Ramen Tsuta 蔦

When Michelin Guide Tokyo 2016 was published last winter, everyone were pretty surprised that there's a ramen shop being awarded one star — Tsuta (蔦), the world's first and the only Michelin-starred ramen eatery. An even more exciting news is the launching of Tsuta's first first oversea branch in Singapore this November. Hooray for ramen lovers in Singapore!


Founded by Chef Yuki Onishi in early 2012, Tsuta is a small ramen shop housed in a quiet residential area in Sugamo, Tokyo. The restaurant fits only 9 diners at the counter, and serving only 150 bowls of soba noodles everyday.Everyday, hundred of hopeful diners start queuing for a ticket from 6am even the shop opens at 11am. Typically, the tickets are run out by 8am.

Even ramen is normally considered a fast, comfort or unhealthy food, Tsuta not only takes the pride of Japan but also changed the destiny of ramen by blending several types of whole wheat and whole grain flours to achieve a prefert texture in the nododbles, equally important by selecting only the high quality ingredients to marry the ramen soup base.


Tsuta Singapore located in Pacific Plaza in the heart of Orchard shopping area, featuring a 18-seat counter facing an open kitchen where the noodles are freshly made and cooked.  Similar to Japan, the orders are taken on a electronic oder machine once you enter the restaurant.

Currently, the ramen menu are basically divided into two types of soup bases: Shoyu soba (soy sauce) or Shio soba (salt), as well as miso soba which would be introduced in the future. The selections of Shoyu soba includes the classcial Shoyu Soba ($15.00/$21.00)with a choice of 1 or 4 slices of char siu respectively, served alongside bamboo shoot with leek & truffle pureed in truffle oil. However, a bowl of ramen is incomplete without the flavored soft-boiled eggs, thus my recommend is Ajitama Shoyu Soba ($16.80/$22.80). Shio-based soba are priced the same.


The soy base is made of a special blend of chef's secret shoyu, as well as a shoyu made by a heritage soy producer in Wakayama Prefecture that is specially customized for Tsuta. This unique blend of shoyu wonderfully complements Onishi-san's dashi of chicken, vegetables, clams and other seafood. It also features the piquant black truffle sauce to lift the unami flavors.


The char siu was succuelnt and well-sliced to match the ramen soup base. Obviously i don't have much ramen experiences because i am not a big fan of high-carb food, especially well-processed carbs. Surprisingly, the portion of the soba noodles are not too large for girls, and the texture of the noodles was right to point, the grain flours as well as the clear soup base made me less-guilty to eat ramen at Tsuta. I had the shio base but shoyu is probably more widely-preferred by ramen lovers. And don't miss the soft-boiled eggs, one of the best part of the bowl.


Japanese Soba Noddles Tsuta

Address: 9 Scotts Road, #01-01/02/03, Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228 210

Hours: Nov.6 to Nov.11: 11am to 6pm (L.O. 5:30pm); Nov.12 onwards: 11am to 10pm (L.O.9:30pm)