness and sourness of the confit rhubarb balanced well, we especially loved the rose syrup on the side, which was decent and smells good. The popping candy in the center added another texture to the plate.


The meal ended with cups of tea/coffee, paired with some petit fours.

Indeed, it was another enjoyable dining experience in Singapore. Rhubarb Le Restaurant not only focuses on the tastes and ingredients of food, but also pays attention to the presentation. Every dish we had was satisfying, and i am sure dinner and tasting menu is good as well (or even better). The bill comes $80 per head exclude drinks, which was very reasonable for such high quality food. Will come back next time and expected more great things!