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Located in Los Angeles and now Singapore, Osteria Mozza is the creation of Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich and Nancy Silverton. They went throughout  New York, Bologna, and Italy for culinary adventures, after the success of their first restaurant in Los Angeles, now they brings authentic Italian fine dining to Singapore, by using the best of local.

Visited: Mar.18.2015



Compare to its sister restaurant Pizzeria Mozza next door, which is also helmed by these three talented chefs, Osteria Mozza has a more formal ambiance and higher-end decor.


In the center of the restaurant is a free-standing fresh mozzarella bar, with a wide array of dishes. The highlights such as imported bufala mozzarella, burrata and burricotta cheese, which are all prepared nightly.


The extensive menu features artisanal salumi, fresh homemade pastas, and seafood, meat and game dishes cooked on a wood-burning grill.


Start with the complimentary refreshing snack - Housemade Ricotta Crostone with Peperonata.


There were totally three kinds of bread: rosemary, wholewheat and traditional sourdough. The soft, fluffy, warm rosemary bread is definitely my favorite among all. It has a very elegant aroma of olive oil and rosemay, but not overly oily. The wholemeal bread was a healthier choice yet very satisfying. DSC04934

Grilled Octopus with potatoes, celery & lemon ($27)  is one of the highlights of the menu. The octopus has a burnt and crispy skin, with a lovely burt smell. It was chewy and delicious, a quite enjoyable appetizer except one piece (not squid food) was too tough.DSC04935

Smoked sea trout salad with wax beans, jalapeños & toasted almonds ($23) is another recommended starter by the manager. The sea trout itself was nicely smoked and flavored, very fresh and tender. The mixed greens was very refreshing, well balanced between olive oil dressing and lemon zest, with some crunchy nuts to enhance the texture.


Steamed mussels with tomato, chillies & herbs ($21)

The mussels wonderfully steamed, very fresh and tender. While the highlight of the dish must be the tomato soup base, with a twist of chillies and herbs, it was very delicious with all the essentials from the mussels. We don't like the bread served with this dish as they were over-toasted and too hard, while dip the fluffy rosemary bread or wholewheat bread with the soup is certainly a bomb! (We cancelled one order of pasta afterwards because we ate a lot breads with the soup!)


While dining at Osteria Mozza, you must try their cheese. We ordered the Bufala Mozzarella ($22), which comes with 4 peieces of butter-toasted sourdough, with pesto, salasa romesco, tapenade & caperberry relish. Usually pesto contains cheese, but this one has no cheese inside, thus very refreshing and we enjoyed it a lot. salasa romesco was another one we really loves, which was a nut and red pepper-based sauce. The cheese itself was young and has a resh, soft, semi-elastic texture.


If i am only allowed to pick one dish from the menu, the answer must be PASTA. Although the restaurant opens at 5pm daily, the pasta chefs start working at the kitchen at 7 am everyday: pull the dough, rest it, cut and slice, roll, shape....just for making the most fresh pasta with highest-quality.


Celery Root Capellacci with Bluefoot mushrooms $32 was definitely my favorite dish of the meal. The cheese filling was rich but not greasy, with a slight hint of celery to enhance the flavor. The pasta itself was perfectly cooked al dante. The highlight of the dish must be the sauce, which was made of preious bluefoot mushrooms, it was high in flavor and perfectly matches the chessy popping capellacci.


(not suppose to bite like that, but did it anyway for this picture)

We ordered another pasta but finally cancelled it, because we were really stuffed.DSC05011

Even so, dessert is a part one can never miss. Hopefully we left some room for dessert part, as it was the best Vanilla Panna Cotta ($18) i have had so far. DSC05029

The panna cotta itself was smooth and silky, the ingredients were in premium-quality. The mixed berry compote was also housemade, which was not overly sweeted, it perfectly coupled with the panna cotta, the combinataion was suprisingly refreshing. The almond hazelnut biscotti lifted up the texture of the entire dish.


On the service side, we feel a quite disappointed compare to similar scale restaurants, plus it is one of Asia's Best 50 Restaurant (2015). The restaurant was fully-occupied since we arrived at 6:30 pm till we left at 10:30pm, but that shouldn't be an excuse for its slow and inefficient service. We requested 4 times for more bread, even we saw the guy with the bread basket walking on the other corner of the restaurant. We cancelled one pasta and one side dish, but both were still on our bill when we proceed to the payment.


Conclusion:The appetizers were good but nothing really surprised us on the flavor side, plus the presentation of the food was not that good compare to French cuisine. The breads were great, but no those toasted biscotto-texture breads - too hard and oily. We really enjoyed the pasta, definitely one of the best in town, although a bit pricy. Sadly have no room for more pasta, but perfectly find another excuse for revisit. We enjoyed the dessert part a lot as well, the best panna cotta so far. There are a lot more pasta and desserts we want to try on the menu, for sure will back for food. However, the service have larger room for improvement.


Osteria Mozza

B1-42-46, Galleria Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands Daily: 5pm - 11pm, Sunday Brunch: 12pm - 2pm