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Open Door Policy, a Tiong Bahru’s favourite neighbourhood hangout, has matured into a unique gourmet destination – serving up exciting bistro fare, in a warm and comfortable space. Helmed by Chef Daniele Sperindio and Chef-owner Ryan Clift of Tippling Club, Open Door Policy recentely introduced  a revamped interior as well as a new menu, which draws inspiration from far and wide throughout Asia, Latin America and Europe.


Address:19 Yong Siak Street (Yong Siak View), Singapore 168650

Hours: Lunch 12pm-3:30pm, Dinner 6pm-11pm, Daily; Weekend brunch 11am-3pm





The interior decor is more elegant and comfort after the revamp. A grey-toned banquette now runs along the length of the dining hall, adding to the laidback vibe of the modern bistro, with solid wooden tables that bring an element of warmth to the space. New wooden tables, plush chairs and decorative light fixtures provide a comfortable and relaxed dining experience.


Other changes in decor such as the new eclectic lighting fixtures and a new coat of paint, which lends to a more comfortable and relaxed ambience. A 24-panel installation of abstract paintings by artist X/Y, adorn the skylights, allowing warm natural light into the dining hall to deliver a cosy, slightly retro speakeasy feel, an ideal setting for cosy dinners, family gatherings, corporate luncheons or even a lazy weekend brunch. The new space strikes a deliciously chic balance between grown-up style and hip casual cool.

Open Door Policy opens daily for both lunch and dinner. The new menu pull out all the stops at the same relaxed prices regulars love. The Five-course Tasting Menu priced $68++ is no doubt a top choice for a complete experience. For people who eats on a budgets,  the $35++ Set Lunch Menu which includes two courses and a glass of wine or cocktail is definitely a steal. If you are not in a mood for a heavy meal and not sure what to order, pick the two-course ‘FEED US’ Menu at $51++ or three courses  inclusive of dessert at $62++/pax for surprising dishes from the chef.


Besides the main dining area, ODP also features a bar which opens from opens till 12 midnight everyday. Kamil Foltan, the group head bartender as well as the head bartender of Tippling Club, introduces a wide selection of re-design classic cocktails with his own innovative spin has brought Foltan across many cities including Prague, Puerto Banus, Dublin and London.

The classical Grapefruit Julep  features a long, fruity with floral notes. Made with homemade honey vodka, mint, lime juice, grapefruit juice and grenadine; garnished with mint spring. Ideally for people who looking for something more refreshing and less sweet.


If you are looking for something a bit stronger, but still on the light, fruity, refreshing side, then Morning Glory Fizz is no doubt the best choice - made with Monkey Shoulder, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup, Absinth and garnished with dehydrated lemon wheel and lemon peel.


Chef Daniele’s new menu takes diners around the world and back, offering a number of dishes created with healthy eating in mind. These include starters like a verdant Kale Broth poured table-side over crispy kale, smoked quail eggs and extra virgin olive oil “caviar”. The kale broth was warm and creamy,the smoke quail eggs and the popping olive oil 'caviar' were flavorful and the kale crisps made it more textural. This vegetarian soup was honestly comfort and delicious.


Guacamole risotto is the Chef favorite dish.Taking influence from South America – the Guacamole risotto is served with a whole slow- cooked hens egg, crème fraîche and garnished with fresh red chilli and nacho chips. The egg is slow-cooked in its shell to maintain its egg shape. The guacamole risotto itself was surprisingly delicous, the risotto was al dante and paired well with the creamy guacamole. With an indulgent soft-poached egg with its creamy egg yolk, the entire combination was so good.


The new menu also features a number of amped up versions of bistro classics, ODP style. A hearty Crab Cake was made of  fresh jumbo lump crab meat, served with sauce gribiche – the base for the gribiche is gherkin and fresh herbs such as fresh thyme, fresh oregano, mixed with mayonnaise and pea salad. The gorgeous portion of crabmeat inside the gold-brown crust was pretty juicy and sweet, the curst was thin and enjoyable as well. The pea salad nicely balanced the entire dish.


Previously offered as a starter, now the portion reduced to offer as a side. The Butterhead lettuce was poached in a sour basil recipe, and tomato was sourced directly from France, it has a very refreshing sweet and sour taste.


Besides the previous risotto from the appetizer menu, Pinched ravioli is another dish with an Italian twist under the main courses. Pinched ravioli pasta was freshly made in-house, stuffed with watercress and macadamia – a hint of bitterness at the end from the watercress, but mainly the richness of the flavour is in the sauce that incorporates cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, pearl onions and pine nuts. While the pasta itself was a bit soft for my liking, it would be wonderful if it could be more al dante. But in general, it was a very delicious and textural dish.


Pan-seared Roast Barramundi is a guazzetto-style dish, the Barramundi is roasted and pan-seared, before being served with ichiban dashi – made with kombu and bonito flakes. Served with an emulsion of potatoes and wasabi oil, lotus root, blanched sea asparagus from Japan and sautéed shimejii mushroom., on the side is puffed sago. The skin of roast barramundi was unexpectely crispy even after serving the dashi, the flesh was moist and umami.


Desserts feature existing ODP favourites apart from one new sweet note, Passion Fruit & Chocolate Tart topped with Guayaquil bitter chocolate ganache, popping candy and frozen passion fruit custard is no doubt a top pick on the new menu.Besides the popping candy surrounded by the tart, the tart also incorporates pop rock candy. It was a very interesting combination of rich chocolate tart with a strong flavor and popping candy. Served with frozen custard on the side made with passion fruit to balance well with the tart.

Usually i am not a big fan of bistro food but i really loved the food at Open Door Policy, the food here was very innovative and tasty. Among all the dishes we had, i personally loved the Guacamole risotto and Crab Cake and dessert the best, while the rest were well-done as well. Service was efficient, very relax and homme ambiance. Really want to try their weekend brunch next time, the green curry eggs benedict looks drooling!


* Thanks Open Door Policy for the invitation.